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Flip Expo is hosted in two halls. In the main hall the free play area, tournament area and kitchen can be found. In the other hall all vendors have their stands. As this is a rather large gymnasium hall, the vendors have plenty space in their booths to display their merchandise. Zpeakaboncks probably had the largest stand. Aside from a huge display of all sorts of pinball parts they also displayed nine relatively new pinball machines: The Wizard of Oz, The Hobbit, Dialed In, Pirates of the Caribbean* (all four by Jersey Jack Pinball, Total Nuclear Annihilation*, Rob Zombie Spookshow International*, The Jetsons* (all by Spooky Pinball), Alien LE (Heighway Pinball) and The Big Lebowski* (Dutch Pinball). JJP was heavily represented with games as also Christian Lienard had a booth with four JJP games and another Dialed In was present in another stand. The games marked with an * were shown for the first time in France and there were constantly people waiting to play them. Of coarse there was also the Olympic Goblin prototype Phenix Pinball, which is made in France.

At the top of the playfield are four rollover lanes named Corrupted Judges. The goal is to collect all four. Unlike the game modes, these rollover lanes reset after every drain, so ideally they must be collected on each ball. The rollover lanes can be moved around with lane change. Each collected rollover lane enables an increased lit score for certain pop bumpers and rollover lanes further down the playfield. What’s interesting about that is that each rollover lane is connected to certain popbumpers or rollover lanes, but when using lane change the lit increased values also move around across the playfield. So in order to collect 1,000 points at the inlane leading to one of the flippers, you have to flip a few times to light up that inlane first. Obviously, when more top rollover lanes are completed, the less lane changing is needed to illuminate a certain lane that the ball is about to roll in to.

As far as game rules, this is about it. There is no multiball or wizard mode. An easy to understand concept, probably fun for kids to get acquainted with pinball. The game is likely intended to be operated in arcades, camping sites and redemption game centers. A ticket dispenser would be recommended to make the game more interesting for such redemption centers. Tickets could be awarded for completing each mode, where the number of tickets awarded increases with each mode. But at the moment such ticket dispenser isn’t part of the game yet as ticket dispensing games are not allowed in France.

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• “Thank you for sending a copy of No. 4. It will be a fun read. Actually, I did read my interview first! I thought it was very smart and professional, the choice of images and their placement throughout the article, to complement the different things that I said, to provide a visual aid to those who may not be familiar with the games that I referenced. Very nice.” – Jay Stafford, IPDB

• The magazine arrived just today. Now, the likely reason this issue took as long as it did to arrive is because it apparently was dropped during unloading upon reaching New York’s air cargo terminal and was simply kicked around and run over several times, before someone realized it was a bit too heavy to sweep into their dustpan and then was forced to actually reach down and pick it up off the tarmac.As luck would have it (and as a testiment to your fantabulous packaging skill) the much anticipated, highly regarded and obviously incredibly valued contents inside remained nearly perfectly unharmed. Bravo! And bravo on another wonderful issue chock full of great content – sure to provide many hours of brain stuffing, eye glazing reading. Many thanks as always!” Cliffy (Passion for Pinball)

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