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Parks benefit our community in many ways. They provide us with places to enjoy the outdoors, connect with nature and each other, and improve our health through exercise. Our parks also act as community gathering places for special events, sports tournaments, family picnics, etc. Our parks protect wildlife habitats and help sustain the quality of our community’s air and water. Every day, people of all ages are positively affected by our parks.

Oshtemo Township’s Board of Trustees recognizes the importance of parks to our growing community. Since 2011, almost $2.5M have been invested in the Township’s parks and historic community buildings. 68% of that investment, or $1,650,000, came from grants and private donations. The remaining 32% came from Township funds. These investments will improve the quality of life for all residents and increase the local tax base by attracting talent and businesses.

This 70-acre park, located behind the Township Hall at 7275 West Main Street, is a great place to walk, play, or gather with friends. The recently renovated park features a playground, a paved loop trail, accessible restrooms, two picnic pavilions, tennis, pickleball, and basketball courts, a wiffleball field, and an 18-hole disc golf course.

Flesher Field, located at 3664 South 9 th Street, is a popular destination for field games, family gatherings, and special events. electricity merit badge worksheet A key attraction of this 24-acre park is the large open sports field available for soccer, football, and other games. The newly upgraded park also features a playground, two picnic pavilions, two wiffleball fields, accessible restrooms, a .17 mile paved loop trail, and a gazebo and garden area. Park improvements were funded through a grant from the Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund with financial support from the Oshtemo Rotary Club, the Consumers Sunburst Run, and Oshtemo Township.

In addition to the active recreation area, Flesher Field has 12 acres of woodlands west of the sports field. The woodlands feature a canopy of white oaks interspersed with red and black oaks and hickory trees and support many species of wildlife, especially birds and butterflies. Future plans call for improvements to the informal walking trails located here.

The larger picnic pavilion (35′ x 35′), shown at right, is available for rental. It is handicap accessible, has two charcoal grills, and holds 9 picnic tables. It can be rented for a full day (11am – 8pm) or a half day (11am-3pm or 4pm – 8pm). No rentals available on holidays. inert gas definition chemistry Click to view dates and times available or download a rental application. The smaller picnic pavilion, also handicap accessible, is available on a first come-first serve basis.

The Oshtemo Community Center, 6407 Parkview, was originally a fire station. It was renovated into two separate rooms and is available for rent to Oshtemo Township residents only. The rooms have a capacity of 40 or 60 people and include a small refrigerator, sink, microwave, tables, and chairs. A shared foyer and restrooms are located between the two rooms. These beautifully renovated rooms are ideal for family get-togethers, baby showers, wedding showers, and many other occasions. They are available any time between 8:00 am and midnight.

The Grange Hall, 3234 North 3rd Street, is a charming historic building with ties to Oshtemo’s agricultural heritage. With hard wood floors and a raised stage area, the air conditioned hall is a popular destination for dances and jam sessions. It is also a wonderful venue for family reunions, holidays, and wedding receptions. The upper level has a capacity of 150 people. The lower level has a capacity of 50 people and features a full kitchen, tables, chairs, and restrooms. The building is available for rent to Township residents any time between 8:00 am and midnight.

The Grange Hall Playground was expanded in the fall of 2015. It includes a small play area with swings, a spring toy, and a spinner. The playground is handicap accessible and also includes an accessible picnic area and basketball court. Improvements were funded by a grant from the Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund and private donations.

The historic Drake Farmstead, located at 927 North Drake Road, encompasses 26 acres of land and includes an historic farmhouse that was built in 1852 by one of the Township’s first settlers. The Oshtemo Historical Society (OHS) oversees the rehabilitation and restoration of the historic house. Volunteers have spent countless hours restoring the beautiful brick home to the Victorian period. electricity research centre The historic house is open to the public for tours during special events. For dates and details, visit the Oshtemo Historical Society.

A master plan for the 26 acre farmstead was developed with public input in 2015. The master plan proposes new uses for the property with the goal of retaining the historic character and rural atmosphere of the farmstead. The Township and the OHS are seeking funding sources and partnerships to implement the master plan. Recommendations of the master plan are summarized below. Click here for the full master plan report.

This 70 acre nature preserve is located at the corner of 4 th Street and KL Avenue. It is owned and operated by the Southwest Michigan Land Conservancy and will be open to the public in 2016. electricity generation definition The site is wooded with rolling hills, walking paths, and a small parking area. For more information about public access, visit

The Kalamazoo Wiffle League is an adult league open to all wiffleball enthusiasts. Games are played in Flesher Field and Township Park on Monday and Thursday evenings. For more information, visit Let’s Serve Tennis offers lessons for youth and adults in Township Park each summer. Information on 2016 lessons will be available in May. Community Events and Private Events

Looking for a place to host a community event? Or a large private gathering? Both Flesher Field and Oshtemo Township Park can be reserved for events of all sizes. a gas station near me For community events, click here for a Special Event Application and fee schedule. All Special Event Applications must be reviewed by our Parks Committee. For private gatherings of over 200 persons, click here for an application. Pavilion rentals are available in Flesher Field and Township Park. More information, prices and a calendar are available in the park descriptions above. Flesher Field also features a gazebo and garden area that can be reserved for weddings, concerts, and special events. See above for more information. Questions? Contact Karen High, Parks Director, at gro.omethso @hgihk or (269) 216-5223. Love our Parks?

Volunteer with the Oshtemo Township Friends of the Parks. This non-profit organization is dedicated to supporting Oshtemo’s parks in a variety of ways. Service projects, special events, or educational activities are held each month. grade 9 electricity unit test Our “Friends” plant wildflowers, clean out birdhouses, show outdoor movies, lead guided bird walks and winter hikes, and more! Our volunteer base is small but growing! Visit for more information, or look for us on Facebook.

Support our parks by purchasing a dedication plaque for a memorial bench at Township Park, Flesher Field, or the Grange Hall. This is a great way to celebrate a special occasion or remember a loved one. Your tax deductible contribution of $1,500 will have a lasting impact on our parks. For further information, please contact Karen High at gro.omethso@ hgihk.

With volunteer support from the Friends of the Parks and the Oshtemo Historical Society, administration and day-to-day management of the parks is the responsibility of Oshtemo Township’s Parks and Maintenance Departments. The Parks Committee, a sub-committee of the Township Board, serves as an advisory body and oversees the planning, management, and budgetary decisions regarding parks in the Township. Two members of the Township Board volunteer to sit on the Committee and are appointed by their peers. In addition, two members of the public are appointed by the Board to serve on the Committee. 2016 members include Libby Heiny-Cogswell, (Township Supervisor), Deb Everett, (Township Trustee), Cheri Bell and Paul Sotherland. Meetings are generally held the third Thursday of each month at 4:00 pm. Residents are welcome to attend. Forms and Documents