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The only thing more silly than mock drafts are post-draft grades, yet for some reason people love that kind of stuff, which is why every football writer in America seems to engage in those kinds of activities.

Mock drafts can be at least somewhat helpful, as they do give you an idea of a good range of where players are likely to be drafted, but “grading the draft” type articles, I’ll never understand. How can you grade a draft 10 seconds after it is done?

If Carson Wentz is really good and goes on to start for 15 years, leads the Eagles to a Super Bowl or two and goes to the Pro Bowl 13 times, the Eagles should get an A+ for that draft. Electricity outage houston tx If he stinks out loud, they should get an F. But we won’t know that for, well, at least five or six years.

And that brings me to the Steelers, who seem to have gotten a “B” for their draft by most draft experts, the rationale being that they got a lot of decent players who fill needs.

That’s wonderful and all, but here is the reality — this Steelers draft grade doesn’t need to play out over four or five years, really just one.

If you want me to “grade the Steelers draft,” here is what I would say: At this point it’s a “D” because I thought the point of this draft was to get a player or two who can help in 2016 with a team that is pretty close to ready to win the Super Bowl.

“You never know. O gastronomo buffet If these guys help us win a championship, then it worked out,” the Steelers general manager said Saturday during his post-draft talk with the media. Electricity for refrigeration heating and air conditioning 9th edition pdf “This is the only way we evaluate any class.”

In short, getting impact players to help in 2016 isn’t MY standard, it is the standard of the organization, which is what makes this draft so puzzling.

This draft, or free agent cycle, was supposed to be the one that improved the secondary with at least one impact player, but by the Steelers’ own admission the players they took in the first (cornerback Artie Burns) and second (safety Sean Davis) rounds are projects who may take a year or two to develop.

Burns left Miami a year early, and Colbert said it was like the Steelers would get him for his senior year and be able to mold him. Gas dryer vs electric dryer hookups And if you read the scouting reports, he is going to require a lot of molding to be ready to really help in 2016.

Davis has played several positions and was projected at several positions, and he is likely to start out in a position battle with Robert Golden at strong safety.

These were really, in my mind, the only two relevant picks for the Steelers, because this is an area at which they needed to get much better and needed to upgrade their talent.

Time will tell if it happened, but by all accounts the Steelers took two “high-upside, developmental guys,” and those aren’t generally the kinds of guys who are ready to play immediately.

You can say “Why is it so important to be ready in 2016?” I’d counter with this: the AFC is there to be won in 2016, and the Steelers have as good of a chance as any team to do it.

We like to think Ben Roethlisberger will be healthy and Superman for the next 10 years, but the window is closing. Electricity laws in india If we have learned anything the last couple of years, it is that years of taking hits and sacks, as well as Father Time, have made him at times look like a guy who doesn’t have many big hits left in him.

The Steelers should have traded up to get one of the impact corners, and trading up is something they didn’t want to do. That’s the bold move they should have made — go get a guy who can help you this year when you are probably only one or two guys away from being the best team in football.

The Steelers have a team in pretty good shape roster-wise for the next few years, so losing a few picks via trade to move up would not have killed them. I’m not saying Burns and Davis can’t or won’t have an impact in 2016, but listening to the Steelers brass talk about them, I have my doubts.

That means we are looking at a season where the starting defensive backfield is William Gay, Ross Cockrell, Mike Mitchell and Golden, with Senquez Golson covering slot receivers.

• How would you like to be Jeff Fisher and wake up this morning knowing that your fate, your future and your employment now rides on the shoulders of something called Jared Goff? The Rams mortgaged a bunch to move up and get Goff for two reasons — they think they are good quarterback play away from the playoffs, and they want to give the new fan base in Los Angeles something to be excited about. Ortega y gasset revolt of the masses And hey, what’s more exciting than a first-round, first-pick overall quarterback from the Pac-12?!

I’m not a quarterback guru but nothing I saw from Goff in college made me think “He is a franchise QB at the next level.” It actually seems to me that he is the best, or the most ready to play, of a quarterback group that was less than inspiring. Z gas cd juarez I actually think Wentz and Paxton Lynch have more upside and potential, but, the Rams know they needed to take the most advanced guy they could get, as they need him to play this year.

• To be honest, the Rams would have been better off waiting around, not trading up, and then grabbing Christian Hackenberg with their second round pick. Gas smoker recipes I know, I know, “he was terrible his last two years,” but I like the kid. Grade 6 science electricity unit test He is a good player who was in a horrible system. Electricity flows through And I think of all the quarterbacks in this draft, I might like him the best. Electricity hair stand up But let’s be honest — the Rams could have drafted some impact players with all the picks they traded, and would they really be worse off with Hackenberg than Goff?

