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It’s easy to see why Cusco is often travellers’ favourite destination in Peru: an Inca city with great heritage, cobbled streets and narrow passages where you can discover something new at every turn… Take yourself back in time, and forget about the passing days. The countryside is lusher and more varied than Lima’s desert-like landscape, and if you head out of the city itself, you’ll realise days upon days can be spent exploring the region and its fertile plains.

• One top choice is the Sacred Valley in the Andean highlands (can be visited on a day trip from Cusco). Here you’ll find colonial villages, such as Pisac (which has a fantastic Sunday market), Ollantaytambo (a quaint Inca village and fortress), and Maras (known for its hillside salt pools, where this mineral is naturally produced).

• Another day trip from Cusco that is becoming very popular is Rainbow Mountain (or Vinicunca), an incredible, colourful striped rock formation (it can also be done as a longer hike to its peak, typically in 6 days). A one day trek includes 15km of walking, 5 to 6 hours up and 4 to 5 hours down. The level is challenging, with elevations between 4,326m and 5,020m.

• Take an overnight bus from La Paz to Uyuni (not with Peru Hop), and see the breath-taking, incredible Salt Flats. Depending on your schedule, you can choose how many days you’d like to go on a 4×4 tour, exploring this strange and beautiful landscape. The most popular options are the 1 and 3 day tours. Tip: Try to go in the rainy season (December to March) to get the most amazing, “mirror-effect” photos!

• Bolivia’s varied landscapes and sweepingly high altitudes make it ideal for hiking and exploring. Some great treks you can do close to the city include: El Choro (3 days; 50km), the famous Huayna Potosi (2-3 days; very difficult!), and for something less hardcore, the Muela del Diablo and Moon Valley area, just a short taxi ride away from La Paz.

Follow their minimum itinerary and you can get from Lima to Cusco in just 6 days, leaving you enough time for Machu Picchu. If you’re even more pushed for time, Peru Hop has shorter passes between Lima and Cusco. “Get to Cusco Quick” and “Get To Lima Quick”can be done in as little as 3 days, just seeing Paracas, Huacachina, Nazca, and Cusco. ITINERARY 2: INTO THE WILD (JUNGLE)

In the rainforest, don’t expect luxury accommodation – set yourself low expectations! Insects, strange jungle noises, cold showers, and little/no electricity (although there may be a power generator which runs for a few hours a day, allowing you to charge your electricals). This basic style of living is completely normal for the locals… It may change the way you think!

Lima’s beaches aren’t Peru’s best, but they provide a quick escape from the city, and you can easily find a surfing school if you go down to the Miraflores Playa Redondo. A short trip along the Costa Verde south will take you to Chorillos, where the crowded Playa Agua Dulce is found. There is also a bustling fish market (Muelle de Pescadores), where you’ll see quaint fishing boats, a plethora of outdoor restaurants, and gangs of pelicans searching out their next meal, great for a photo stop. Alternatively, get a bird’s eye view of the coastline and try paragliding in Miraflores.

• Explore its popular neighbourhoods, the bohemian Barranco where you’ll find romantic colonial mansions and dilapidated but beautiful buildings, and the glamorous, exclusive Miraflores with its malecon, palm-tree filled parks, and chic Larcomar shopping centre. Of course, you can’t miss a trip to the historic centre.

Desperate to get back to the beach already? The chilled surfer town of Huanchaco is just 20 minutes away. Take a bus from Trujillo, which will take you 12km northwest to Huanchaco. Once a quiet fishing village, now a popular spot to visit, this is a surfing town with a seriously mellow vibe.