Planet fitness reviews 2019 tgask


I am going to do my best to dial-back any snobbery that may come out. Overall, I think Planet Fitness does a great job of providing the service they advertise, a judgment-free zone of exercising. If you are looking for an affordable place to go that is generally clean, this might be a good fit for you. Let me be clear…..there gas exchange in the lungs happens by the process of is NOTHING fancy about PF. This is not a club that has towel service or overly-involved attendants. When you are done working out, you wipe your own machine down as a courtesy to the next person. Yes, sometimes there are towels and disinfectant near you but not always. This is the part I am going to try and be delicate with…… PF is a good value and a great experience if you are a no-frills person. If you are looking to socialize with the upper-echelon society, take steam baths electricity basics, have your own personal trainer, or a nutritionist- this probably isn’t the club for you. If you are the type of person who strictly likes to get in/get out exercise, this is the right place for YOU!

When I moved this past year I attempted to cancel my membership. It was the most ridiculous process I’ve ever encountered, including FAFSA. Firstly, you have to cancel in store. At this point, I had moved from the NE to the South and could not go to my original gym. I had to mail a HANDWRITTEN LETTER stating my desire to cancel my membership. It’s 2019. Why on God’s green earth do I need to send something through snail mail instead of contacting customer service or canceling online through my account? After waiting a week I heard nothing. I contacted Planet Fitness and they said I had to CALL TO CONFIRM my cancellation for my membership and seeing as how it had been a few j gastroenterol impact factor days I WOULD NEED TO SEND ANOTHER LETTER AND CONTACT THEM AGAIN. I told them that was absurd and is incredibly inconvenient. At this point my membership had already charged me for another month because my letter was “never received”. I literally ended up closing my bank account to stop them from withdrawing more payments for a membership I wasn’t going to use anymore.

I find Planet Fitness to be a decent gym. Signing up for a membership is easy, I applied online for my black card as my boyfriend accompanies me to the gym and that membership gas in oil tank makes sense for us. However, I cannot comment on the massage/tanning perks you get with the black card as I don’t use those. Applying online was pretty straight forward and I was told I would need to go to PF to finalize everything (getting the ID card plus picture, need for a tour, signing a couple things, free t-shirt, etc). Same procedure when my boyfriend visited as they needed his information in the system too for guest purposes. The employees were nice and easy going and seem to be available to the customers for questions/their needs. I never go beyond the Hello/Goodbye when entering/leaving but everyone has been friendly so far. They provided a schedule listing out their busiest times which so far has been pretty accurate and was good to have on hand to determine our own workout schedule.

The facility itself is pretty clean – I often see the PF employees walking around wiping down machines and vacuuming the floor. Which is great because a lot of times the people using the machines never clean them. Which brings me to the drawback of PF, the etiquette of the gym members, I feel like there could be some more reinforcement with the rules. I often see people doing sets or what they call sets and just walking off to another machine without wiping it down or using an old paper towel that is most electricity facts history likely dried up to clean it off. No one wants to sit in or touch someone else’s sweat, it is not sanitary.Often times, I will get working on a machine near people who know each other or came together and insist on holding loud conversations when they are literally right next to one another – I know the gym is loud but grade 6 electricity unit test I shouldn’t hear you over my headphones especially if I am a row of machines away from you. Dress code seems pretty lax based on what they mention in the rule guidelines, people wearing sandals, girls wearing tight booty shorts, or very skimpy outfits – which most of them have great bodies but it is a gym, you should dress appropriately. I’ve often noticed older men lurking while on machines, oogling the women while working out which can be slightly uncomfortable. I do find it to be a judge free zone, no one has ever been made fun of or mocked or talked down to…at least not that I have seen. You can’t prevent what people are thinking though. For the most part, everyone comes to get a workout in and leaves. I’ve never been in the m gastrocnemius medialis locker rooms so I cannot comment on those.

Can we just start off by saying the word “FITNESS” is in their title yet they promote the complete opposite. I think it’s funny how they always say they are running a special for $10/month yet when it comes down to it, they are ALWAYS running that price. Therefore they have everyone who wants to start to go to a gym (especially one that claims they are a “judgement free zone”) begin here, only to experience the complete opposite. Their locations are ALWAYS over crowded, their staff is usually mingling amongst each other or on their phones or talking about their customers. They never clean the equipment you literally are bound to wait for whatever machine you want to use because they are that crowded. But here’s the best part….they grade 9 electricity unit test claim to be a fitness center promote healthy choices YET FEED their customers pizza donuts on multiple occasions. You can’t make this up people. I don’t recommend anyone to go there unless you are truly that desperate on that tight of a budget. #SorryNotSorry