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I have the same issue here, have ended up in the ER twice because I couldn’t breathe deep enough and felt my body shutting down slowly as my legs gave out, chills and sweating at night (not anymore), and constant fatigue. While at the ER, they did an EKG, which came out normal, chest x-ray normal, blood count normal, heart and lungs sound normal. It has been over a month since my first episode and I continue to have breathing electricity projects ks2 difficulty everyday, with some days worse than others (weekends when I’m on feet a lot). I am a 24 yr old female and up until a month ago I have been healthy, upbeat, and active. Now, I feel like I might not live to see tomorrow. I have also recently noticed that the airway is slightly blocked in my left nostril even though I have had no cold/flu symptoms and no mucus, no sniffles just swollen airway and bump on nose. The doc gave me some cortisteroidal nose spray and antihestimines but it’s been a week and gas mask drawing no improvement…On top of this mess I have 4 swollen lymph nodes in the groin that cause me no pain and only remind me that there’s something that’s just not right with how I’ve been feeling…Can anyone shed some light on this?

How has the stress level been in your life, you are at the age one can expect anxiety, or mental issues to develop. I am 30, and male, which is somewhat past the age you would expect to see these things develop and yet I have shortness of breath regularly, with 100 percent O2 on the monitor. It seems from looking around, the most common cause for this is anxiety. Sometimes we have anxiety even when we don’t realize it, it can strike anytime, without being provoked. The good news, anxiety is controllable, and curable. Meds gas x strips instructions may help I am told, but the cure is Cognative Behavior Therapy. Feeling as if you’re going to die, shear terror, etc are common with anxiety, this is not a sign of weakness, but a simple imbalance in brain chemicals and adrenoline. The main thing, is this is not life threatening and you are ok. Once the doc checks you out for other causes, this is something to consider. You are a healthy 24 year old women as you say, so of course check with the doc, but if anxiety is what is thought of as the cause, and your symptoms certainly seem anxiety related, then seek therapy. Oh, also, cognative behavior therapy is not years and years of therapy, it is quick.

I am a 42 year old female and I have every one of these symptoms and my ostat level is always 98-100%. The doctor diagnoised me with COPD (CHRONIC OBSTRUCTION PLUMANARY DISEASE)and ASTHMA. It is very strange that my chest X-rays have always been normal and every doctor has always told me my lungs sound clear. I hurt in my ribs a lot electricity games online free durning the day while I am working but when I lye down it eases off. I feel like I have to keep yawning in order to get enough air into my lungs. I lost my job due to this because of being around chemicals and being shortnrss. I could not get a doctor to release me back to work due to shortness of breathe. Even, breathing treatments never helped me get enough of air. None of the inhalers work, either. I also have a huge swollen lymph nodes in the groin area. I really do not beleive that I have COPD because I never cough and never have a cold. I am in denial of this disorder; I feel like something else is wrong. I have been going to the electricity and magnetism doctor about this ever since 2005. Can any one help, please!!!

I’ve gone through this same thing for over two years now. I’ve been to numerous dr’s- and have had a few that have said it was in my mind or that I was depressed- so on and so forth. I have since also developed an autoimmune disease and fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue as well. No dr. has been able to give me any good answer for what I and apparently many others out here are going through. I was iron deficiency anemic at one point,I’ve also been potassium deficient as well, but both of these things were resolved and the symptoms of breathlessness and tightness in the throat off and on still persists. I’ve also noticed that it appears just before or during menstruation without fail. It happens other times during a month as well sometimes for just a day or two or sometimes for a week or more. I have done much research on my own and have found several interesting things- I don electricity quiz 4th grade’t know at this point if any of them are the cause but it’s worth looking into. I also suffer from headaches and sinus troubles off and on and have read that pollutants in our air can cause infections that irritate our respiratory system. We can also pick up fungal infections without even knowing it which can cause asthma and allergy like symptoms. Many of these pollutants can even cause autoimmune diseases and cancers. These pollutants strip our bodies of oxygen at the cellular level. Most viruses and other toxins that cause illness cannot live in an oxygen rich environment, so thay invade our cells and strip them of oxygen. Your oxygen sats would still be normal on an O2 monitor even if your cells are being depleated of oxygen. I found a really interesting website that discussed all of this in great detail, I wasn’t actually looking for it when I found it I more or less electricity and water ran into it and couldn’t stop reading.

I’m suffering from the same thing everyone else here has been describing. I’m a 19yr female and I’m usual very active. 3 weeks ago I went to hospital with really bad abdominal pain (I suffer from PCOS so I thought it was that) the doctors however completely dismissed me and gave me antibiotics for infections and tablet for IBS even though I didn’t have symptoms of either thing. The day after I went to the hospital I started experiencing chest pains. It is a constant feeling as if someone is trying to crush me and I can’t get enough breath, and a worse a servere stabbing pain. I went to the hospital again today electricity towers health risks and the done an ECG which came out normal, my heart rate was normal, and my blood oxygen levels was around 99%. They also said that my lungs sound fine. I was then asked if I felt anxious, stressed etc and when answered no the doctor clearly didn’t believe me and told me if there was anything that I though of at later date to speak to my GP and to get some blood work done. I’ve been in bed now for 3 weeks+ with no energy, and I’m tired of being made to feel like it is all in my head!