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I work closely with a Philip Morris Sales Representative since I am in charge of ordering the cigarettes at my job. The actual shelf life of Philip Morris products is one year from the manufacture date. You are correct in the way t gas terengganu you read the date, however shelf life is one year for cartons made in regular facilities (designated by a V, N, W, P before the Julian date). The shelf life of cartons made in a facility using cold storage is extended another 3 months past that (designated by a C or R before the Julian date). If you are really concerned about smoking gas bloating pain stale cigarettes you probably should not be smoking in the first place. My information is coming straight off of a Philip Morris Julian Dates gas emoji meaning Codes sheet and I quote **Julian Date Codes indicate when Philip Morris USA cigarettes were manufactured and whether product is out-of-date. The shelf life of cigarettes is typically 12 months, except it is 15 months for cartons that were placed in cold storage after manufacturing gas turbine. I do not know who you talked to but your information is faulty. My suggestion to you is next time you want to throw a tantrum at the local grocery store about your cigarettes that are 4 months old, you should think twice and mind your own business, suck it up and buy them. Other wise you should probably kick the habit.

I don’t blame gas variables pogil you for not wanting to buy old cigs but it does zero good to blame the store. Most store owners and their employees know nothing about the dates on smokes. In most cases the tobacco rep comes around once a month or so and takes care of the old product found on the shelf, by giving them credit for electricity word search puzzle it, or putting a sticker on it to allow the distributor to replace the carton. They do not take them back unless they are way out of date by over a year, and the store owners only choice is to sell them if they don’t allow them to be returned. As of last spring I think, we were told that most companies will not take them back at all, as in, all sales gas vs electric water heater to the store are final! In turn, all sales to the customer are final a gas has no volume! If you order them, I bring them to the counter for your inspection. If you pay for them they are yours. I will not exchange them or refund your money, THEY ARE YOURS. If we get stuck with a carton of old smokes, we either sell them or lose the 30+ dollars we have invested. This means selling appr. 11-12 cartons without profit. I work at a store that works very hard to keep the freshest possible smokes on the shelf by rotating gas stoichiometry formula the product daily to keep it fresh. Smokes coming from the distributor however, are already 3 months old, and every six months the distributor cleans out the warehouse and sends smokes 6months old or older to us, that they find back in the corner somewhere. We have gas knife no choice but to sell them first and take newer product off the shelf until they’re gone. We are one of the three largest retailers in Missouri according to the rep I talked to, so if we can’t get them any fresher, nobody can. Or maybe because we can sell them so quickly, we get the old ones on purpose. We, the store are told that they grade 9 electricity test are good to be sold for 14 -16 months. So basically, if you don’t like it get the hell out of my store!