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There were a lot of very technical talks at Hackaday Belgrade. Grade 6 electricity quiz That’s no surprise, this is Hackaday after all. C gastritis im antrum But every once in a while it’s good to lift our heads up from the bench, blow away some of the solder smoke, and remind ourselves of the reason that we’re working on the next cool project. Grade 9 static electricity quiz Try to take in the big picture. O gastronomo Why are you hacking?

[Phoenix Perry] raised a lot of big-think points in her talk, and she’s definitely hacking in order to bring more women into the field and make the creation of technology more accessible to everyone. Gas in texas Lofty goals, and not a project that’s going to be finished up this weekend. Electricity vampires But if you’re going to make a positive difference in the world through what you love to do, it’s good to dream big and keep the large goal on your mind.

[Phoenix] is an engineer by training, game-coder by avocation, and a teacher for all the right reasons. Electricity and magnetism ppt She’s led a number of great workshops around the intersection of art and technology: from physical controllers for self-coded games to interactive music synthesis devices disguised as room-sized geodesic domes. Electricity production in china And she is the founder of the Code Liberation Foundation, a foundation aimed at teaching women technology through game coding. Electricity dance moms full episode On one hand, she’s a hacker, but on the other she’s got her eyes on a larger social goal.

Particularly appropriate for a talk in Belgrade, [Phoenix] opened up with competing conceptions of the role of technology in the world. Gas appliance manufacturers association On one side is Nikola Tesla who had a radical vision for how technology should be integrated into society; it should be free, open, for the benefit of all. Gas prices going up 2016 On the other side are people who seek to limit and capitalize on technology — making as much money for themselves as possible. Electricity generation by source [Phoenix] puts up J. Gas in oil pressure washer P. Origin electricity login Morgan as the bad guy here, contrasting Tesla’s dream of free energy for everyone with Morgan’s plans to get super-rich by monopolizing access to electricity and gas. British gas jokes She asks if we think technology should improve people’s lives or if it is just a means to make money.

Related, but not exactly the same idea, is the question of whether technological progress is limited or limitless. Power vocabulary words Are good ideas, developed and implemented, really a scarce commodity to be hoarded and milked for all they’re worth, or does the sharing of ideas lead to more ideas in a virtuous cycle? Even if the truth lies between these extremes, it’s worth stepping back and looking at how the incentives in our societies work against technological progress. Y gasset Governments enforce intellectual monopolies on ideas through the granting of intellectual property rights, and firms operate with the only objective of maximizing profit or shareholder value. 5 gases that come from car emissions In this environment, it’s an uphill battle for the technological rebel. Gas in back shoulder Barriers

[Phoenix] sees a schism between the makers and the technicians, and worries about what this is going to mean for technology. Power definition physics electricity On the one hand you have the “Maker Movement”, which is basically white, male, and rich. Electricity test physics She cited research into the cover of Make Magazine, and over nine years and 39 covers, 85% of the people on the cover are male, 15% of them are female, and 100% of them are white. Electricity in india voltage Make‘s readership is also at the top of the income distribution. Gas near me now (Full disclosure: Hackaday’s audience, according to the analytics anyway, is even more male and although we’ve got a lot of student readers, those of you engineers out there with decent-paying jobs are bringing up our average salary as well.)

Her point is that there’s almost certainly other people out there — people who aren’t rich, not necessarily white or male — who are also tech hackers. Gas pump emoji Why aren’t they getting publicity, “movements”, or good jobs? [Phoenix] points out that a lot of these other people are on the assembly lines actually producing the technology: under-educated, often underpaid, and sometimes even skewing female.

[Phoenix] thinks that they’re being held back by economic and educational barriers. Gas in oil tank As the cost of higher education becomes more and more expensive, it limits the number (and type) of people that we have making technology. Npower electricity meter reading The share of tech jobs in the economy is on the rise, but at the same time the percentage of women in computing is falling. Electricity per kwh calculator Why? As the cost of college tuition is skyrocketing, it certainly limits the prospects of someone whose parents don’t have a few hundred thousand dollars sitting around, or who is not willing to go that far into debt. K electric share price forecast What to Do?

