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So in a story I’m writing humanity has found itself on another planet, its larger than earth but less dense so that the gravity is roughly the same. There gaz 67 sprzedam is a higher concentration of oxygen on this planet and most of it is pretty habitable. However for reasons that are too long to include say there was a group that decided to live in a meteor crater.

The crater is 21 km across and almost a mile deep, its in the arctic region of the planet and outside of the crater is very inhospitable wasteland, freezing cold, solid rock, basically an island the size of Hawaii’s biggest island of barren rock with this crater on it. Inside the crater though is a temperate rainforest (emphasis on temperate, like 50-60 degrees Fahrenheit).

So ignoring logistical problems of getting into a mile deep crater and such, is this a plausible or even possible concept? Could this environment actually exist or are gas vs electric range there problems with it that would make it not as hospitable as I’ve written it? And if there are problems are there any high tech solutions to make it livable? These people have huge amounts of resources and are determined to make it a good place to live.

So its seeming as if the volcano is the big problem. If it was replaced with just a center peak from the craters formation and instead there was a large stable magma pocket pretty far under it that vented out to the edges of the island would that solve it? That way there would be no gas released directly into the crater and the fracture lines from the impact crater would serve very well for geysers and springs that went down towards the magma ogasco abu dhabi pocket to heat water. These people are advanced enough to engineer tunnels and pumps for venting excess magma while letting enough stay to keep the pressure up and the pocket from collapsing and forming a caldera.

As for the acid rain as its in an actic region and if the gas and magma electricity test physics were vented outside of the crater i know there might be an influx of air towards the updraft of air made by the heat from the crater. However would the rain fall before reaching the crater? The air outside is cold which would let the water vapor condense faster and the island is pretty big, about 150 km across. So would gas problem in babies the acid rain fall mostly on the wasteland outside the crater? The mixing of warm and cold air tends to make storms i know at least and so there would likely be storms around where the magma met the ocean constantly maybe dumping the acid rain immediately? Leaving the humid air rising from the crater and the cold air from outside making it rain and storm a lot above the crater but with mostly clean water.

I see, well the atmosphere on the planet is actually supposed to be a little bit denser than earth (A major part of the story is based on large hovercraft). I would consider making it deeper anyway but the deepest craters on the moon are at max 3.7 miles (6 km) and this is an active planet and the crater is in basalt, not in loose dirt on the moon and craters on earth rarely stay over half a mile deep from what I’ve researched. So a mile is pushing it anyway, deeper gas stoichiometry is not really scientifically possible (from my limited research, i may be wrong) unless i want to step the size up to more than a few hundred gastric sleeve scars km. At which point I think it might be impossible to insulate like that unless i do drop the atmosphere to nothing.

And yes the rest of the world needs to be openly populated with vegetation and life so that’s not quite possible. The rest of the world is basically a larger earth with some native life and a lot of earth life that was engineered to thrive there (humans have been on the planet about 300 years, about 2 billion at this point so it’s been modified to their liking a lot), a sightly higher oxygen content and lots of rain. Its only that this region is arctic and desolate that its mostly uninhabitable.

That is actually a really good idea! The mountain would have to be unbelievably massive even if I shrunk the crater but if it was a tall, wide volcanic mountain like Mons Olympus that would actually work well and be a good massive island. This would also lend well to how the crater is supposed to be very defendable as the main method of transport are the hovercraft and that high up they won’t work very well arkla gas phone number.

The meteor impact would have probably collapsed most of the magma pocket under the volcano, making it extinct, but maybe there’s a little pocket left that can heat the gaston y daniela water in the geysers and springs. The water getting there is an interesting problem but with what vents for gas and what magma there is being forced though cracks in the bottom the toxic gasses wouldn’t be able to return to the crater in any way at least. Maybe the water for the vapor blanket actually enters at the bottom and as its heated works its way up through all the cracks from the impact to the top of the mountain.

The crater is more a headquarters for a group that’s active across the planet than a separate people gas leak explosion, people from all the factions would be there and while there would be a city and most of the peoples homes would be there, the crater dwellers would likely be spending lots of time in all sorts of environments so I’m not sure that they would adapt to the extent of the Tibetan people. Probably to a personal level of just getting used to it instead of genetically.

The spiritual idea is interesting, it’s likely there would be more spiritual people there both as a result of the natural beauty and as a result of the groups work, (they help and protect 9gag wiki people without asking for anything, both with recovery aid from natural disaster and military aid if some of the wildlife (or other humans) get too aggressive. That is the short answer to what they do.) I will have to look further into that and see what I come up with.

Glad to help. To me the novel is a sublime art form that announced the information age and should survive. Novels describe o gastronomo the human experience as even the most abstruse science fiction characters spring from a human mind, or our creations. Your meteor crater premise, though scientifically, plausible needs tension to develop characters and plot.

Consider criteria for joining the high mountain society. Oldest and wisest? Then the ‘young turks’ constantly scheme and plot to rise in status. Tallest and most visually pleasing? Intelligence and education? Celebrity and name recognition? All create tension and give the less powerful incentive to rise in their society. Perhaps religions on this world are replaced with height obsessions (giving the author license gas and bloating pain to compare earth theologies with less offense).

Conversely, children enjoy playing ‘crater games’, digging into the clean dirt like inverted sand castles. Teens race their hover craft over the soft sand. Kids wear the colors of their favorite sand racers. Adults ride sedate but powerful lift engines. See this PF thread among several others .