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Camden County Emergency Management Director Ron Gentry reported several trees downed by high winds in Osage Beach, Camdenton, Sunrise Beach and Climax Springs. “The Osage Beach Police Department also reported damage to homes and billboards,” Gentry said. Multiple trees were toppled at and near the Sycamore Creek Golf Course in Osage Beach, with some falling on the roof of structures. Electricity was also knocked out due to downed power lines in multiple locations.

In Osage Beach, vendors at the Osage Beach Farmers Market were caught by surprise. Watching the weather radar, vendors began tearing down their booths early and preparing to leave, but the powerful storm swept through suddenly, before many had pulled down their pop-up canopies. Those tents were destroyed, as vendors clung to them desperately amid pouring rain, trying to keep them from blowing away into the parking lot and damaging vehicles. The vendors were soaked, and many tents were destroyed, but no one was injured.

“I have lived in Missouri my entire life I have never been that scared. We were in the garage because it started raining so hard. The sound of debris pelting our metal building was deafening, so we were walking over to the office. Bobby said, ‘Oh my God Debbie, look at the trees.’ They were all swirling in opposite directions. I looked up and yelled at Bobby, Look! there are rotations going in five different directions! A tail dropped out of the clouds. We both spun around and ducked at the same time and ran into the bath room. When we turned around we saw the front door swelling and that is when a window exploded.” The power went out and they sat in darkness. “We couldn’t move, or we would trip over stuff. We stayed there until the storm stopped. I was in shock.” They looked outside and found broken flower pots, ripped guttering, downed trees and a bent sign. “It came fast and lasted about five minutes. I realized today we really had no safe place to go. We are thankful to be alive.” Their power was restored about 9:45 p.m.

Also, in Climax Springs, two trees by Look Out Tower on Highway 7 were toppled, along with residential structures damaged by downed limbs, trees and high winds at the Leas Trailer Park, also on Highway 7. “All of the damage was along a straight line that perfectly followed Highway 7,” Phillips said. “I didn’t expect this storm to be quite what it was. I did see rotation in Greenview and Camdenton on the way to spot. However, the NWS has not confirmed any tornadic activity with these weather events.”

Sunrise Beach Fire Protection District Fire Chief Dennis Reilly reported his crews responded to several emergencies calls due to toppled trees. One response was to an incident where trees landed on two cars at the end of Route TT, resulting in minor injuries. SBFPD personnel also responded to a home at the end of Purvis Road where a tree fell on a house.

Sunrise Beach Police Chief Jeff Campbell reported several downed trees and limbs that blocked roads in the village, but no injuries or structure damage within Sunrise Beach city limits. Local residents, city employees and Hentges Tree Service removed the trees.

“This storm took us by surprise, there was rain in the forecast, but it did not look that severe,” CCEMD Ron Gentry said. “We barely got into a severe thunderstorm warning, but when we did…it hit hard.” Gentry was out assessing and recording damages on Monday, May 21 and he reported multiple low water crossings that were flooded as back down to normal flow.

Morgan County Emergency Management Director Rick Bias reported multiple trees downed on Route T in Versailles. “With the high winds and ground saturation from the rains, the trees gave way,” Bias said. He also reported road erosion. “We received about three inches of rain over the weekend. As expected in rural areas around the lake, low water crossings flood.” As of 7 a.m. on Monday, there was an inch of water still over Lebanon Lane in Morgan County.

Miller County Sheriff Louie Gregoire reported high winds, hail and rain with multiple trees downed in the south portion of Miller County. One tree fell, and narrowly missed a trailer owned by the Miller County Sheriff’s Department. There were no confirmed reports of injuries or structure damage in Miller County as of Monday.