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Memory Verse Activity: Have slips of paper with the words of the verse on one side. Ask the students to think of difficult situations that seem like they are never going to change. As they share different circumstances have them write it on the back of one of the slips of the Memory Verse. After having all the impossible circumstances mentioned and written down create a paper chain putting the verse in the correct order. Recite the verse a few times. Have the students pick up a section of the paper chain. As they recite the verse this time when they get to the phrase ‘with God all things are possible’ have them break the chain. After this activity have the students move to the area where the Bible lesson is taught. Bible Lesson: The Church prays and God miraculously delivers Peter from prison

This is a guide to teach the Bible Lesson. Each class has unique needs and r gas constant the students are in different places with their Biblical understanding. For example in our current class of 4th graders we have a student with a deep understanding of Biblical concepts. A few weeks ago a child raised her hand and said “It’s sad that the people that God gave His promises to were the ones who crucified Jesus.” This statement was amazing cheapest gas in texas because the lesson was about Cornelius’ and Peter’s vision and explanation for why the Jews didn’t associate with Gentiles was being discussed. The challenge of teaching is not assuming the students understand all the concepts you are teaching and teaching so those who do have understanding can continue to grow and not grow bored. Through the enabling of the Holy Spirit we can teach with confidence knowing God knows where each student is with their Biblical understanding.

God was at work and the Good news was being spread into many different places. More and more people were being saved because now even the Gentiles were believing in Jesus and receiving the Holy Spirit. Whenever God is working His enemy Satan isn’t happy. He doesn’t want people to hear the Good News and be saved from their sins. Satan uses whatever tool he can to try to stop God’s work.

There were some Jewish people who heard of this news about the Gentiles being accepted into God’s family and they didn’t like it. Does anyone want to guess who these people might be? The Pharisees and Sadducees/or Jewish religious leaders didn’t like this news at all. It went against their laws. These leaders had not put their faith in God’s promised Savior and were being used by Satan to make life difficult for followers of Jesus.

It is believed that the Pharisees and Sadducees went to King Herod and complained to him about what the followers of Christ were doing. King Herod was a Jew but didn’t believe in Jesus. He decided to make trouble for the apostles in Jerusalem. He arrested James the brother of John and had him killed with a sword. This made the unbelieving Jews very happy. This made Satan happy because he was using the unbelieving Jews to try and stop the spread of the Good News.

Sin darkens a person’s heart causing them to be used as an instrument for God’s enemy. Ephesians 4:17-24 (NKJV) Herod had a sinful heart. How do we know that? When Herod saw how happy the death of James made the j gastroenterol hepatol Jews he decided to have Peter arrested too. Having someone put to death who didn’t break any laws should make a person sad not happy. Herod obviously wasn’t interested in pleasing God because he seemed to find pleasure in pleasing the unbelieving Jews.

Our lesson is about God doing the impossible. Jesus, God’s Son was nailed to a cross for the sins of the world. He was buried and three days later God raised Him from the dead. Every person who believes by faith that Jesus died in their place has every sin forgiven and are given eternal life. It was impossible for man to be saved in his/her own strength but with God all things are possible!

When Herod arrested Peter perhaps he heard about the miraculous deliverance from prison that we learned electricity song about in Acts 5:17-25. We don’t know for sure but Herod was doing everything in his power to make sure Peter didn’t get out by having him heavily guarded with four squads of four soldiers each. Each squad guarded Peter for 3 hours and then another squad would take their place. From a human’s perspective it looked like there would be no way Peter could ever get out of prison with that many guards. But remember what is impossible to man is possible with God!

These were difficult times for these believers. James was killed by Herod. Even though they knew James was with Jesus because he believed in Him, it was still sad to lose someone they loved. Now it looked as though Peter was next in line to lose his life. The believers did the only thing they knew would help their difficult situation. They prayed.

As believers are earnestly praying to God in Mark’s home let’s check back in with Peter’s situation. As we look into his prison cell we don’t see a man who is angry with God for being put in prison when he did nothing wrong. Sometimes when we face difficulties instead of trusting that God has good intentions for every thing we face ( Romans 8:28) we get angry at Him. Peter is a good example for anyone facing a difficult situation. Let’s read and see what we find Peter doing. Read Acts 12:6.

It seems like it would be difficult to sleep being chained by two soldiers and knowing that you are facing death but that’s what we find Peter doing. Peter was able to sleep because he believed completely that God could be trusted with his life. He didn’t need to worry about what was or wasn’t going to happen. Worrying only causes a person more harm. Psalm 37:8 He had peace that he belonged to God. Because gas x strips directions he believed in Jesus the Holy Spirit lived in his heart.

This next scene is amazing! As Peter is resting peacefully chained by two soldiers a visitor shows up in his cell. The once dark prison cell is now bursting with light. Because Peter is sleeping so soundly the angel hits him on his side to awaken him. “Quick, get up!” the angel said. The chains that once kept Peter securely bound to the soldiers fall off his wrists duke electric orlando. The angel told Peter to get dressed and put on his sandals. Peter follows the angel but has no idea what is really happening. He thought he was seeing a vision. The angel leads Peter and they walk by two more guards. They come to the iron gate that is closed so no one can enter and no one can leave. Let’s read what this secure gate does in the first part of Acts 12:10. I would like to imagine it was like walking up to those doors at the store and when they sense a person is near they just open up automatically!

As the two walked down the street the angel left Peter. By this time Peter is outside in the cool air and most likely is fully awake and now realizes what miraculous thing has just happened. He ran to the place he knew the believers were gathered and knocked on the door to the outer gate of the house. A servant girl named Rhoda came to the door. She must have wondered who would be knocking at the door at this late hour. Maybe she said, “Who’s there?” and as soon as she heard Peter’s voice she was so excited she ran back into the house without letting Peter in.

Peter puts his finger to his mouth so they will be quiet. He explains to them exactly what happened and how the Lord rescued him out of prison. He told them to share this miracle with the other leaders in the church. Peter knew he could electricity cost per watt not stay because it wouldn’t be long before the news got out that he was missing. He left the believers and went to a different place.

Herod was being used by Satan to stop God’s Word from spreading. God’s word tells us that the wages of sin is death but the Gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord. (Romans 6:23) The last we hear about Herod is that as he gathered to speak to a group of people they all thought he was a god. Let’s read what they said in Acts 12:22.

As believers we will face difficulties. We can be encouraged that if we are trusting God and serving Him, He never leaves us. He may rescue us from the difficulties like the angel took Peter out of prison. If God chooses not to remove us from the difficulties we can trust that He is with us every step of the way and will give us His peace and strength in our difficult situation.