Patriot power generator e85 gas stations in houston


While you go about your day, dark forces across the globe are at work 24/7 taking aim at our country’s beating heart… Targeting something critical to life as we know it that’s so old, so under-protected, and so vulnerable, it’s become our “weakest link.”

Veteran news anchor Ted Koppel writes about this exact scenario in his best-selling book “ Lights Out.” He describes in great detail how attacks on America’s grid aren’t just likely. They’re already happening! And how the feds are shockingly unprepared.

A cyber attack on their power grid caused massive blackouts for hundreds of thousands of people. The attack was so severe, it knocked out systems intended to help restore power. Computers were destroyed… even the call centers used to report outages were knocked out.

They shot 100 rounds of ammo straight into transformer radiators. Thousands of gallons of oil leaked, causing critical equipment to overheat and shut down. It took months and $15 million dollars to repair damage done by the terrorists in just minutes.

Hey… I didn’t want other Americans to be kept chained up in fear of what might happen to them when the power goes out… or be at the mercy of our corrupt government’s criminal negligence. So I took it upon myself to find a viable power-generating alternative that was reliable, discreet, and one you could take with you… anywhere!

I got in touch with a rogue engineer based in Utah who is just as passionate about this as I am and 100 times more knowledgeable than me. This guy has spent years training as an engineer and has traveled all over the world for the past two decades, relentlessly researching the best way to generate and store the free power from the sun.

I can honestly tell you that you’ll be stunned by how powerful and portable this generator is. It’s got a state-of-the-art lithium-iron-phosphate battery (referred to as LiFePO4 by engineers) that charges using the included top-of-the-line folding solar panel.

Being able to have a power source like this that you can recharge ENDLESSLY, that will never run out of gas and that you can keep safely and discreetly in your home OR grab it and go if you need to… THIS is true peace of mind for you and your family.

Commercial Grade, 100-Watt Folding Solar Panel: This solar panel has a rugged, durable metal frame with reinforced corners. You don’t need to worry about handling it with kid gloves! It folds easily for discreet storage and includes a sturdy carrying handle so that you can take it anywhere.

As you can see, for solutions that even come close to my Patriot Power Generator 1500, you could expect to pay $10,000 or more. But even though I could charge close to that, I simply in good conscience couldn’t do that to my fellow hard-working Americans.

Fact is the retail price of the Patriot Power Generator 1500 is $3997. But because I feel that strongly about making sure you and your family are secure… I’m going to do you one better, and offer the Patriot Power Generator 1500 for an unheard of limited-time price of $1997.

But folks, I want you to experience the peace of mind that you get from the Patriot Power Generator 1500. It creates free electricity for you immediately and protects your family in case of a crisis. Isn’t it worth it to know you’ve got the ONE thing – the GLUE – to keep your family’s life together, no matter where you are?

You could be at home, or in your RV, cabin, or undisclosed, completely off-the-grid location. It DOESN’T MATTER. If the sun is shining, you can charge your Patriot Power Generator 1500 for FREE. And it will power your critical devices 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. To Make This a Truly Unbeatable Deal, I’m Going to Add Some AMAZING Free Bonuses