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Perfect Cherry Blossom features three playable characters to choose from, and each character has two different sets m gasol of skills. Reimu Hakurei is relatively balanced in all areas. Marisa Kirisame moves faster, and uses more powerful attacks with less range. Sakuya Izayoi moves slower, and uses weaker attacks that can hit just about everything on the screen.

A major addition to Perfect Cherry Blossom is the Cherry scoring system. Shooting enemies increases your Cherry Points, bombing or dying decreases your Cherry Points, and reaching 50,000 Cherry Points gas 1940 hopper gives you a temporary shield. Cherry Points eventually lead to a higher Cherry Gauge, which increases the points you receive from Point Items.

Following on the heels of the Embodiment of Scarlet Devil, Perfect Cherry Blossom was created with the same goals in mind – high speed danmaku k electric bill statement, patterned after somewhat abstract concepts. The theme this time around revolves around the Netherworld, and the extra stages also deal a little bit with the Great Hakurei Border and the concept of a spiriting away, though these are not discussed in very much detail, as the dialogue remains very light.

The name youyoumu implies some sort of mysterious, ghostly dream. 妖々, taken to mean ghostly, is possibly referring to the overall electricity experiments for 4th graders theme of the Netherworld and its inhabitants, including Youmu Konpaku and Yuyuko Saigyouji, the first of which contains the kanji 妖 in her name. It can also be a reference to the Saigyou Ayakashi, which also contains the electricity word search pdf character. Perfect Cherry Blossom is referring to Yuyuko’s end goal to force the Saigyou Ayakashi to fully bloom by collecting the essence of springtime. Additionally, the word Ghastly is misspelled as Ghastry on the jewel case in what would be the Japanese pronunciation.

Perfect Cherry Blossom has 20 tracks in total, and is one of the largest soundtracks in the Touhou Project. ZUN states in the afterword that he wanted to create music that was intense, emotional, and a little exotic. Rather than adding an oriental spin to otherwise western-sounding tunes, he instead started with an oriental feel as the base and tried to work in a western electricity lessons ks1 tone.

ZUN included an unused track in Ghostly Field Club titled Flower of Past Days ~ Fairy of Flower, possibly meant for Stage n gas price 4. ZUN was originally going to re-arrange Yuyuko Saigyouji’s theme Bloom Nobly, Ink-Black Cherry Blossom ~ Border of Life for her theme in Ten Desires, but since she was only a Stage 1 boss, he ended up creating an original piece: Ghost Lead.

A demo version of Perfect Cherry Blossom was released on December 30th electricity sound effect in 2002, at the 63rd Comiket. The game later had another demo with only the MIDI soundtrack released on the internet on January 26th 2003. The full version was later released at the 64th Comiket, on August 17th 2003, and it first hit shelves of various doujin stores on September 7.

At the first Reitaisai on April 18, 2004, a score attack event was held where competitors would aim for the highest score on the Phantasm Stage. The stage and dialogue differed slightly from the original, and ZUN electricity history timeline composed a new song called Youkai Domination ~ Speed Fox! for it. This song would later be included in sound sepher’s first fan-made arrange album, Cradle -東方幻樂祀典-, released at the following Comiket.

Its unique Phantasm stage, not present in any other game in the series, particularly appeals to skillful danmaku fans. The Phantasm stage was shown on the British review show Gameswipe electricity invented or discovered as an example of a shoot ’em up. British comedian and satirist Charlie Brooker described the game as a firework display being sick, and as something masochistic maniacs actively enjoy dipping into.