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Click to expand… Unbeknownst to the German decision makers, the economic war had turned in Germany’s favour by the end of 1916. The British and French had exhausted readily available equity/security in the US and a jilted inert gas definition chemistry President Wilson had prompted the Fed to issue a risk warning to prospective creditors of the Entente war effort, which effectively dried up the Entente access to credit. If the Germans had become aware of the Entente financial circumstances, or if the decision implement the USW had been delayed long enough for those financial circumstances to manifest, the underlying rationale for the German USW would be absent la gasolina lyrics.

Without US finances the Anglo-French war effort in 1917 would be on life support. If Imperial Russia exits the war early and the US entry is nowhere in sight, I would expect a rush for the exits by at least Romania and Italy – the only thing stopping Britain from doing the same would be unreasonable German demands, which if Laurel and Hardy are in charge, is a near certainty.

Click to expand…I’ve seen this argument that the Entente was somehow doomed financially electricity sources in 1917, but I’ve never seen that translated to how the Entente runs out of money. There’s two fold electricity bill calculator reason for this. Firstly the US has a huge incentive (what with USW and just how much money they’ve lent to the Entente beforehand) to keep the Entente supplied till the conclusion of an armistice, even without a DOW. Secondly trade with the non-blockaded Entente is profitable since Britain and the Empire (and to a lesser extent, France) still have massive markets around the world the US can tap, and even their other allies would be keen to accept US money. That would discomfort the Entente powers, but with the need to win the war they’re going to be ponying up for American loans and there’s no way the Americans won’t be willing to make them.

Even electricity and magnetism review sheet if Laurel and Hardy want to demand everything, the reality is they can’t do anything if they’re as bumbling with wd gaster the Spring Offensive as they were OTL. Once they’d shot their bolt the absolute best they could hope for was a military stalemate before the edifice of the Central Powers collapsed around their heads back home. Absent a miracle, its stalemate 1918.

Click to expand…The OP assumes that the Lusitania isn’t sunk. So that moves the crisis of USW back to 1915- there is no Zimmerman telegram and the Tsarist regime remains. The Russian Revolution plays a significant role in encouraging America into the war. Wilson would speak of the wonderful things happening in Russia. In 1915, the Americans haven’t lent much money to the Entente and the American economy wasn’t depended on supplying war goods gas block install to Europe. Most Americans wanted to stay out of it if they could. As I mentioned in my first post in this thread, in 1917 50 Congressmen and 14 Senators wouldn’t vote for the war. Start removing factors such as the Zimmerman telegram electricity 4th grade, the number rises.

Personally, I think that a stalemate in WWI is unlikely. The war was about Great Power status- any nation that lost would have been reduced to a minor power vulnerable to her neighbors. None of them were willing to do that. The only way I can get there would be after Russia is defeated, the Austrians, Bulgarians and the Ottomans decide that they want a check on German power

Click to expand…Those same independent financial electricity allergy creditors had an interest in war financing, whether through the auspices of the Prepardness Movement, pro-Entente politicians/investors, businessmen looking to corner markets, shipping magnates, or others, all had a hand in pushing electricity dance moms full episode towards war in 1917. It was widely recognized by the Entente in 1919 that US investment and monies were paramount in continuing the war in 1918, and that after 1917 it was the reason the war had continued. However, even with all that, the US still couldn’t push the Entente around by holding those loans over their heads.

And finally, yes I do suggest that the US would agree to Entente loans and goods while still claiming neutrality if that’s what it took. USW will not go down well, period dot. The Germans believed it was the only way to win the war, the US historically did not stand for it. If the compromise is maintaining neutrality by subsidizing the continued Entente war effort while they will be losing men and ships gas in dogs stomach to the Germans anyways, that’s how it will go.