Performance tuning my 06 escalade k gas oroville

Today I got my Diablo Sport i3 tuner. The tuner is very good so far with a couple of programmed performance tunes for 87 octane and premium gas with the ability to customize the tunes with variables like timing advance,throttle tuning ,transmission shift points,etc. In fact , they are too many variables to play with including some potential engine damaging ones like air fuel ratio tuning. I just used the performance tune already setup for premium gas and can feel a major difference in how the engine behaves.

The Escalade just feels damn fast when flooring it with the performance tune. It was not slow before the tune,but now it is a beast when you press on the throttle. I did do a log of the engine values and they look good. The tune seem to have advanced my timing a lot since my timing actually peaked about 51 degree advancement and averages about 24 degrees.

The only tune value I may change is the throttle percentage. It does require a heavy foot to wake up the engine, however to be honest it does make driving the truck in traffic very easy as is so I may just change it for drag track days for an lighter throttle input. As a daily driver, such a light throttle would really be a pain in traffic.

Now I can better decide which mods I will go with next since I actually uncapped the potential I have in the engine already. Next will be shorty headers and a full exhaust. I will post some more feedback on how the tune fairs over time and any changes I make.

Carguy, great write up as usual. Keep up the good work!Thank you. I will keep adding information as I better learn how to tweak the tune over time. I have already tried adjusting the the shift time(-5 seconds normal and -10 seconds Tow haul) and shift pressure(+5 psi) and it made a big difference in off the line acceleration. However, I changed the shift pressure back to normal since the shifts were very hard, but left the shift times. I also adjusted my speed when my transmission shifts to 4th gear. The Diablo tune for some reason had the shift mph at some high number(over 300mph) that prevented the transmission from shifting into 4th gear in normal, so my speed was capped out at about 100 mph due to reaching the red line in 3rd gear. I changed the 3rd to 4th gear shift mph to 95mph and the engine pulls like a train past 100 mph in 4th gear.

I believe Diablo set the 4th gear shift mph that way to prevent some one like myself from going too fast in this truck since most truck tires are not rated to go any faster than about 110 mph, my current Hankook Dynapro tires included. I have the speed limiter set to 150mph, and I believe that it could reach that speed easily now. I will not try any speed over 110 mph until I upgrade my wheels and tires for more performance.

My Diablo tuned Escalade have already embarrassed a late model 2016-2017 Chevy Tahoe with an aftermarket exhaust badly when the driver tried to jack rabbit pass me at a stoplight. It was not pretty, hell even I was surprised at how damn quick the old Caddy moved. The driver of the Tahoe was just checking out my Caddy at the next light and was smiling while nodding.

I have a muscle SUV now. Just kidding, but it does feel like it can do 0-60mph run in about 6 seconds now which is fast for a large SUV and as quick as the newer model stock Escalades with the 6.2. I guessing that my engine is making about 380hp(probably closer to 400hp) and about 420 ft-lb at the fly wheel with the tune, Airaid MIT intake, AFE dry performance air filter, Bosch iridium sparkplugs(.04 gap),Denso spark plug wires, throttle body coolant bypass, and slippery full synthetic drivetrain fluids.

My highway average is around 19mpg. I have an AIRAID Modular Intake Tube, Magnaflow Cat Back exhaust, Superchips programmer set for best economy on 87 octane, and vortex generators across the top of the rear window. The 22.3 average was on a nice spring day of around 60 degrees, 57mph, AC and heat were off, windows were closed and a nice wind was at my back. It was a little hilly. The return of my 40 mile trip got around 18.6mpg.Vortex generators? They actually work on our SUV without being too large?

18 and 19 mpg is still great for our engine and drive train. I will try to build an economy tune for my engine in normal driving on 93 octane, it will not be as frugal as your 87 tune but I will try to average my mpg out to about 17-18 mpg. I will adjust my shift points and shift speeds to keep my cruising rpms down to about 1000-1500 rpms, so I will try to keep my engine in 4th gear as much as possible with my Eco tune. The Diablo tuner allows for fine tuning of WOT and normal drive variables.

Last night I really got to test my performance tune on a commute to work, and I must say that it feels like I drive a different Caddy than I had before the tune. I readjusted my shift pressure to +2psi in normal shifting and +5 for tow haul mode with the same reduced -5 seconds shift time in normal and -10 seconds in tow haul mode. The tune feels perfect so far, with no hard shifting. I only need partial throttle to take off the line from a stand-still and it cruises to 40 mph as smooth as butter; no hesitation or lag. I believe that the Diablo tune also removes/adjusts the torque management for up-shifts, hence the better off-line acceleration without needing to floor the gas pedal. The custom section of the tune has a torque management section, but it is not adjustable when using the Diablo performance tune. Diablo FAQ mentions that torque management is already adjusted if using the Diablo performance tune so it can not be adjusted any more under custom.

I love driving my Caddy since I really do not have to floor the gas pedal to cruise around town at all, just a light press of the pedal and I am cruising 40-50 mph. I will also check my average mpg, since it seems like my gas mileage may be better as well since I can easily reach cruising speed without even needing to rev the engine pass 4k rpms(about 3-3.5krpm to reach 40 mph). So it seems like the engine is just making a boat load of torque that just easily propel my Escalade around town without driving like a mad man. However, if I do a WOT pass, watch out because the Caddy will be hitting 70mph in no time. This is how I like it.

I highly recommend the Diablo tuner for a great out-the-box engine tune that can be tweaked as needed. I also recommend keeping the stock adjustable shocks if you do decide to beef up the power in this SUV. My Caddy handles like a large car with the stock adaptive shocks with minor upgrades to the sway-bar bushings and bumpstops, but I do not know if the Caddy will handle the extra power well when swapping out to non-adaptive shocks.