On the other side, we see the rise of “alternative STEM education” — the self-taughts and the people teaching each other for free. Power outage houston zip code The ready availability of information shared on the Internet and through hackerspaces can be a powerful antidote to the exclusivity of expensive higher education. Electricity origin [Phoenix] asks us to look out for other barriers to bringing everyone along on the quest for new technology, and think of ways to work around them.

But all of the alternative education in the world won’t help if employers aren’t hiring these people, and if the workplace is biased against them. Electricity in water [Phoenix] claims that this next step is a cultural barrier, and that what’s needed is therefore a cultural change. Electricity word search She makes a list of ten things to change in our (work) culture. Electricity experiments for preschoolers As with alternative education, we see a lot of these points being addressed, from codes of conduct in our hackerspaces to a de-emphasis of formal training over practical experience in coding.

But then she turns to the kind of projects that we make, and asks if they’re “deeply” accessible. Electricity and magnetism review That is, does it make it easier for people to modify and build with the technology that it embodies, or does it hide things about what’s really going on. Electricity bill nye Do the things we build help bring others into the field? We think that’s an interesting additional angle to view our hacks from, and certainly a noble goal.

And so why do we care about any of this? Because [Phoenix] thinks that technological ideas are like genes, and the sum of them that are shared are like our collective gene pool. O goshi The more variety that we’ve got in the gene pool, the better off we all are — the more kooky ideas that brush up against each other and make the next big thing.

That’s something that we can really get behind here at Hackaday. Electricity outage houston We try to see the best side of every project we post, and summarize the aspects that we think are most likely to inspire you. Gas vs electric stove We definitely lean toward [Phoenix] and Tesla’s view of the role of technology in human society — that technology should enrich our lives and that we do it best as a community working together, and that means sharing rather than hoarding ideas.

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I’m currently a 24 year old female thats been trying to get into electronics for about 10 years. Gas news today Not only have I grown up in poverty and within a non STEM supporting household, I’ve been trying to find my own way. C gastritis der antrumschleimhaut My parents weren’t in any STEM field, and although my uncles and older cousins were old school hackers from the 80s, no one took the time to show me anything even though I presented my interest with thoughtful questions.

I tried joining many early maker spaces in my city, but couldn’t afford the price as I could barely afford food and transit to my high school. Static electricity review worksheet I tried asking for an electronics course, but my teachers were under funded. Gas stations in texas And I certainly tried teaching myself, but ran into some REALLY uncomfortable barriers such as sexual harassment and abuse while trying to find a mentor who would help me build projects (at the age of 16, and these people were like 40 years old).

So instead I turned to arts and product design. E85 gas stations colorado And 10 years later, I have all the supplies and resources I need to build robots, and make cool shit happen. Gas approximation But I’m behind. Mafia 2 gas meter Very behind the peers that had the resources, support, and inclusion in the culture of electronics.

Electronics are expensive, mentors are hard to find, and although I had a cool hacker uncle that would occasionally show me things… I wasn’t allowed to touch his stuff. 1 unit electricity cost in gujarat So I’m sorry if you haven’t found these women or ‘POC’s into electronics but we exist.

I don’t think anything I said was ignorant or ass racist, I was simply sharing my experience of the system here. Electricity reading comprehension If a woman or a black wants to do electronics/programming/stem then honestly i couldn’t care less, just like i don’t care what anyone does because its up to them to do what they want, its none of my business.

bl1 below makes a good point, the universities here are similar in that the government will fund further education for nationals however the university turns away a large number of national students in favor of foreign students because they can charge the foreign government more money. P gaskell Most of the students on these schemes don’t know enough english to follow the course but business is business.

The story of the 24 y/o above suffering harassment and abuse is certainly worrying but I fell sorry for them mostly, if you have access to a library (or the internet but to a lesser extent) then you could probably do without a mentor. C gastronomie brignais When i was at school I was the only student signed up for Technology to learn electronics formally, They couldn’t give me a teacher and classroom to myself so I sat at the back of another class and worked through the notes and exercises by myself. Gas kansas My family couldn’t afford a computer, i didn’t have internet so i walked 10 round trip to the nearest library and spent my weekends reading books about programming without ever touching a computer. Gas efficient cars 2015 Why do you feel you need someone to mentor you, you can’t learn things by yourself? You can’t find things that interest you and do them by yourself? You can’t just look things up when you get stuck? If you are getting into it now and enjoying it then good for you.