Pelican technical article installing 997 seats into a 986 boxster gastronomia y cia


Comments: Thanks for the great tech article. I installed 12-ways in my standard 987, the passenger seat worked perfectly but the drivers side required your direct gas constant for nitrogen wiring. Found that if the original plug is inserted into the upgraded seat the seat heater turns on. You need to disassemble the seat plug and move power wires. I put the seat heat wires on a new plug for later. I put individual 2-pin plugs for each motor so it was a breeze to get everything moving correctly. Thanks for the help

Comments gas examples matter: Hi Jay : Mine re still working after all these years until tonight when my wife tried to move the seat… no power!!! so I had to drive, but got back home and wiggled the wires and hey presto they worked again : so maybe it’s time to lose the duck I just noticed your lumbar support post so I’ll be looking into that now, still the best mod I ever did to the car thanks to you buddy!!!

Comments: Hi guys. Believe it or not, even though I rewired 3 gases them, it took me until this weekend to actually install them. Much to my dismay, the driver’s seat with all the rewiring still works fine, but the passenger seat wasn’t working! Actually, the back worked, the lumbar worked, but not the front switch. After static electricity human body much frustration and problem solving, it turned out that when I reassembled it, I snapped on the front switch knob slightly crooked!!!! Ugh.

Comments: Hi Nick, thank you for the response. I didn’t know if the memory seat switches 1,2,3 in the 997 go directly to the seat control module or if they connect through something else first. I was thinking of purchasing the 997 memory seat switches and trying to retrofit them into the 996 memory seat switches. This way I would get all of the seat functionality and would not have to modify e electricity bill payment the seat controls. Can you tell me if there are any other relays or modules between the seat memory switches and the seat control module?

Comments electricity laws uk: I’m amidst this same project, except my 987 seats don’t have power bolsters, but they do have heat. The 2004 Boxster I just bought for my wife has heated seats but they’ve been changed out for earlier black non-heated out of a 98 or something…I have a gray interior and just so happens I had a set of 987 seats in gray from a race car project that fit perfectly. They are two way electricity cost nyc powered seats with manual fore/aft/up/down adjustment, only the recline is powered so that part should be easy…has anyone tackled getting the heated seats to work?

Comments: I have a 2003 Boxter S and had the passenger seat removed to accommodate placement of my wheelchair into the cockpit, as I am a paraplegic. Now I have an airbag indicator light on constantly. In the manual it states that now gastroenteritis all the airbags are not functional and to have a PTS2 installed for diagnostic and reseting. Is this necessary. I have tried a variety of electrical checks and connections with no results: the airbag indicator light remains on constantly. What to do?

Comments: I just did this. The drivers side and passenger side are different. The passenger side just needs power and ground and everything works. On the drivers side, it is a coded system that sends a binary signal to a computer, which has a memory. The pictures above are to the drivers side. I basically wired it to match gas definition science the passenger side, and everything works. Instead of doing all the wires above, I first figured out grade 6 electricity unit what preprinted paths were already there and used them, where I could. I also had to cut/break some paths. And, as he noted, you definitely have to cut through the board to break a path under the main switches.

Comments: Great article. I have a 1996 C4S 911 and am trying to mwire newly acquired 996 seats in my 993. The 996 driver seat is memory controleld which fouls things up; wiring wise. Question: Did you find that the original wires from the seat switch unit were too small and gas calculator neede to be replaced with thicker wires to handle the direct 12volts ? The original thin wired seat switch unit are for signals from the seat ECU/Module ??

Followup from the Pelican Staff: I’m not 100% sure, but the seat controls in the 996 Boxster might go through a relay prior to sending voltage to the motor. Although that would require a two-way relay for every motor in each seat, which I don’t think it has. Indeed, the memory seats are electricity and magnetism purcell controlled by the computer, but I think the switch mechanism may be similar. – Wayne at Pelican Parts