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1- Perfect Ten Construction’s bid was slightly below average from all of the four bids. They also came with a strong recommendation from a large management company that I know well. But mostly we liked their knowledge of construction/renovation, sincerity, and a feeling that they will stick closely with the job until complete. We pick them and the choice turned out to be very good.

2- With the president, Tommy and the site manager Angelo there was great communication with goals set for each day. Calls were always returned with an answer and requests and problems were always solved quickly. The workers and craftsmen worked hard and seemed very conscientious. You had a sense that they all took pride in what they were doing, including the president and manager- a rarity today.

3-The quality of the workmanship that made everything come to life was very high. They worked hard with our special lighting design needs, the exact placement our expensive imported vanity, the tile colors/materials, and locating of the the minor fixtures like towel holders, trimming etc. Also getting the plumbing to function perfectly while retaining the look we wanted was an achievement. There was even a last minute instillation of marble shelves in the shower area, once we found out there wasn’t enough wall depth, that worked out beautifully. And most importantly they kept to the original plan schedule with leeway in case extended work was required.

4- After two and a half weeks the job was complete and it looked beautiful. There will always be bumps, technical problems and touchups but Perfect Ten Construction attended to everything without resistance. You had the feeling they wanted a good renovation as much as you.

I worked with Tommy and his team back in late 2016. He and his subcontractor Angelo were amazing and I can’t say enough good things about them. I live in a 1950s building and my studio apartment was very 1970s – linoleum and mirrored cabinets in the kitchen, square-tiled bathroom with the classic NYC laundry cabinet in the wall, dated parquet floors, over-painted base board mouldings, etc.

Perfect Ten completely transformed my home. Tommy provided excellent guidance and extensive amounts of his time to walk me through options at Home Art Tile in Queens. He had experience working with Miguel at Home Art Tile, and together they mapped out designs for my kitchen and bathroom, and guided me to the granite yard to pick my slab for my kitchen. Tommy also spoke at length with me on the variety of options available to me and at what cost (i.e., my building’s plumbing would require extensive work to install a shower; he priced out a shower vs. a new tub; skim-coating the walls was another cost that I chose not to do; replacing the floors and soundproofing was another option available, but I also chose not to do). It was great to have someone knowledgeable explain to me what rules he would need to follow and at what cost. I never felt like Tommy would pressure me into a more expensive option; he was very flexible and allowed me to make informed decisions.

The pretty much GUT renovation of my apartment was done in under 5 weeks, while I sublet another unit nearby. Tommy and his team sanded and re-stained my floor, installed new base board and crown mouldings, and repainted the entire living area. He took my bathroom and kitchen down to the studs, replacing everything (floor, cabinets, appliances, tilework, and lighting). He also turned a useless space by the entryway into a convenient mudroom-esque nook. I am a perfectionist, and every single detail I spoke with his team about was addressed in the best and quickest possible manner. Angelo was my day-to-day contact, who was always accessible and checked in with me frequently, usually sending pictures of major progress.

I am a CO-OP owner in Mid-Town Manhattan. I needed to renovate my studio apartment. I consulted with other shareholders in the building. The apartments that had the best-looking apartments all had their work done by the same contractor, PERFECT TEN CONSTRUCTION.

When we met, he came with pictures of homes from other renovations to give me ideas, options and cost ranges. He spent the time with me to go over the many options that was right for my bathroom, kitchen and living space renovation. He was very professional and straight forward.

Perfect Ten was there for me at every step of the process. They assisted with navigating me through my buildings approval process with the building manager and architect, the coordination with the building’s superintendent, doormen, and porters, and other shareholders of the building.

The team was flawless in their daily set up and clean up (as required by the building rules). Their craftsmanship was outstanding. They brought in the appropriate amount of resources to deliver a final product ahead of schedule and on budget!

It comes as no miracle that what makes decency in an individual has habit of extending into their own professional person. Such qualities, to name a few, regularly include: devotedness, patience, perseverance, integrity, and so on., none of which could so fully exist if not for a deep sense of pride in one’s own work.

I’m happy to tell that Tommy Gavalas of Perfect Ten Construction is one such example of man and company. What Perfect Ten offers is in the unique envelope of Tommy’s own personhood, sealed with the security that he and his team will get the job done. What I mean is that, before anything, Tommy is a person who cares about his customer satisfaction and works to satisfy their needs while also holding himself accountable to his own high standard of performance.

Perhaps it is Tommy’s good-naturedness that drives him to arrive his sense of personal fulfillment through unveiling work that exceeds customer expectation. It has been a great personal satisfaction of mine to witness and engage in a shared enthusiasm with Tommy about completing detailed project objectives and the objective as a whole

What is absent of most businesses today is that they suffer a loss of the human element; that they depart from their original intention to create something meaningful. Tommy doesn’t merely lay bricks, he’s there to understand what it is you seek to produce and breathe life into every piece of it as he puts it together.

Contractors such as Tommy understand that what they leave behind belongs to history, that changing a single room inside of a home can be as meaningful as improving the face of an entire neighborhood or city. I have unwavering faith that Tommy will continue to reach for the stars, at least to touch clouds, stretching above us all like skyscrapers, but I will be forever humbled to have been a member of the family for which he created his very first restaurant, Amylos.