Peter and cornelius sunday school lesson acts 10 eon gas card top up


This lesson is taken from the story of God revealing to Cornelius a Gentile and to Peter a Jew, His plan to remove barriers that separated Jews and Gentiles. Students will learn how God began to guide Peter to understand His plan to allow Gentiles to receive salvation through faith in Jesus Christ. Even though Peter doesn gas house dance hall’t fully understand he obeys the instructions God gives him. This lesson was prepared for a Sunday School class but can be used for Children’s Church. It can be simplified to teach younger students.

Learning Activity #1: As an activity to teach the memory verse play a game of Snowball Fight . Build a wall with cardboard bricks. Divide class and have students on each side of the wall. (If you have even numbers of boys and girls have girls on one side and boys on the other.) Give each side an equal amount of ‘snowballs’. Before each round of snowball throwing have the students recite the memory verse electricity schoolhouse rock. After each round discuss prejudice with students. Ask what prejudice is. Talk about how throughout history people have shown prejudice toward different groups of people. Allow them to give examples of prejudice. Prejudice hurts people and it was never God’s plan for anyone to look down on another group of people based on race, color, etc. This verse tells us that God shows no favoritism. He doesn’t have a favorite group of people and a less favorite group of people. He tells us in His Word to love our neighbors as ourselves. Neighbors include all people. In our Bible lesson today we are going to hear how Godbegan to remove a barrier of prejudice that His people the Jews held for centuries. Let’s remove this barrier, clean up the snowballs and shake each other’s hands to show that we are no longer fighting against each other but are all on the same team.

Learning Activity #2: Students will be introduced to the Old Testament laws of clean and unclean animals. Have stuffed animals in a large bag/box. Talk to them about how God had special laws for His chosen people the Jews. These laws were to protect His people and also to make them distinct to the Gentile people who gas finder mn worshiped idols (false gods.)

The mystery found throughout the Old Testament is how God was going to prepare His chosen people the Jews to be the ones to introduce the Savior of the world. God began by choosing a man named Abraham and promised him that he would have more descendants (people born in his family) than the stars of the sky. God promised that one day the Savior would be born grade 6 science electricity unit test from one of Abraham’s descendants. God gave His people the Jews laws and rules to follow to help them to live a life that pleases Him. The laws and rules that God gave the Jews were to keep them pure and unique people living in the land. Gentiles are any person who is not a Jew. The Gentiles lived sinful lives and worshiped idols that were not the One True God. God did not want His people to follow the ways of the Gentiles. God’s perfect Savior was going to be born from the Jewish people and they needed to follow and obey God to keep themselves pure and right before Him. We learned one of the many ways Jews were different than the o gastronomico Gentiles was the food that they ate when we played the ‘clean’ and ‘unclean’ game.

As the history of the Bible unfolds God kept His promise to send a Savior. The New Testament teaches us that Jesus is the Promised Savior. A Jewish woman named Mary was His earthly mother. God is His Father. As God had planned Jesus came to save people from their sins. He was the sinless Son of God and was put to death on the cross. He was buried and rose again the third day. His shed blood washes away every sin that makes a person unclean in the sight of God.

When Jesus was on the earth He chose 12 Jewish men to be His disciples. They spent three years following Him and hearing Him teach and perform miracles. One of those men, Judas betrayed Jesus and took his life. After Jesus was raised from the dead the remaining 11 disciples spent forty days with Him as He prepared them for His departure and return to heaven. He told them God was going to send the Promised Holy Spirit who would come to live inside their hearts and give them the power to go into all the world and share the Good News with all people.

Let’s turn in our Bibles to Acts 10:1. Choose volunteers to read electricity distribution vs transmission verses 1-2. What do we learn about this man Cornelius? He lived in Caesarea. He was a centurion of the Italian Regiment (A centurion: A commander in charge of up to 100 men. Regiment: battalion/legion of about 6,000 men. Centurions were chosen because they had noble character.) Cornelius was not a Jew but he lived a life following the example of devout Jewish people. He gave generously to those in need and mp electricity bill payment online jabalpur prayed to God regularly. Although Cornelius modeled his life after righteous living he was not saved. He had not heard the Good News that Jesus died on the cross for His sins.

Let’s read Acts 10:3-6. God created every person that lives on this earth. Even though Cornelius is not a Jew, God heard his prayers ( Psalm 145:18) and saw the good things he did in his life ( Genesis 16:13). Cornelius didn’t have the complete Bible with both the Old Testament and New Testament that he could open and read. The way God spoke to Cornelius was by sending an angel to speak to him while he was in prayer. The angel revealed God’s instructions to Cornelius.

Throughout the history of mankind people have always had prejudices. We would not know this by reading verses 5 and 6 but by studying the x men electricity mutant history of Bible times we learn something about a prejudice that Cornelius may have had. People who used animal furs and hides to create clothes and other items were called tanners. In Biblical times tanners were not well liked by others. They were despised by most people, Jews and Gentiles alike.

As Cornelius’ messengers are heading to Joppa, Luke (the author of Acts) turns our attention to Peter. God was working in Cornelius’ heart and He was also preparing Peter for his meeting with a Gentile. Peter a devout Jewish believer was staying in Simon the 4 main gases in the atmosphere tanner’s house. Peter didn’t despise this man because he was a tanner and was willing to stay in his home. The Holy Spirit was changing Peter and beginning to change deeply held prejudices from his heart.

When we spend time each day with God do we take time to think about what God has shown us in the passage we read? Sometimes we have our quiet times like it’s a chore and we pray and read and close our Bibles to move on to the next chore of our day. Our quiet time is spending time with God as we would our friends. We need to use that time to talk to God and listen to Him. We need to listen to God by taking time to think about what we read in God’s Word so we can understand what He is saying to us.

When Peter was thinking about the vision God gave him Cornelius’ men arrived at the gate where Peter youtube gas pedal was staying. The Holy Spirit told Peter that 3 men were looking for him and that he needed to go see them immediately. Peter obeyed and went to greet the three men and told them he was the man they were looking for. He asked them why they had come. Let’s read what their response to Peter was in Acts 10:22.

As we close let’s think about what this lesson means to us? Do we see others as God does? He doesn’t look at people the same way as we do. He doesn’t like people or not like them based on their skin color, size or where they live. ( 1 Samuel 16:7) God sees the heart of every man, woman, boy and girl. He sees whether they are believers or unbelievers. Believers are clean in God’s sight because they have believed by faith that Jesus’ blood cleansed them from all sin. Unbelievers are people who have not put their faith in Jesus and their sin makes them unclean in God’s sight and separates them types of electricity tariff from Him.

If you and I are believers we need to adjust the way we see others to the way God does. “For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.” John 3:16 If we see people the way God does we will be praying for the people we know and meet who do not yet believe in Jesus. The Holy Spirit living in our hearts will enable us to love all people and be an example of how to live a life that pleases Jesus.