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Grainbelt was big up here. electricity usage by appliance My Grandpa had a bunch of signs and paraphenalia with the logo on it when he owned a bar. I was watching an old football game on youtube the other day and they had a bunch of commercials for Schaefer Beer. I tried some once, and it wasn’t for me. I remember my parents drinking PBR and Old Milwaukee when I was a kid.

In early 1976 I moved to Fort Knox, KY to attend the basic course for armored officers. I remember Shaefer beer. It was available at the Class 6 store for $16.00 a keg. Shaefer was the beer that was served at company parties.I have helped to float several kegs of Shaefer beer. One beer that I always thought tasted like stale horse-piss was Blatz ( the fire-brewed beer). But, my father-in-law, a Cajun, came up to visit us ad fell in love with it. He took a couple of cases home and insisted that I bring it to him when I came home on leave. I never understood his affection for that beer.

Old Milwaukee was the beer of choice when I was in high school and early college. There was a local store, The Pak-N-Sak that sold it for $1.00 a six pack, or $4.00 a case. Back in those days, it was legal to drink at age 18, and in places in Louisiana, the age limit was very flexible. I’m pretty sure that the Pak-N-Sak was selling us "skunked" beer, but with Old Milwaukee, it’s hard to tell.

A decade or so ago, I started paying attention to guns in pawn shops. Used guns, mainly, that wind up on the shelves of second-hand shops. And I realized that these once belonged to someone and that, for whatever reason, that person decided to convert them to cash. gas water heater reviews 2013 The simple fact of mortality means that eventually I’ll shrug off this mortal coil, and whatever I leave behind will become a problem for someone else. There are things that I cherish that will mean absolutely nothing to the people who follow me. I get it.

But, some cherished possession might mean something to a particular person, and it’s my job to find that person. To that end, I’ve been giving away guns. I still have a pretty good battery, but I’ve given away ore guns in the last decade than I’ve bought in that decade. Each of my offspring and most of my grandchildren have a gun I used at one time or another.

There are some that I won’t give up till it’s done, but if I get notice of my impending demise, I fully intend to leave this world having given away my guns, and other cherished possessions. Hopefully, I ‘ll give them to the person who likes them as much as I do, but we never know; they might be taken to a pawn shop and converted to cash. It may sound fatalistic, but it is what it is.

Nothing much to report today. I’ve been playing for the last hour with a new trail cam, the Stealth Cam PXP36NG, a no-glow camera that I bought today for a project. I picked it up an hour ago at Academy Sports for less than the MSRP you see at the link.I just finished setup, which was kind of tricky, but YouTube videos will show you things that the instruction manual doesn’t, so there’s that. I’m testing it right now and may or may not review it later. gasco abu dhabi salary I simply hope that it’s easier to use than it was to set up. I’m probably over-thinking it. We’ll see.

But, I’ve been doing some reading today about the upcoming election. They don’t know what the hell is going on. Even Larry Sabato, over at the Crystal Ball, isn’t sure. He thinks that the Dems have a pretty good shot at a majority in the House, but that the Republicans will keep the Senate and maybe even puck up a few seats But, he admits it’s too early to tell, and all the pollsters are hedging their bets. After the polling debacle that gave us President Hillary Trump,, the pollsters aren’t real sure what the electorate is thinking.

If you’re not sure who to vote for, pick the first (R) on the list and vote for him or her. What very you do, don’t vote for the Donks. tgas advisors They don’t deserve to hold power. I’d love to see a red tsunami tomorrow night when the polls close. It may be a pipe dream, but after the way the Donks acted during the Kavanaugh debacle, none of them showed any inclination at fairness.

No, Master Sergeant, it’s not. Neither is it a Griswold. It has no markings whatsoever. I picked it up several months ago at an auction. What it IS, is a good cast iron pot. The side walls are uniform, the bail is securely fastened, and the lid fits properly. When I purchased it, it was in fair shape and needed only a good cleaning and re-seasoning. The seasoning isn’t quite right yet, but that will come with time.

Lodge makes pretty fair cookware, but I don’t like their "pre-seasoned" coating. It’s rough and the last thing you want on the bottom of a cast iron pot or skillet is roughness. You want the bottom of cast iron to be as smooth as glass. If I get a piece of Lodge cookware, the first thing that I have to do is sand the interior with good wet-or-dry sandpaper until it is smooth, then re-season. Most Lodge cookware is good cast iron, but you look for the same things in a Lodge that you look for in all cast iron ovens. Uniform sidewall thickness, a flat base, a sturdy bail properly affixed, and a lid that fits properly. origin electricity faults I have been known to coat the lid/pot junction with valve grinding compound and rotate the lid against the pot until it fit properly. We want a good seal and sometimes that is the only way to get it.