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This is for all males that are having perineum pain related to physical activity. For the younger males, you need to address this pain now (don’t wait until you start having erection problems) and be aware that the medical community is not all well informed in this area. Seek out advise until you have this issue under control. I biked 20 miles a day 20 years ago.

I’ve been down this or a similar road. I end up with a sore perineum that leading to perineum pain and extended penile numbness lasting [for day(s)] if I do not make any physical adjustments to what I am doing. Erections are difficult until the numbness and pain goes away. This is all directly related to extended race biking and exercise over a decade ago. I have had x-rays, MRIs/contrast, prostate biopsy, etc. and went to several MDs (neurosurgeon, sports, urologist, neurologist, and GP). Nothing unusual found. The treatments tend to focus on removing pain (Ibuprofen, gabapentin, etc.) I generally have fully recovery and normal erections when I stop all exercise activity and rest for an extended time. What appears to be happening is that the pain relievers are masking the physically damaging pressures when they are occurring, so when the pain reliever is absent there remains an even greater pain with penile numbness that lasts even longer. The perineum pain is the precursor to numbness leading to erection problems and lost in interest in sex because you just can’t feel anything correctly. the urologist thought it was low testosterone, but no, it is from the loss of penile feeling. I have watched this pain and numbness progress over many years (decade). I stopped bicycling over a decade ago, and now leg or pressure based exercise (like fitness center weight machines) create the same pain and numbness. I have been successfully using Viagra before exercising allowing me to identify when I begin to lose feeling in my penis and to change my exercise routine on the fly. This is important because as a biker you never know that you have a numb penis until you get off of the bike, and its too late.

The damage sequence is this during exercise: 1st mild discomfort behind scrotum, then perineum pain, later a frost bite feeling on penis, then complete loss of feeling on penis. The Viagra allows separation from normal exercise muscle pain from the activity that is affecting nerves to the penis so activity adjustment may be made to avoid further pain and numbness, and be ready for sex as usual. If I have no perineum pain or penile numbness I do not need to use Viagra for erections . I hope this helps.

48 yr old male who recently started having a very intense burning and painful sensation in my perineum, testes and penis. Freaking out, I went to an urgent care facility because it was something I’d never experienced before. The doctor put me on 28 days of cipro thinking I had a bacterial infection of the prostate. At 48 I could not believe I’d be having these problems but I dutifully took the poison and my symptoms eased somewhat, but did not totally vanish. The meds were brutal, sometimes I felt like I could not breathe, panic attacks, nausea I mean really bad, made it thru though. but the burning got worse when I finished the antibiotics! I had made an appt with my regular doctor after the initial diagnosis to let her in on what was happening with me. When I saw her 10 days after finishing the cipro, she checked me out, (Prostate) just fine, nothing abnormal and said she thought I had a yeast infection, never had one before! What do I know about yeast infection? She gave me Nystatin cream and it went away in 3 days. The first doc at the urgent care had me convinced this was the way it was going to be for the rest of my life pain ,maybe prostate cancer, I didn’t sleep for more than a month because i just thought my prostate would have to be removed some day… just goes to show ya…get a second opinion. After all that…Nuts eh?

The first time I was aware of it was when I jumped down from a low wall as in the original post. I think I might have jumped down from something once since but have avoinded doing so thereafter as the pain was so excruciating on each occasion albeit short lived.

I occasionally experience nearly as intense pain randomly every once in while for a few seconds whilst urinating during which I can barely remain standing which has caused several misses I’m afraid to report! Sorry for the gorry details but I just want to make sure I give an accurate account for people to be able to compare symptoms.

I can also occasionally feel an ever so slight amount of pain when I sneeze as some others have commented and I think it has worsened slightly over the years as I now find it too uncomfortable to ride a bicycle and even certain hard chairs are not too comfortable although bearable.

Thank you Unifier for your suggestion, I had not thought of a hernia. Although wouldn’t it be quite painful most of time when moving about (which is not my case)? I also haven’t noticed any abnormalities like holes etc… I’ll report any new information from my GP and any test results.

I have also suffered with this pain for 10 years. I think it started when I pinched my cyatic(sp?) nerve when I fell down the stairs. I was unable to walk for over a week, and had severe back pain for months after that. Around that time, i started experiencing severe discomfort and a constant need to urinate as well as a burning sensation in my genitals/scrotum, and lower back pain. I also have a lot of tenderness above the genitals on the left side and a slight tenderness in the lower abodmen above that. This pain has caused many sleepless nights and seems to increase with stress, alcohol, caffeine, and anxiety. I have only recently been able to work on the problem as I’ve only had insurance for about 2 years, but in that time, it was determined that I do not have prostatitis, no sexually transmitted diseases, and no bacterial infections. I went to a pain doctor that recently gave me a left trans abdominal block(a nerve block), but it has been 4 days, and I have experienced nothing but more pain, leading me to believe the block was done in the wrong area.