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Treatment of plantar fibromas varies from mild stretching and physical therapy to supplemental treatment. Stretching prevents buildup of fibers in the foot and lengthens the ones already present to eliminate fibromas. Natural treatments, such as apple cider vinegar, dissolve fibromas to treat the condition as well. What is a Plantar Fibroma?

A plantar fibroma is a nodule or fibrous growth that typically appears in the arch of the foot. The knot is often embedded in the plantar fascia, or the band of tissue that extends from the heel to the toes along the bottom of the foot. Plantar fibromas are typically benign but may cause pain or discomfort. The exact cause of the condition is unknown. Natural Treatment of Tumors on the Foot

Eliminating tumors requires natural dissolution of the growths via supplements and other therapies. Stretching is an effective treatment as is physical therapy. Additionally, supplements, including apple cider vinegar, target the fibers of a plantar fibroma and naturally eliminate the growth. Stretching

As a fibroma is the result of the buildup of tissue, stretching can effectively lengthen tissues to limit the effects of the condition. Stretching also increases the circulation in the foot to facilitate effective cell growth and regulation. Physical Therapy

Supplements and other natural products work to effectively dissolve nodules. Apple cider vinegar applied to the growth naturally breaks down growths and reverses progression of the disorder. Cayenne and other anti-inflammatory substances can also offer relief and treatment.

Plantar fibromatosis is a condition that is characterized by benign tumors on the foot, which can cause pain and discomfort. Effective natural treatments work to eliminate the buildup of fibers and relieve pain associated with the condition.

After using the garlic clove slice, the top part will become like a scab and can be picked off. I’m sorry I don’t remember how long it took. After showering reapply the garlic slice and secure it with a band aid. The extra large band aids with adhesive on all four sides would seem to work the best. I didn’t have those, I used regular band aids by making a cross to secure the garlic clove slice on the wart. Keep reapplying the garlic slice until it is not there anymore or you don’t feel it. Wearing cotton socks is beneficial after the wart is gone because it is important to keep the area dry.

It should be noted a wart on my foot had been burned off about sixty years ago. I just assume wearing flip flops for a couple years during the summer in our garden allowed enough moisture to that area and I could feel the wart coming back. In fact, two seemed to appear side by side but there was no pain and they didn’t appear to be warts but because of the area I’m sure that’s what they were. The garlic slices worked.

Planters Wart and Plantar Fasciitis are NOT the same as Plantar Fibromatosis (aka Ledderhose disease). The latter is not an inflammation or a fungus; it is the growth of a fibrous tumor (benign), is often familial (genetic – I.e. in the DNA [Tasha, take note re your sister]), and does not respond to topical creams or ACV. Luis, peeling away dead skin with ACV affects only the outer layer of skin and will not dissolve the internal tumor fibers. I’ve heard that some people have had success with radiotherapy under certain conditions. Unfortunately, when I got my first fibroma in the arch of my right foot in 1988, by doctor didn’t tell me about the condition nor the risk of surgery. Sure enough, within a few months of surgery I had several more larger tumors on that foot; I’ve had two more surgeries on that foot, including a fasciectomy – but more tumors grew & are still there on the sides. Even as recently as 2005, having held off on surgery on my other foot as long as I could (the entire sole of that foot was one enormous tumor), I finally gave in and saw the doctor who offered no other alternative than surgery (including fasciectomy). A year after that, I have more tumors on the side of that foot. The doctor told me (after the fact) that a skin graft as final step in the surgery minimizes regrowth.

My podiatrist asked if I had anyone in my family with trigger finger, as the above post said this runs in families. It is showing up in my little finger and palms of my hands now. It is also in the tendon down the outside of my legs, I wondered for years what those painful bumps were and no doctor could tell me. My doctor has a compounding pharmacy mix verapamil-anyhydrous gel. I used it 2 – 3 times a day for 3 minutes for probably 3 months. It reduced them enough I was pain free from 2011. My feet were bothering me again. I hated to check again and there is one about the size of a grape and and of course a line of smaller ones. They say you have these if you have Viking blood, gives me a chuckle and my imagination can roam while I rub my feet again. I will rub this in my hands also. All of this in 2011 nearly led to a completely torn achilles tendon as I attempted to do the stretch exercises for planter fascistic, the more I hurt the more I tried to do my stretches. I am thankful for a good doctor who frowns on surgery because of the damage and they come back often with a vengence. I have Arnica cream and pills so I will give them a try until I get more verapamil gel. My doctor is Mark Lambert, Pensacola Foot and Ankle, he is the best!

Fibromas on fascia of feet (Ledderhose aka plantar fibromatosis), hands (Dupuytrens), and penis (Peyronies) are all somewhat related, and are familial. Resist surgical procedures for Ledderhose (on your feet) as long as possible (apply "donuts" around the tumors to alleviate pressure on the tumor), but as the tumor grows and must bear your entire weight, there are currently NO EFFECTIVE TREATMENTS. Ledderhose surgery will spawn more tumors (this is not the case with surgery on Dupuytrens; not sure about Peyronies), so a complete fasciectomy is necessary (the fascia is the "petri dish" on which these tumors grow). Then the tumors will appear on the side of your foot, necessitating care in selecting shoes, but at least they are not weight-bearing or painful. Sad but true … I have these conditions on all four limbs (I’m female, so can skip the Peyronies! ), and several of my known relatives had these fibromas, and now my daughter has Ledderhose – AND she can’t find doctors who know how to treat it!! One actually thought there was fluid and tried to aspirate, and now my daughter has painful masses twice the size as before. Lawsuit …