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Phiomia’s tusks and trunk make it especially suited to scavenging plantlife from the ground. It uses its tusks to dig up loose plantlife, then uses its stubby trunk to scoop the foliage into its mouth. Adult Phiomia often dig up food for their young, and watching a baby Phiomia attempt to use its trunk can be quite amusing.

While it is completely possible to ride a Phiomia around, they are a meager choice. They work very well, however, as pack-mules. If you feed the Phiomia a stimberry, it serves as a laxative in the creature’s digestive system. Knowing this, tribal communities often keep a herd of these as livestock to produce mass quantities of fertilizer.

Phiomia will run away from the player when attacked. Without any increases in the player’s movement speed stat, he/she will be easily outpaced until the creature thinks it’s safe and stops running. When chasing a Phiomia, it is best to be near rocks or below cliffs, as Phiomia will run into these barriers and be cornered.

A pig-like elephant relative. It mainly comes in black, greys, and muddy brown colors, and it has tusks with a trunk that looks stunted. It can be best described as a very heavily bulky tapir with tusks or a pig with an unconventional appearance.

Phiomias are incapable of fighting back, so any confrontation is strictly one-sided. The Phiomia employs great speed in the battle, able to get away from most players that have a mount. If trapped, ambushed or bitten by powerful mounts, their demise is all but certain.

If the player stands facing diagonally into their shoulder, they should move forward and keep hitting. Moving into their shoulder seems to lock them in place moving opposite you. Use a pick, axe or sword as the pike or spears knock it back, which loses the advantage. Otherwise, try to kill it before it puts distance in between you and it. Another option is using the terrain: Urge it that way so that it will run right to a wall which can`t be climbed. That will work with any skittish dino that can`t fly.

The Phiomia itself cannot harm the player, but beware of other animals. A running Phiomia can sometimes be the only signal that a large animal is running in your direction. Take note of these occurrences especially around areas known to harbor deadly animals. Severely bloodied Phiomias likely suffered run-ins with big animals like a Rex.

• ATV: While it takes a while to level up enough to be viable, during the early game it can be a method of transport. If all points are put into movement speed, it does become decently quick. As a bonus it has a decent swim speed, equal to that of a player with no points in speed. Get a high level and it’ll be able to maintain this speed for a while, with decent weight as well.(Level Speed exclusively)

• Fertilizer: A Phiomia produces more medium dinosaur feces than other domesticated creatures. This makes them ideal animals to have when trying to maximize fertilizer production. Feed them Stimberries and they will produce a very high amount of feces (Level Health and Weight). [2]

• Torpor Tank: Having a high torpor for something their size, they can serve as a tank in the early-game for taking on either the tranquilizing dinos of the swamp, or for distracting a scorpion or spider while the owner takes care of the threat. (Level up Health)