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We recently sold our 2003 static back to park resorts at Eyemouth, in Scotland as my husband’s health was deteriorating rapidly and we were not able to use it very often. Our fees are about £3000 and this was proving to be a very expensive luxury. They agreed to buy it back from us and said as it was very old it was only worth £1600. We agreed to this figure and they said they would probably sell it to a dealer to be removed from their site. Having had to wait for over four weeks for our money to be transferred into our bank account, I was then horrified to see my caravan being advertised on their website still on its plots, at a figure of £13, 500. This has now been increased to £15000. After sending a very, very angry email to them and demanding a explanation I got a letter back saying I misunderstood the situation, and the new selling price included next year’s fees, insurance, siting etc. God help the poor person who buys this caravan at that price and tries to sell it to them in a couple of years time. They will get nothing back from them. They are indeed a load of sharks and I will never visit any of their holiday sites again.

I had a caravan on shurlandale parkresort for 5 years and I owned it no finance, we had some money problems and was finding it hard to pay the ground rent because we was owed money due to my partner being self employed, we made arrangements with the park to pay some money before Christmas as we was due to be paid from a job but they never paid up so we was unable to pay the site how every we tried to contact them and as it was christmas there was no one there and after Christmas and left a message but no one called back witch has happened a number of times. We went to the park to find they have sold our caravan without telling us and all our personal belongings and kids bikes etc have gone, I’m so upset as we don’t have holidays because of my partner being self employed and my children are upset that they have lost their stuff, we spent lots of money on updating it because we didn’t want a new van. When we asked where is our stuff they said gone when we asked who they sold it to they said they can’t tell us that is this fare how can they get away with this surely it’s theft entering without permission solen goods where do we stand what’s our rights can anyone tell me please

I also wanted to sell my caravan which I bought only 2 years ago from park resorts at Skegness for £13, , 000 we needed to sell it due to money problems we found ourselves in we asked for a minimal buy back of £5, 000, they just laughed under their breath and said we can give you £1, 500 that’s all its worth to us but they could offer us a trade in price of £10, 000 if we were to buy another caravan from them, but we fell into that trap before with the one we have as they gave us £4, 000 for the caravan we traded in to get the one we have just now and while walking around the site the week later parks resort had it up for sale for £8, 950 which had a sold sign on it. with the Caravan we are trying to sell just now I wrote to the CEO of Park resorts and he didn’t want to know and if we sell it privately they want 15% plus site fees from the new owners which they said will cost the new owners (if we can sell it) £11, 000 why should I pay them for selling my own caravan its such a rip off and the law is on their side worst mistake we ever done was buying a caravan from them I am thinking of just selling it for £3, 000 just so they don’t get so much money, I think they have had more than enough from me.