Pictures of my 1963 falcons electric utility companies in florida


I have been doing a lot of research on these cars and have found everything you can think of to put on either of them. The Beige colored 63 has only 53,000 actual miles on it and in real good shape. I take it out every now and then when we have company and let people ride in a real car. Everyone loves a Falcon that rides in one. As far as the 63 hardtop I am just about to start taking it apart to completely go through it. It has a perfect body with only a spot where the paint has a bubble and it is very small. If I keep the 63 hardtop I am going to put a 200 six cylinder with headers and 3 two barrel cabuators. I have found like I said everything I need to do what ever I want with the car. I have a place to get a custom grill, hood, wheels, brake conversion, carpet, custom dash, interior (which is in good shape as it is) you name it I have found it and everything is new nothing used. What did you have in mind? I have had many people try to buy this car from me but I have thought about it and if I did sell the hardtop I would put the money in the other 63. I won’t do anything to the 63 hardtop until after thanksgiving. It is my plan after that to totally dissemble the car and start my project if things don’t change before I get back.

You will need a dual master cylinder for a manual brake Granada, it will bolt right up and making sure you get the proportioning valve/metering block, and appropriate master cylinder and power brake booster. The trickiest part of the conversion is that you may need to do a little brake line work. Your donor brakes may require different size fittings so cutting and re-flaring may be necessary. This is no big deal, if you use the proper double-flaring tool. Also figure getting a rebuilt master cylinder (use the part from the donor car as a core). Try to find a master with passenger side brake line connections; this will make bending and installing brake lines into your master cylinder easier.

If you’re still banging the drum brake drum, it’s time to update. The SSBC Front Disc Brake Conversion Kit pulls your automobile into the 21st century. These kits come complete and are custom-engineered to transform your ride into a fast-stopping machine. SSBC’s Front Disc Brake Conversion Kit includes calipers, discs and all the hardware needed to dump the drums and put some real stopping power up front. Not only do these disc brakes deliver a more powerful bite than drums, they come complete with show-stopping looks. And, SSBC backs the Front Disc Brake Conversion Kit with a 1-year warranty. Complete list of all SSBC Parts available at: SSBC Parts .

Fitment: All Ford 1961-69, 144/170/200/250 cid. Description: This Offenhouser Triple carburetor adapter is designed as a progressive 3 one barrel carb system. It comes complete with installation kit. Can be used with standard or automatic transmissions. Your log intake will need to be drilled and tapped to fit this Offy intake. Carburetors in the picture are not included with this manifold

Fittment: All Ford 144/170/200/250 cid. Description: Made of cast aluminum, this finned valve cover replaces the stock tin valve cover that constantly leaks from excessive warping due to heat. This valve cover is taller than stock, has a High Gloss Black Powder Coating, and our raised "Clifford 6 = 8" logo to increase the appearance of your engine. Includes valve cover gasket, 3-M glue, bolts, air breather, gromments, oil cap and gluing instructions.

Description: This Ford Falcon part is a NEW manual steering box for the 1960 – 63 Ford Falcon. This manual steering box has a 1 inch sector shaft. Although not pictured, it also has the correct 40 inch steering shaft. The ratio of this box is 19:1

Add timeless style with Billet Specialties new forged 6061-T6 aluminum mirror arms. Forged for ultimate strength, 3-D machined and mirror polished for style. Sold in pairs complete with your choice of round, oval, oblique and 3” or 4” diameter round offset mirror heads. Arms feature multiple mounting holes for a secure fit and can be mounted for top mount or bottom mount applications. Mirror heads feature a stainless steel swivel with a nylon bushing for smooth positive adjustment. Stainless hardware is included.

Description: This Ford Falcon part is the vinyl cloth headliner cut and sewn for an exact fit. The material for the headliner bows is sewn in. Also includes extra material to cover your visors if you are so inclined. Does not include the metal bows. The rear window must be removed to properly replace the headliner. Additional colors are available for additional cost. Please e-mail additional color requests.

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Note: Variable rate rear springs are sold when available. These ride like a standard spring when empty but carry the weight of a heavy duty when loaded. If you wish constant rate springs, please specify. Generally constant rate springs cost more due to not being as popular.

We are going out of town for the holiday so when I get back from Thanksgiving I am going to start the project I will take pictures of each step starting with the first nut and screw I turn. I didn’t give it any thought but this would be something to record for my own records and pleasure. It is going to take some time but then again time is all any of us have when it comes right down to it. When I get back I will contact you and discuss how you want to do this. Sounds like fun and if what I do can help someone else then thats all the better. I am getting pretty excited about this and I don’t even have a paint scheme in mind yet but thats down the road aways. I talked to the man who does bead blasting yesterday about blasting the entire car inside and out and now he is excited because out of all the cars he has blasted he doesn’t know a single soul who has ever went through a Falcon. He wants to see how this project comes out himself. There are already a lot of people willing to help in anyway they can so I guess I will go ahead and get started right after thanksgiving.