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A Phantom is an extremely powerful enemy, able to knock out Link with only one swipe of its sword. They appear in many varieties, most with different abilities. These enemies are presented in a similar fashion in both Phantom Hourglass and Spirit electricity electricity song Tracks. When a Phantom attacks Link, it forces him to automatically return to the door from which he entered the area, but it will only cost him one heart of his health. Phantoms are nearly indestructible, so naturally, Link must sneak around them rather than attack them head-on. [3] With its strong armor, a Phantom can walk straight through spikes, fire, and even lava without damaging itself. Despite their durability, they can be briefly stunned by being hit in the back, and some weapons and methods are capable of defeating them.

In both of their appearances, Phantoms’ locations can be viewed on Link’s map, along with a cone indicating their gas jockey line of sight. [4] Phantoms follow preset paths, although if they detect Link they will shout threats at him and relentlessly track him down. [5] The Phantom is able to track Link by sound or sight, although it cannot enter or see into Safe Zones. [6] [7] As such, if Link escapes into one, the Phantom will give up on chasing him and return to its patrol.

Phantoms are sometimes aided by subordinate creatures called Phantom Eyes. These enemies fly through corridors, searching for intruders. If they spot Link, they will chase him, letting electricity through wood out a ringing sound to alert Phantoms. If one follows Link too long before he can reach a Safe Zone, it will entangle him and impede his movements to allow the Phantoms to catch him. [8] Because they follow sound, Phantoms will go investigate loud noises, such as explosions set off by Bombs or the clanging of a Sword, but this can be used to Link’s advantage if he needs to trick a Phantom into leaving its post. [9] Phantom Hourglass

Phantoms in Phantom Hourglass are invincible to all weapons barring the Phantom Sword, which was created specifically for defeating them. However, there are two ways to defeat a Phantom without using the Phantom Sword: the first is to push a rolling boulder into the path of a Phantom and crush it, and the second is to continuously cause it to fall into gas tax nj a pit. Phantoms are also able to pick up Small Keys and Force Gems, thus requiring Link to stun or slay them to obtain the treasure. [10]

In Spirit Tracks, Phantoms return as guardians of the Tower of Spirits. While normally these Phantoms will not harm innocent people, they are corrupted by evil spirits due to the disappearance of the Spirit Tracks. [12] Because of this, they attack Link, thinking he is an intruder. They behave and attack much like the Phantoms in Phantom gasbuddy nj Hourglass, although this time around they cannot be completely defeated. When a Phantom is somehow destroyed, such as if it sinks into sand, it will reappear in its original position.

Phantoms are an important element in Spirit Tracks because, due to having her spirit separated from electricity electricity schoolhouse rock her body, Princess Zelda can possess Phantoms, becoming Phantom Zelda, which is needed to climb higher into the Tower of Spirits. To take control of a Phantom, three Tears of Light in the area must be collected beforehand. Link is then required to strike the back of the Phantom with his sword, which stuns the Phantom and allows the princess to take control of it. [13] After she does so, the eyes of the Phantom glow and its armor turns pink. Once the Lokomo Sword is acquired, the Tears of Light are not necessary to power the sword, as it already contains the power necessary to stun the Phantoms. Alternatively, Link can strike the back of a Phantom bp gas prices columbus ohio with an arrow from the Bow of Light to stun it enough to possess it.

When Princess Zelda possesses a Phantom, she can speak to them, through which Link can obtain information about the area that the Phantom patrols. It can provide insight into a Phantom’s everyday life. Evidently, they treat their job like a normal person would treat any other, mentioning things from their day-to-day life like how Bob quit last week, or how the break room is a broom closet.