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With virtually every reputable merchant worldwide accepting Visa online payments, it’s the safest, quickest and convenient way for any one-time or recurring payment. Federal bank provides Visa Debit Cards which make it possible to use the Visa Bill Pay system. Currently there are two ways to make payments.

Each time you receive a physical bill, you need to select the biller you wish to pay online, provide payment details and authorize it from your Federal Bank Visa Debit Card. Payment is processed in a secure manner and remitted to the biller along with your bill details. Some biller may also accept part or interim payment. No registration is required in this method, and each time you need to make a payment, you need to select the relevant biller and enter bill details.

To use the Visa Bill Pay – Register and Pay Service, you need to complete a short registration process and enter each billers details just once. You will receive regular email updates informing you of the due dates, so that you don’t miss a payment. Paying, is as simple as logging on and authorizing a payment using your Federal bank Visa Debit Card. Additionally, a payment record is also maintained for all bills paid through this service to enable tracking of payments.

Mutual Fund Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) gives an opportunity to create wealth over long term. Systematic Investment Plan is like a Recurring Deposit wherein the investor needs to remit a fixed amount into a chosen scheme for a predefined period. The advantage of SIP is that there is a lot of flexibility to change all these parameters subsequently also based on any change in our Investment Horizon or our expectations from the schemes.

The compounding refers to the re-investment of income at a rate of return to constantly grow the principal amount year after year. Getting the benefit of the Power of Compounding requires the customer to remain invested for a longer period. Starting early in life and remaining invested focusing on specific goals is the basic mantra of investment.

Suppose a monthly SIP is for Rs 1000 and the fund’s net asset value (NAV) is Rs 10. This will result in 100 units being credited to you. However, next month, on account of volatile market conditions if the fund’s NAV falls to Rs 5, you will get 2,00 units. This will lower your average purchase cost. A SIP helps you to buy more when the stock market is falling and less when it is rising.

A puja committee in South Kolkata that erected the tallest Durga idol in the world last year has come up with the Goddess in her ‘Hajaar Haat’ (one thousand hands) avatar this time. This Puja Committee popular as Deshapriya Park Durgotsav dates back to 1938. It was a time when people were driven by the fire of patriotism, with dreams of independent India and it became a predominant phenomenon in Bengal to organise groups in locales and observe religious activities, creating a platform fostering patriotism and furthering the nation’s struggle for independence. With an uncompromising commitment towards promoting our rich culture, this Samity has been successfully carrying forward a 78 year old glorious legacy of celebrating the occasion. We are proud to be associated with Deshapriya Park Durgotsav as their perfect banking partner, which has established a legacy of presenting something unique every year for which puja revellers eagerly wait. We invite you to make your offerings to the Deshapriya Park Durgotsav through this portal in a swift and easy way. Book Now Donate

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