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I had a doctor’s appointment this morning, so I took a sick day. I have a lot of sick time saved wholesale electricity prices by state, and I’m going to lose it all next week, so rather than take the few hours the appointment needed, I took the whole day. For, you see, Im retiring. My last duty day is March 28th. On March 29th, I’ll turn in my gear and begin the weekend. My first day of paid retirement is April 1st.

I was doing laundry this afternoon, folding a big pile of black, pocket, tee-shirts, and realized that I have worn these for several decades because that’s what uniform comps wear. They are getting somewhat shabby, and they’ll be converted to shop rags soon, but I’ll have to decided wht to wear every day, something that I haven’t had to do since I met Belle.

I had retired when I met Belle and was doing contract work but went back in uniform shortly after we met. I’ve been a cop for most of my adult life, over 37 years behind the badge, and it will be over very soon. Next week is going to be bitter-sweet, but I intend to work my last duty day just like p gasol I worked the first one. When my shift is over, I’m sure that it will hit me, but right now, it’s just something I have to do until next week is over.

My wife, the lovely and talented Belle has been a Mental Health/Developmental Disability nurse for over 40 years and puts the blame on the Clinton Administration, who started shutting down mental health hospitals because of yada, yada, yada, civil rights, these-people-deserve better, their rights to live in the community trump your rights to live in a safe, pleasant environment.

It’s a problem for the police all over the country, especially if you work in an urban environment. Even in this small city in central Louisiana, we have the same problem, to a lesser extent. Where I happen to work, in the gas in oil pressure washer downtown area, we have a magnet for the homeless, but it is not just confined to the downtown area. I talk regularly with the homeless coordinator for the schools, and we have approximately a thousand homeless children in the area. She works tirelessly trying to insure that these children have a safe place to live and the things they need to succeed, and her work is never-ending. It’s a problem everywhere, and kudos to KOMO for highlighting the problem.

We need to get a handle on this as a society. This is a police problem, but it is not a police issue. By and 2015 electricity prices large, we’re doing our job. This is a problem that other agencies need to address. Seattle estimates that they spend a billion dollars a year on the problem. Across the US, there is no telling how much we spend. And, since 1992, it’s been an abject failure.

The gas jeans usa South Florida Sun Sentinel has reported about a number of failures and missteps by the Broward School District. It has reported on a culture of tolerance that allows unruly students to have repeated second chances. [or third, fourth, fifth….] The district is now revising its discipline policies and the Promise program, which provides alternatives to arrests for some misdemeanor offenses, to make them less lenient.

The newspaper also identified how school districts in Broward and across the state under-report crimes, making their campuses appear safer than they are. The Sun Sentinel has also reported how the district failed to act on warning signs involving the Parkland killer, botched his special education services, failed to hold administrators accountable for actions related to the tragedy and has regularly hidden information from the public.

As a School Resource Officer for the past 17 years, I’ve seen it go both ways, I’m convinced that school administrators try to get it right most of the time. Generally, (and Im talking in broad generalization here) a school reflect the community is serves. If that community has a crime problem the school will reflect that problem. School 6 gases districts should not blanch at a particular school being a reflection of the community.