Part vi – government housing gas hydrates india


6.4.4 Should the employer require that the employee move, the employing department shall absorb the relocation costs (including the move of household goods and effects, interim accommodation, meals and incidentals). electricity jokes puns Receipts are required for all expenses including meals, except in incidental expenses. The employee who refuses to move will be charged the full rent for the dwelling. 6.5 Occupancy Agreement

6.5.1 No formal landlord-tenant relationship exists between the government and employee-occupants of government-provided accommodation. However, departments and occupants should sign occupancy agreements so that mutual responsibilities are clearly understood. electricity in the body causes Appendix L provides a sample generic occupancy agreement and related terms and conditions. Departments are encouraged to utilize this document to ensure the uniform treatment of occupants. Additional clauses may be appended to these terms and conditions to reflect peculiar local requirements.

6.7.4 For purposes of this section, when the employer requires two or more employees, who would normally live separately to share accommodation, their individual share of the BSV and utilities charges shall be prorated by the number of employee occupants (i.e. 2 employees – each share is 50% of total for unit; 3 employees – each share is 33.3% of total for unit).

6.9.1 Provincial/territorial rent control legislation does not apply to the federal government. a gas is compressed at a constant pressure of However, where the rent charge exceeds 25% of gross household income, the employee may apply to the department to have the rate reduced to this value. This application must be made within 20 working days of receipt of notification of the rental charge and must include the necessary details to substantiate the household income. was electricity invented during the industrial revolution Such request shall not be unreasonably denied.

6.10.1 Self-contained living accommodation is provided with furniture where it is cost-beneficial to the Crown. This should take into account the cost of moving an employee’s furniture in and out of the location as compared to the cost of providing and maintaining the furniture at the posted location and paying the cost of storing the employee’s furniture and effects. gas utility bill No additional charge will be imposed to the tenant for furnished living accommodation. 6.11 Residential Standards

6.12.3 Occupants shall be given a three-month notice of any increase for reasons other than the annual review, and such changes shall not be applied retroactively. Decreases in charges for these reasons will be effective the day the occupant is so advised. All overpayments by the occupants will be adjusted retroactively to the date of error/change. 6.13 Residential Parking

6.13.1 Where covered residential parking (garage or carport) forms part of a single-family dwelling (detached, semi-detached or row house) and is located on the property, the charge for this facility will be included in the BSV. Where parking is provided separately (i.e. off the property) or is for occupants of apartments, a separate charge will be imposed, determined by the contracted service provider. 6.14 Fuel and Utility Charges

6.14.1 To the extent practicable, government housing shall be individually metered for utilities (heat, electricity and water) with the occupant paying consumption charges directly to the supplier (see Section 1.9). When it is not feasible to individually meter government-owned self-contained living accommodation, the Government of Canada is the supplier.