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Due to the fact that the kite- and windsurf station is situated at the very northern part of the bay of Bulabog it has the advantage that there are less people surfing there than in the middle and southern part of the sometimes really crowded bay. Plus, the beach of Funboard Center is the widest from the beach – perfect for launching and landing your kite. But apart from the advantages of the surfing itself (which do weight a lot, mind), the atmosphere at this station is very, very nice. The owner gas vs electric water heater cost per year, instructors and beach boys are really friendly and helpful and know the wind conditions and the bay in and out so that they can perfectly give you any advice you need. And what is most important after an awesome, long session of surfing? Fuel for the body. Easily enough, the bar Tabou, which belongs to the station, offers mouth-watering homemade food and yummi drinks (homemade lemonade is one of my favourites!). Perfect! I really, really enjoyed myself here and hope to be back soon! More Show less

WE VISITED WINDSURFERS AND KITE SURFERS HEAVEN :). We arrived to Funboard center Boracay on 16th of feb 2014 and we spent almost three weeks by Simone and her crue members who are awesome and SUPER experienced with windsurfing. And we would like to share our experience and fun we had and how we fell in love with this place… We were arriving Manila,Kalibo and we took BUS by South west tours (recommended because you can reach with one payment to your hotel in boracay or you fly to caticlan where you have less baggage allowance) to caticlan jetty port about 1:20 mins ride and ferry 10 mins to the island of windsurf heaven:).. when we arrived to FUNBOARD CENTER it was little late evening so SIMONE and her GIN and TONIC were welcoming us. we sat and had a drink with her and went to sleep. They have one guest room which was very nicely done with very coxy bed with mosquito net even there electricity el paso apartments were no mosquitos. We had a step-in wardrobe where my wife was smiling all the time 🙂 and there were also a safe where you can store your valuables. Beautiful private balcony with nice bamboo chairs where you are 10 steps from the beach front and you can see all actions going on with windsurfers/kite surfers. As the room is facing to the beach it has a glass sliding doors to the balcony, when the curtain is swiped you can see the actions right from your bed. As this is the only the guest room it was very quite in the evening:) PERFECT after long day out windsurfing and to relax. FREE WIFI. (any thing you want to use with electricity you should be bringing two pin chargers like in europe) And you have attached toilet and bathroom with HOT WATER. And room cleaned gas and water every day so it was the best we chosen. they have their own cafe like a asian look hut with varieties of food. beautiful coffee latte and capputino etc etc… fresh drinks and loved the yogurt in the morning as well as brownie choco cake. If you like to buy any windsurf or kite equipment they have a small shop as well. Mr. GUIDO is the star there who gave very nice windsurf lesson and tips. He by himself is a windsurfing instructor but a real windsurfing star. Cannot wait to go back and see he’s doing lay jibe. Gilbert is an instructor as well who teach windsurfing, thanks for good tips for the speed jibe:) And we really basic electricity quizlet like the boys who prepared our kit everyday and wash them after whats.Thanks for the SERVICE… We really like the girls who were making nice sandwiches,breakfast and coffee.These girls they always have typical asian smiles on. Ofcourse SIMONE is the who is behind all this. She is a german and she is SUPERB. She has experience in everything Windsurfing, kite surfing, Yoga etc etc… very sporty woman with lots of knowledge and very approachable. Any question you have, she and her crue will be there right away. Windsurfing and kite surfing is the main attraction of bulabog beach. Funboard centre has over 30 windsurf monofilm sails very light and ready to take off, windsurf boards were very light like the tabou guru and rocket from 75 ltr to 155ltr ready to surf :). We met other windsurfers using Funboard center and expressing the best place in bulabog beach. Other than windsurfing you could go to the other side d cypha electricity futures of the island one of the top 10 beach around the globe…. For sunbathe,shopping,restaurants like italian restaurant Aria right on the beach an italian was the chef. We ate there almost every other night. Massage spas etc etc…. ATM available on the area. so no difficulties. We cannot wait to go back windsurfing.. and to stay in fun board center. We really love this place. Thank you very very much SIMONE and her crue to make our windsurfing holiday perfect. We will come back :):):)

I am living on another small and funny island in the Philippines – in Camiguin. Five years ago I broke a fin of my surfboard and couldn’t find a spare part. We then went to Boracay as we do once or twice a year. Friends recommended to see Simone at the Funboard Center on Bulabog beach, she might have a fin for my surfboard. At that time the Funboard center was still located in the old place. But we were immediately caught by the friendliness of the staff and the quality of the food of the famous Taboo Cafe. Since gastritis then, we visit Funboard Center without broken fins. The location has changed and became much more professional. But the ambiance, the friendliness and the quality not only had been maintained, it even got better. Nowhere in the Philippines you find always the newest material. And after a hard ride on the board, the new Taboo Cafe invites for something good to give you back your forces with a smile. Our smile goes with Simone and her great staff. We can recommend the Funboard Center in Boracay without hesitation. We’ll soon be there again in April.