• Tyler Boyd is in the perfect spot. Bp gas prices columbus ohio People are upset that he is going to the hated Bengals, but in terms of a football landing spot, this is a great fit for him. Electricity kwh usage calculator He was miscast as a No. Gas examples 1 receiver at Pitt from this standpoint — that isn’t his game. Gas vs electric range He never was a guy who took the top off the defense with his speed or made those huge plays consistently down the field. Electricity 4th grade Pitt continually looked for that guy — a speed guy to open things up for Boyd — but couldn’t find him. La gasolina lyrics But that didn’t stop Boyd from making a zillion catches.

Now, in Cincinnati, he has A.J. I gas shares Green to be that guy, and that means he should have all kinds of space to operate underneath and do what he does best — catch the ball in traffic and run after the catch. Chapter 7 electricity note taking worksheet The Bengals drafted smart, but like everyone else, we need to see if any of these guys they took can actually play. Gas jet compressor We’re pretty sure Boyd is a guy who can play, and I think most people will be shocked if he doesn’t have a long NFL career.

• Pretty much every season I am reminded why I am happy not to cheer for a team owned by Jerry Jones. Static electricity in the body And this draft provided me with more evidence that this dude needs to hire a general manager that has a clue. Gas and electric credit union Although I will say this: This Cowboys draft could be an A+ if his first two picks work out, but that is a big if. Gas works park events We have established, I think, in the past few years that you don’t need to go nuts drafting a running back because 1) The league has become a passing league; 2) Running back is a position where the threat of injury is high, and 3) They generally have a short shelf life. Grade 6 electricity project ideas Ezekiel Elliott is really good, but with the fourth pick of the draft on a team that has other needs? Wow.

The Cowboys made up for it in the second round with a steal of a high impact player, Jaylon Smith, who probably won’t be able to play this season. Gas bloating diarrhea Like the Steelers, the Cowboys have an aging star quarterback who has had some injuries the last few years and whose window is closing quickly. Gas or electricity for heating More power to the Cowboys, maybe Elliott will become the next Adrian Peterson and Smith will make a miraculous recovery and lead the team in tackles, but again, I have my doubts.

• The Laremy Tunsil saga is sad and silly. Thermal electricity how it works From one side you have someone trying to ruin him, and that person should be found and prosecuted by whatever law we can find. Types of electricity pdf From the other, here is a kid who has clearly made some bad decisions. Electricity in india first time And now he is headed to South Beach. Electricity questions and answers pdf The kid was suspended for seven games for taking improper benefits, so that part of the story shouldn’t have come as a surprise. Q gases componen el aire The gas mask/bong/blunting it up photo thing, that was troublesome but also from a few years ago. Gas buddy Here’s hoping this kid gets some better adults around him and makes some better choices because I do think he has a chance to be a great offensive lineman for years to come.

• One pick that people made fun of that I loved: Tampa Bay grabbing Florida State kicker Roberto Aguayo in the second round. La gasolina letra I can’t understand why more teams don’t place a higher value on kicker, especially one who is accurate and can be very good at directional kicking from the tee on kickoffs. Grade 6 electricity unit Tampa’s kicking situation stunk last year, and they are a younger team with a bright young quarterback. Electricity grid map uk If they can get to the point where they consistently score from, say, the 38-yard line and in, it will change their team completely. Electricity cost by state I laugh every time I hear old school guys say kickers aren’t real football players and don’t deserve to be in the Hall of Fame. Electricity dance moms choreography Give me a break. E seva power bill payment How many games are won and lost in the modern NFL because of kickers? It’s too important of a position not to take seriously.

• Finally, in general, the one thing about the Steelers draft is that they did address needs — maybe not guys who can help in 2016, but guys who at least fill needs over the next few years. Electric utility companies in arizona And I do think they got some good special teams guys, and that may be where the first two picks initially fit. Electricity invented They got a guy in DeMarcus Ayers to compete for kick return duties, they got a couple of linebackers and they got a tackle in LSU’s Jerald Hawkins, who, by all accounts, is a project. Electricity definition So again, I don’t hate the Steelers draft, because they did get guys who are possibly going to fill needs for the long term. Electricity and circuits class 6 questions But the focus shouldn’t have been on the long term, it should have been on getting guys who can help them win the Super Bowl in 2016.