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Started well nice courteous people at the airport ( in fact all the Marbesol staff were fine ) a nice new pick up bus was waiting to take us the hp gas online registration hire car centre about 300m away. We started the paperwork and the lady told me the excess insurance was €21 per day I explained i did not require it as a frequent traveler I have my own hire car insurance policy which by the way costs £40 per year electricity voltage in paris. I was informed that if i didnt accept the shakedown err premium insurance costing €250 for the 12 days i would be limited to 45km per day free with excess mileage costing €0.5 per km. I had made the booking through DoyouSpain and showed them my booking document clearly stating unlimited mileage. I now know why the hire cost was so cheap. Please note this is the first ( and last ) time i have used an off airport car hire at Malaga I have over the past 3 years used most of the on airport and although they offer the same insurance ( usually about gas in back €15 per day ) the are happy to accept my insurance policy and do not reneg on the unlimited mileage that was stated in the contract my advice AVOID and yes you can find this money making scam on their website but who goes looking when they have a printed contract stating unlimited mileage

We hired a Fiat panda for 5 days in mid April. The pick up from the electricity 2pm live airport was ok, waited 15 minutes for the courtesy bus (make sure you look for the rep in the arrivals lobby) the office is only a couple of minutes drive. We paid £98 for rental initially but on arrival at the office we were electricity shock in the body given the option to either take it for that but warned heavily that the whole €1000 deposit would be lost if they had to come out for any reason even if a fault with the car or accidental puncture etc. On top of this we would be charged nearly €1 for ever 2 over the 50km daily allowance which is a crazy hidden charge that should have been made clear electricity lesson plans 8th grade at booking. The other option was to pay another €98 for full insurance cover and unlimited mileage. Reluctantly we did this, mainly for the mileage. On getting to the car we inspected and took photos but Quite honestly the care looked like it had been a beaten up a fair amount, so much so that I cannot believe they would have been ortega y gasset la rebelion de las masas able to tell what extra damage had been done if we had done any. Luckily we aren’t to precious and saw the funny side of it, but inside the wing mirror adjustment was broken, when we asked the guy to look and confirm he didn’t bother because we had taken ‘full insurance’ not great but wasn’t worth the hassle to have them do anything. On the return of the car they didn’t even check r gas constant chemistry anything other than petrol (we filled up 20km away so it was on full for return) again the guy was very much of an opinion that we had full insurance so he wasn’t going to waste his time. Ultimately we paid nearly £200 for a fiat panda fully insured for electricity lab activities the week. I wouldn’t use it again because I think it represents bad value. However the ease of having full cover meant we could have even just taken bits off the car and they probably wouldn’t have cared all that much. But really save money in the long run and use a big name rental company.