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The SÚM-group came into being in Reykjavík in the mid- Sixties and remained active well into the 1970s. The group may be regarded as the first consciously disruptive movement in Icelandic art, aiming its barbs at two local trends, landscape painting on the one hand and abstraction on the other. The SÚM artists themselves were a diverse bunch, many of them largely self-taught. SÚM artistic expression is partly borne out of the social and cultural turmoil of the late Fifties and early Sixties, not least the manifold challenges to the moral values of Western culture. A new generation of Icelandic artists was introduced to many of these ideas through Swiss-German artist Dieter Roth, who lived in Iceland for a time.

Gingerbread baking is an indispensable pastime in many Icelandic homes before Christmas. gas in oil causes The artfully decorated gingerbread can be made into all sorts of shapes and colours. Families come together to bake biscuits or make their own gingerbread houses in various shapes and sizes. Christmas is a family time, and most people find that spending time with their children and close relatives is the best and most precious gift they can wish for.

The origins of Bifröst University can be traced back to the Cooperative College which was founded in 1918. Its first headmaster was Jónas of Hrifla, a renowned polician. Today Bifröst University is a diverse university offering students education, knowledge and training in business administration and business jurisprudence, as well as philosophy, economics and political science. In the summer of 1955, the Cooperative College moved to Bifröst in Borgarfjörður where it has been since.

Risto Ratković wrote the first modern novel in Montenegro and is one of the best Montenegrin poets. gas kansas The house of Risto Ratković belongs to the most beautiful type of oriental architecture with its preserved courtyard wall, gate and accompanying facilities. During the reconstruction of 2005, its authentic architecture was preserved and adapted for the organisation of various cultural events. The most important of those are undoubtedly Ratković’s Poetry Evenings, which have been held since 1971 and which have in time become the most important literary event in Montenegro.

In the immediate vicinity of Pljevlja, in the village of Komini, there is a still largely unexplored Roman town whose full name has not been identified with certainty. In the literature, it can be found as Municipium S., and it was populated between the 1st and the 4th century.Archaeological excavations of this site have uncovered a large number of mostly glass objects, the most famous of which is DIATRETA, a glass vessel from the 4th century, consisting of two parts, the inner vessel and the outer cage.

The bridge on the Moštanica is one of the most interesting antique monuments in the Nikšić area. This bridge has stone foundations, while the other parts are made of tufa, which was typical for the Roman bridge construction technique. At one point, the bridge construction bends like a pipe, which gave rise to the story that the Turks called it “The Pipe Bridge” because of this arched curve. gas in michigan The bridge was renovated after World War Two, and recently during 2015 and 2017. Continue reading →

Ilkal Saree (Ilakal Seere) is a traditional form of saree, takes its name from Ilkal town of Bagalkot district in Karnataka State. These sarees have a distinctive pattern and are usually made with variable cotton and pure silk ratios. They are best suited for weather conditions prevailing in the region. Nowadays, Ilkal sarees worn as a fashion statement are getting exported throughout the world.Cover Number KTK/107/2018

“Charaka is an insurance against drought”In 1921 Mahatma Gandhiji while travelling from Bagalkot to Bijapur saw that, in the scorching Sun also women were breaking the stone and crushing into small pieces. Seeing, this Gandhiji felt deeply hurt. Such a bad state should not be there for women. Gandhiji said that popularising the Khadi is the only remedy to stop this.

Canara Girls’ High School, one of the oldest educational institutions in Mangaluru, was founded by Ammembal Subba Rao Pai in 1894.He is also the founder of Canara Bank, now a major nationalised bank in India. hp gas online booking This Special Cover has been released during the Founder’s Day Celebrations to commemorate 125 years of Canara Girls’ High School. Cover Number KTK/88/2018

The Portuguese landed at Bengare, Mangaluru in 1568 AD. They built Fort St. Sebastio (Sabastian) and also a chapel in it, later it came to be known as “Our Lady of the Holy Rosary Church”. The 17th Century Royal emblem of the King of Portugal marking their landing in Mangaluru, is now seen at the entrance of the Cathedral. electricity word search puzzle On April 16, 1850, the church was raised to the status of a Cathedral. Fr. Henry I. Buzzoni S.J, Parish priest and Br. Divo S.J completed the present day magnificent edifice in 1915. Cover Number KTK/105/2018 Continue reading →