Philips norelco 7300 and 7700 electric shaver review – moo review zyklon b gas effects


The lack of the tool was sorely missed. If you read my review of the series 9000 you will know that the retaining ring system was probably my most hated feature of the shaver. And I was not too impressed to see it on the 7000 Series as well.

You have to be REALLY careful that you have the retaining ring in the correct location before twisting it back to it’s locked position, otherwise, this tag scrapes along the wall of the shaver head and could potentially shear right off (it is flimsy plastic after all).

Who knew 3 small blue rings is all it takes to make a rotary shaver glide across your face, even when dry! I have to commend Philips on this, but I do have to question why it is missing on all their other shavers. It is likely it does effect the closeness of the shave.

Now many experts say that rotary shavers have a habit of yanking out your hairs because of the circular motion used. While this is true of cheaper shavers, we found that this shaver would not pull at all (unless you let your beard hairs get too long. Trim those suckers first).

The shaver works just as well dry as it does wet. If you are looking for the most comfortable rotary shave you will ever experience then I highly recommend going wet. The extra lubrication coupled with the “sensitive head” really worked wonders.

At the end of the day, this is still an expensive shaver. With the price difference between the 7300 and the much more impressive 9300 only $70 MSRP more (and as low as $30 difference when on sale), you should definitely think twice if considering this shaver.

Appreciate the very fast response, sir. I got a Braun Series 3 when I was 19 and had thin facial hair so it was perfect. The head was shot after two years though so instead of buying a replacement, I got a Norelco 2100 for $30 at a local drug store. It was great at first but I’m about to turn 23 now and my beard has come in fully. It still works to a degree but my facial hair has thickened out a ton in the past two years, and combined with the heads becoming very dull, it results in a shave that takes as long as a manual razor to get anywhere near smooth and causes a ton of razor burn.

I’m pretty sure the 7300’s and Series 5’s listed for that price were purchased on sale just as you mentioned and the trial period has already expired. I’m confident though that coming from two very poor shavers, I will be satisfied with the results of either. Plus I can always upgrade to RQ12 heads on the 7300 if my understanding is right.

Sorry to keep you but one more question, please. It seems that most people who use a SensoTouch 3D find that the original RQ12 heads with the stubble holes were better than the current RQ12 heads with the “V-Track” blades. Do you have any experience with the original RQ12’s to give an opinion on that? Thanks for the amazing reviews. I’ve read and enjoyed them all.

Haha, I am surprised that you are still brave enough to shave with a 2100 after two years of use (if I understand you correctly). If you wanted test how your 2100 fairs with a new shaver head you can pick one up for around $15 or so, much cheaper than your other options. Although at this age I would hazard a guess to say that the battery may also contributing to the weaker shave.

You can upgrade to the RQ12 heads but the click and connect base will not fit into the handle of the 7300. The top half of the RQ12 (bracket and shaving heads) will fit onto the bottom half of the 7300 shaving unit however, at least on our models. Philips is notorious for patching any compatibility between their models so this may not work in the future.

Regarding the original RQ12s I have personally shaved with them years ago but not for the purpose of a review. Unfortunately, my memory of them is hazy although I do recall being happy with the shaver. That said, while shaving with the newer heads I never had a thought such as “gee, these just are not as good as the old ones”. We questioned a lot of people who were unhappy with the new heads and if I had to speculate based on feedback I would say it is more a case of people not liking change. This is fair enough, if you were used to shaving with one style of shaving head and then a company came along and discontinued it, forcing you to use another without any choice I would be a little discontent too.

You may find yourself perfectly happy with the standard shaving heads on the 8700. Some of our testers were perfectly happy while others preferred the 9000 Series. The 7300 is a HUGE improvement over the recently released 5000 Series though. Shaving is such a personal experience that it can actually come down to not liking a shaver “just because”. Obviously this makes recommending a shaver very difficult and why we have steered clear of outright calling one electric shaver a winner over another (although we are more than happy to point out potential negatives). Hopefully the information we have given helps you make the right choice.

Also, I just had a play around on whether or not you can fit the trimmer in the case. We were wrong. You CAN fit the trimmer head in the travel case if you position it properly. Here’s a picture. Looks like laying the shaver on the side was just the thing needed to make the trimmer head fit. Good catch, I have updated the review accordingly to reflect this. Thanks very much for the heads up!