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We stayed at Sandos Playacar Feb ’19 loved it! Recently Sandos changed the layout around, so keep that in mind when booking! The family suites are furthest from the beach (10 min walk), then come the gas zyklon b haciendas the adults-only section is right by the beach. We were tempted to upgrade to black bands (adults-only sections) after reading reviews online but realized fairly quickly that we weren’t missing out on much by staying with the ‘regular purple bands’. Basically with the black bands, you gain access to one restaurant, top-shelf alcohol (which our bartenders had no problem pouring for us if we specifically asked for it in the electricity word search family sections) and the adults-only beach pool sections, which were quieter than the family section, but we actually enjoyed the music beach activities on the family side. The walk through the grounds is lovely, everything is very well maintained and the grounds are very well kept. Our room was very large, clean, quiet, and right next to a pool that never got very busy. The staff was phenomenal, always going above beyond to make sure everyone was having a good time. The shows were lots of fun had great theatrical value. And with the exception of the burrito bowl place, we loved all of the restaurant and food options available. We would definitely recommend this resort to anyone. More power outage houston txu Show less

Let me start by saying my wife and have been doing all inclusives for a while now and this is an excellent resort we have only been to one better than this.From start to finish this place is awesome. Got to say the entertainment staff Manual and Yesenia are the nicest young people I ever met always smiling and happy and for goodness sake people get up and join these 2 in entertainment. I looked forward everyday to go to beach in morning and doing everything from Batchi ball beer pong horse shoes volleyball crazy o goshi judo games. These 2 youngsters smile all day and they put in alot of hours from morning to night so enjoy them. And to Sandos management look after these two electricity lab physics they are infectious. Now for the rest of resort every staff from the maids to the servers bartenders everyone smiles and says Hola. We loved our bartender Henry he was best. The food was extremely good we did all the ala carte restaurants absolutely fabulous all of them all tho are favorite was Mexican. Also read reviews about long waits to get in we never waited ever to get in that is a load of crap. We had lunch at infinity pool buffet everywhere they were very good the thing is you have to remember buffets are not as good because they sit out but they were fine if you went hungry it was your own fault We were in adults only (gold gas news Bracelet) well worth the little extra as we were traveling with adult children. And yes the people complaining about the family section being so far away from beach area which it is but there are shuttles running every 5 minutes not a problem. There is so much to do within this resort from there rescue animals electricity in india first time ( go visit the donkey he is always glad to see people) to eco gardens. Rooms and beds were very nice bed was as good as one at home.Another thing I read alot of bad reviews about was the membership salesmen harassing people (which if you tell them your not interested they don’t pressure you) and before you tell them to buzz of maybe you better listen to them for a couple hours of your time you get some nice gifts like deep discounts on excursions free stuff such as pendent or you can even take cash ( we found this out from a couple that took the tour) so when your on trip advisor don’t be giving people bad advice about bad stuff that happened to you at other resorts and think they are same everywhere.They show you around resort rather than taking electricity word search printable 2 days figuring out where everything is. In conclusion this is one of the best resorts we have been to in Mexico go and enjoy and tell Yesenia and Manual that Mr Corona sent you

There was a huge storm the first few days of our stay electricity production. The staff at Sandos worked tirelessly to move rooms, clean and accommodate a few of our friends affected by the water. The nightly entertainment was amazing – I highly recommend the Michael Jackson night. The Asian and French restaurant were fabulous; however, they were unable to accommodate anything larger than a 6 person table. We requested a table for 8 and were reluctantly (after a few complaints) given a table for 6 and a table for 2 on the other side of the restaurant. This is difficult when travelling with a large group for a wedding and should have been disclosed when booking. This is a very large resort – be prepared to walk – a lot. As other reviews state, they did switch the adult and family sections. The rooms kushal gas agencies belgaum in the 9000’s (family) are a lot nicer and updated, we had a room in the 2000 gas stations in texas’s (adult) close to the beach, adult pool and main buffet. The rooms were simple, outdated but comfortable. As most reviews state, there are a lot of adult only areas, which is lovely (as an adult travelling with no children) but the adult pool has ZERO entertainment. I stayed at a resort down the beach last year and there were tons of fun activities like a foam party, floaty party and DJ at the pool throughout our stay. I was disappointed that Sandos did not have any of this available. I also found the sales pitch on resort too heavy; I’m quite used to saying “no gracias” a lot off resort but I found it to be incredibly pushy, especially the constant calls (at 8:30am) to our room even after we said we weren’t able to attend the time share meeting. You’ll be bombarded with spa sales, excursion sales and timeshare; then when 3 gases that contribute to the greenhouse effect you leave you’ll receive another pitch to come back within 18 months to receive a discount. It doesn’t make for a relaxing vacation. I’d go back to the Oceans Riviera over the Sandos Playacar anyday.