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When it comes to owning a dog you have certain responsibilities, you have to make sure that your dog is healthy, happy and well fed. While owning a dog you will find your dog may have some behaviors that are unacceptable, it could be chewing on your furniture, excessive barking but the one you really need to deal with is aggressive behavior. If your dog is aggressive it could end up harming another animal or a person. You need to get a handle on this behavior now, dealing with an aggressive dog can be frightening let us help you change this behavior. Why are dogs aggressive

There are many reasons that dogs become aggressive but there are typically three reasons for this behavior. Dogs can become aggressive due to fear, they could be protecting their territory or you have a very dominant dog. This doesn’t explain all behaviors but it can help you in dealing with your aggressive dog. Here is a look at aggressive behavior and the why behind it.

A dog who thinks he is leader of the pack will express aggressive behavior. This can be kind of hard to deal with since the dog can be friendly much of the time. These dogs can be playing one minute and ready to bite in the next, this behavior is not limited to strangers either it can happen with family as well. You need to teach your dog its place in the pack order. You must be the pack leader or your dog will rule the house. Fear Based Behavior

Dogs that have been abused can attack out of fear, you can see this in your dog if their ears go back and they tuck in their tails. If you adopt a rescue dog, you may have to deal with this type of behavior. Your dog can be skittish, jumpy and react badly to loud noises. Never praise the dog for this behavior and it is natural to want to soothe the dog when it is afraid. You also don’t want to crate them when they are afraid either. Territorial Behavior

Some dogs feel the need to protect their food and toys and they become very territorial. This can become an issue when they are kids around the dog. They can also view the kids as part of the pack and treat outsiders with aggression. In treating this behavior you don’t taunt the dog nor do you tie it up in one space.

When it comes to dealing with an aggressive dog, some of it can be caused by a lack of socialization. One of the best ways to handle this is to socialize them when they are puppies, you can also work with a trainer to help create a loving and well behaved dog.

A happy pet is a healthy pet, one that has a diet filled with the exact nutrients they need to stay healthy. Pet food needs to cater to your pets unique needs and it will help ensure that they have a long and vibrant life. In today’s market there is no shortage of options when it comes to buying pet food so you shouldn’t have a problem finding the right food. But you will have to consider things like allergies, yes pets get them too, weight, and lifestyle when choosing the right pet food. Dogs and Cats

These are the most common brands of pet food on the market. Because of the popularity of having a dog or cat it will look like you have endless options. You have everything from the dry budget friendly kinds to the high end organic foods that are expensive and need to go in the fridge. You are still going to want to check the labels and look at the ingredients and look for “complete and balanced” it will make sure that there at least the minimum nutritional requirements.

Pets can also be kind of fussy so you might want to try a couple of different foods before finding one that your pet likes and meets their nutritional requirements. Pet food can help with a variety of conditions including, bad bones, shedding, allergies and many other conditions. There are other varieties that are meant for puppies and kittens along with senior pets. If you’re pet has a specific medical condition you might want to check with the vet to see what they recommend. Small Animals

Small or exotic animals like hamsters, guinea pigs or reptiles won’t have the same variety of pet food that dogs and cats do and you may have to go to a pet store rather than picking food up at the grocery store. You still have choices when it comes to providing a healthy diet. You will specific food that caters to their nutritional needs. Check with the pet supply store, the staff tend to be very knowledgeable about what your small pet needs. Emergencies

Any pet can have an emergency that needs quick action, you may need to visit the vet followed up by a trip to the pet store to get what you need. With dogs and cats being the most common pet, pet stores will have everything that you need. You may need special treats to help your pet take medication or specific snacks that help with things like dental problems.