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I will tell you upfront, I have been putting this review off because I was hoping to hear back from the staff and that gastroenterology they would follow through with what they had promised and they never did. This was the most horrible and hurtful experience traveling of my life. We stayed two nights and got in pretty late on the first night. At first appearance the hotel was charming. It has a lived in look, but cozy. We put our bags away and went into the bar/pizza place for a drink. All of the guests were so friendly and it was easy to get engaged with conversation with other patrons about ghosts and travels and j gastrointest surg things. This place attracts a sort of quirky fun loving character that makes the overall experience fun. We spent the next day touring the town and going to the wildlife refuge and had planned on going to the ghost tour in the hotel later that night. It was my fiance and I, and his daughter and her boyfriend. One of the best days I had in a long time. We were excited about the ghost tour and had dinner in town where I consumed two glasses of wine ( not in excess) and made our way back to the hotel for gas in dogs symptoms the tour excitedly. The ghost tour starts in a large room where the host … REBA … visits with people and asks questions about personal ghost experiences etc. I had recently, the month before, captured amazing (AMAZING-8 shots in sequence including a face and gas vs electric stove cost letters or symbols on the bottom of the pool) ghostly images at the Biltmore Estate and raised my hand, after being asked, to share. I was excited, yes, and telling the story at which point she REBA says,Can you get to the point we are on a tight schedule and need to get going.. Shock washes over me. I’m thinking I must have been really babbling and instantly felt like an idiot and didn’t want to carry on with my story because I am mortified. I quickly blubber gaslighting examples my way to an endpoint as not to further delay and look like an idiot and sink back into my chair. My mind is rushing thinking I must have sounded like an idiot and my fiance grips my knee. His daughter leans forward and says … don’t worry about her 850 gas block. I fight off tears as it sinks in that that just happened. Had that been the end of it, I would have tried to shrug it off and carry on with the tour, but no. REBA made two references to it before leaving the room for the tour. She gave her rehearsed schpeel and then had the time to make a speech about how SOME people get ghostly images and she sees them all the time and these people think they really have something but shes seen it all before r gasquet. I’m like … what is all of that about..? It’s like she was trying to make a point that these people really think they have the best thing in the world but it’s all nothing. This increases my anxiety as I’m feeling like she is directly trying to discredit my story or something. Then she starts to give her rehearsed conclusion and pauses to say … Oh, we really did lose a lot of time back there, I will have to make this brief…. At this point I am in total disbelief. I can’t believe what is going on. All I want to do is get up and run out but I am terrified to draw further attention to myself. When she concludes electricity terms and definitions, we make our way to the door to follow along on the tour and I am certain I want out of there immediately. Five steps out of the room I see the elevator on the right and grab my fiances hand and tell him I am done with this. We sneak away and take the elevator up to our room where electricity deregulation map I break down in tears. I have never been so embarrassed in all of my life. Never. He calms me down and tells me not to let her ruin our day and we decide to go back to the restaurant we were at previously for drinks. We get there and there are so many people and I honestly tried to shake it off and have a good time, but I just couldn’t so we came back to the hotel. We ran in to some people in the lobby that were on the tour and one man nicely says … We wondered where you had gone, we thought a ghost had taken you or something. I politely laughed and we made our way back to the room where we stayed the rest of the night. I was gasbuddy login just going to let it go, because I don’t like to complain. That morning I woke up and felt like I needed to tell someone about it because keeping it to myself made me feel defeated. I spoke to a woman that gas efficient suv 2010 I believe was the hotel manager. I told her that I was going to her instead of anyone on the ghost tour because I couldn’t face them. And being as that the tour business is in the hotel and they are affiliated I feel I made the right choice. She apologized to me for my experience and said she understood why I felt that way and said that she wanted to make it right with me. She said she would talk to the tour owner and get my nearly $100 dollars back for a tour we didn’t even take and hinted at providing us free nights at the hotel. Well let me tell you, we never got our money back and I have tried to contact the hotel twice by email and duke electric orlando never heard back.