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Bum boats operate between Changi Point Ferry Terminal (Changi Village) and Pengerang (Tg Pengelih) daily. There is no fixed schedule- the bumboat operators will only leave when there are 12 passengers. The earliest ferry is around 7 am, and the last bum boat is around 3-4pm Singapore on weekends. The schedule varies on weekdays. If you want to leave before 12 passengers have arrived, you can pay the boat operator for the missing seats. The price per passenger is S$11 for (Bum Boat) takes you 70min to reach each way, S$13 for faster boat which takes you 45 mins. Additional $2 for a bike.

The terminal in Singapore is located in the basement of the Changi Point Ferry Terminal (Changi Village). You will need to give your passport to the people operating the desk underneath a large "Pengerang" sign. They’ll note your information on a sheet listing the passengers. When this list is full and a bumboat operator has arrived, he’ll take the list of passengers and everyone’s passports (at this time, you can retrieve and follow the boat operator through security).

Taxis shuttle between the Pengerang dock and Sungai Rengit (RM to be update) for RM 9/person (shared, four person minimum) or RM 36/car (charter). Bandar Penawar and Sebana Cove Golf & Resort RM 10/person (shared, four person minimum) or RM 40/car (charter).

You can rent bicycles from Tristan Park Group for S$10 per day [1]. If you walk about 1 km eastward on the road leaving the ferry terminal (past the naval base, but before Pengerang), you’ll see a sign for Tristan Park. There is a bicycle shop in Sungai Rengit (about 30m north of the Tai Hoe Hotel) that rents decent quality bikes for around RM 15 per day.

Pengerang was the site of a major WW2-era British coastal battery. The part of it at Pengelih, right next to the immigration point, is open to the public but in a state of nature, with no trails, signs etc. Most of the rest is now used by the Malaysian military. [2] Do [ edit ] [ add listing ]

There is an ostrich farm just outside Sungai Rengit. The cost of entry is RM15 per person, and includes a brief presentation by the farm’s owner (in English). There are several hundred ostriches in various stages of life. The more tame ostriches roam the farm freely, and pictures are encouraged. Outside the farm, ostrich satay is on sale for RM 2 per stick. Ostrich steaks, burgers, and omelets are also for sale. The farm is open until 6 pm daily, and is about 1km east of Sungai Rengit (you’ll see a large sign on the highway).

• Marrybrown Fast Food Restaurant – Is the only fast food that served in this town. Just in case you want to eat something fast, or maybe you are starving while all the restaurants are closed, you can drop yourself in Marrybrown. The foods are quite delicious and the most important thing is, the foods served here are mostly local-based such as Nasi Lemak, Nasi Ayam, Curry Mee, Satay (Seasonal), Rendang Ayam (Seasonal), Chicken Porridge, varieties of burgers, fries, fried chicken and softdrinks.

There’s a small police station in Sungai Rengit. The area is quite safe- many people leave their bicycles out all night without a worry of theft. On the roads, drivers are quite courteous and cycling is very safe. Be wary of taxi drivers passing many cars at a time, or speeding much faster than others on the road.