Pentair mastertemp 400 – 460736 pool heater review que gases componen el aire y su porcentaje


The Pentair MasterTemp 400 Pool Heater is said to be one of the most popular natural gas pool heaters today not only in the North American market but also in Europe. Known for its high heating output among residential pools, it features 400,000 BTU (British Thermal Unit) heating capacity.

Because of its fast and superb heating power, the Pentair is now becoming a more recognized and efficient pool heater brand. There are a lot of pool heaters out there that also carry popular brands. But in terms of reliability and efficiency, the Pentair seems to pull it all.

This natural gas-powered pool heating machine has a dual purpose, mainly for heating small to large-size swimming pools and as an instant water heater for spas. The idea for its dual purpose design is for those who own swimming pools to use it also for their spas for relaxation and self therapy.

The Pentair 460736 is said to be very energy efficient as it uses natural gas for combustion. It can also be used in many types of weather even during the cold months. However, this unit requires proper maintenance in order to reach its maximum output and prolongs its life.

If you live in an area where it’s always cold or just love hot water to revitalize your body while swimming, you may really want to have this Pentair product. Although other brands can also provide you heating power as much, the Pentair 460736 can provide you hot water for hours even if it’s freezing cold outside. You can also program the unit on the amount of hours you would want to use your pool.

Especially when kids are around and water in the pool gets so cold which can bring risk to their health, this is the best time to utilize this pool heater at its best. Set it for just few hours for hot water dip or if you want to maintain a warm pool during the weekends for family and friends get-together and leave it. The unit automatically shuts down once the temperature of your choice is reached.

In a 12-hour heating, this unit can warm your pool water that has as much as 24,000 gallons of water from 10 to 15 degrees higher. However, you need to cover your pool in order that heat won’t escape while heating the pool. Also, we are reminded that if the water is already in its freezing point, this unit may not work pretty well.

More so, we also would like to show you similar products that we think could equal or can almost surpass the performance of the Pentair 460736. Though Pentair was our personal choice, presenting to you other popular brands can help you judge if these would be better choices than the Pentair 460736. You can also estimate if these can be way out of its league.

Note that all of these have passed government quality standards including safety and environment standards. Units That Are Comparable to Pentair 460736 MasterTemp 400 1. Hayward H400FDN 400,000 BTU Natural Gas Residential Pool and Spa Heater

This spa and pool heater also uses natural gas and features 400,000 BTU. It has standard but durable Cupro-nickel heat exchanger that heats up water instantly. Its parts can withstand even salt water or aggressive water conditions chemistry without experiencing corrosion.

Cold draft, for example, could alter the unit’s heating performance. But this unit is reliably efficient in maintaining its heat inside its chamber. In terms of NOx emissions, its emission output passed freely the government safety guidelines.

We greatly value all products that are made to do their jobs accordingly and can help us make our lives easier. And we have seen a lot of pool heaters that a lot of people have already put their trusts into. But based from the reviews we have encountered and also in terms of overall features and performance, we greatly assume that this Pentair really has a lot to offer.

Not to mention that Pentair company has already been around for decades, this Pentair 460736 comes out to be one of the company’s best products for the pool industry in this modern times. Not only in the US and Europe but also in other countries as well. Should You Buy This Product?

With its very dependable uses and overall features, anyone buying this product won’t get disappointed. However, we have also read a lot of negative reviews about this product and basically these are malfunctioning issues. The thing is, every owner should read the manual prior to installing this unit because there are certain things that need to be known.

For example, the water chemistry or water pH alone if not properly maintained can create problems with the filters like corrosion or erosion which ultimately create problems with the performance of the unit. This is why familiarizing the maintenance part of this product is very important to avoid letdowns that some users throw against this product.