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"The Wrecked Ship has been shut down by the floating ghost, Phantoon." [5] It drains the power from everything throughout the ship, from the lights to the independent Work Robots, [6] leaving everything dark and inoperable. gas near me app It does this in order to fuel its strength and satiate its gluttony. [3] As a side effect, Coverns have joined Phantoon’s presence in the dark ship, condemned to roam their former mode of transportation.

It uses its phantom eyes in two ways: shedding a few from its mouth like tears that bounce along the ground and creating waves of different patterns (circular burst, stalagtite style, crescent). However, phantom eyes can either be destroyed for ammunition or simply jumped through using the Charge Attack, making even the faster phantom eyes easy to dodge.

Phantoon’s first ability, intangibility, will be the entire theme of his fight. With its eye closed, it detaches itself from the physical realm, and only when its eye is open can Phantoon be hurt. Whenever the creature gains a physical presence, it can harm Samus on contact. It will float around with intangibility and drop phantom eyes that bounce along the ground. When Phantoon finally opens its eye, it will create a circular wave of phantom eyes. electricity trading It may return to this pattern or suddenly vanish from sight.

Its invisibility is used often as well. After opening its eye, it will disappear, damaged or not giving Samus little time to damage it. It may either float around while invisible to spawn bouncing phantom eyes or suddenly appear with its eye open and create a wave of stalagtite phantom eyes. While unnecessary, Phantoon can be tracked with the X-Ray Scope.

When damaged by Missiles or a charged shot from the Ice Beam, Phantoon will behave normally. electricity kwh calculator However, disabling the Ice Beam will not make the ghost disappear but instead cause it to return to floating around erratically with its eye wide open and its gaze locked on Samus, attempting to ram her. On the opposite spectrum, Super Missiles will send Phantoon into a fury. It will vanish and re-appear at the top of the screen and remain intangible for eight crescent waves of phantom eyes at very high speeds. These waves can be dodged by Samus in two different manners: by using the previously mentioned Charge Attack or by using the Morph Ball and sticking to the bottom corners of the room, though she’ll need to be switching from left to right with each corresponding wave.

As Phantoon takes more and more damage, its color will gradually shift from green to a hot red-orange. Upon its defeat, its eye will remain looking in the same direction as it begins to fade in and out rapidly, before a series of small explosions erupt across its body. Finally, Phantoon will begin waving around like its entrance, except wider and more violent until it stretches across the entire screen and dissipates.

As she finally enters the Control Bridge, a massive tentacle suddenly smashes against the reinforced glass and smashes into it again, creating thousands of cracks throughout one spot and breaking off an overhead screen from its support. A gigantic bulbous head rises into view, pulsating visibly and audibly. electricity lessons 4th grade Its double jaw opens, and a piercing red eye leers at Samus.

Phantoon wastes no time in raising its bottom half and creating more dark vortexes, summoning its Rage Hands to deal with Samus. It will continue to wail onto the cracked window panes with both tentacles and summon more in between until it finally smashes through. Alarms start sounding off, oxygen is violently drained from the room, and Samus remains unaffected, her Gravity Feature keeping her feet steady.

After the top three window panes are shattered, Phantoon’s eye becomes obscured by one of its swirling vortexes, only to suddenly peak through it for a moment by extending its eye out on a pherensile eyestalk. It hides its eye again and reaches right, smashing through the lower windows with its tentacle, repeating the process on the left side. The vortex hiding Phantoon’s eye fades, and it unveils the rest of its attacks.

With the windows completely gone, Phantoon sweeps one of its tentacles at a time across the floor in an attempt to hit Samus aside. youtube gas station karaoke It will also begin spawning swirling red vortexes on the ground that when stepped in burst into a pillar of agony. Finally, it will now shoot lasers from its pupil towards Samus in short bursts with little motion.

When Phantoon becomes weak enough, its eye will collapse into the room and become primed for a Lethal Strike, though it is possible for this not to happen at all. By performing a Lethal Strike, Samus will grab onto Phantoon’s eye and hold on as she’s flung around on it, until she finally performs some severe laser eye surgery courtesy of a charged Plasma Beam shot. She jumps off, and Phantoon floats away into space before bursting in a piercing white light and a loud bang.