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In comparing a CD played on the Oppo to the lossless rip played on the HTPC, I can’t hear any difference. The Oppo supports playing music from a memory stick in a USB port on the back of the unit, so I thought perhaps hi-rez gas mask tattoo files might sound different. After loading some hi-rez files from HD Tracks onto a memory stick, I plugged that into the Oppo. Playing hi-rez from the Oppo or from the HTPC sounded the same.

I too use an Oppo 203 as my CD source. I have all my HD tracks purchased high rez music and CD rips on 256 gb ssd based USB stick that I plug into the front usb port. I navigate the stick via the iOS media control app. Great solution. I use HDMI to my Anthem MRX-520 which is only used for two channel with my supercharged song towers. I use the analog to my burson audio headphone amp. I also have an Oppo 95 hooked up the same way, but navigating the 95 via an android app on a kindle fire (no iOS app for the 95). I have just finished re ripping all my CDs to ALAC (apple lossless). I usually then us XLD to convert to flac because the 95 will not read ALAC.

The analog of the 203 sounds really good through my burson audio headphone amp electricity hero names and my Sennheiser 800S headphones. It is almost indistinguishable to listening to my 95 the same way via it’s two channel analog. To maximize the quality of the analog outs on the 203 there is a setting for sdif that needs to be set to maximum bit rate. I don’t know why but Oppo claims this will provide the best analog out capability of the unit.

I haven’t tested i gas shares back to back usb vs disc spinning, but they should be indistinguishable. You are getting bit for bit the same thing either way. Disc spinning may be a bit more error prone to a ‘error correction applied’ rip, but I doubt it’s noticeable. Plus Oppo is out of business and I won’t be able to get another one, so I’m inclined to save wear and tear on the loader by doing music playback via usb and saving the mechanical disc spinning for movies. Hopefully this will help make my player last as long as possible. The only music disc I spin are SACDs.

I don’t know which DAC Anthem uses in the MRX 520 but Anthem confirmed that the AVM 60 uses the AKM AK4458NV. That’s the same DAC used in the Oppo 203. Short of implementation differences, the analog outs from the Oppo could sound pretty similar to those of the AVM 60 but that’s just a guess. I need to find time to try the Oppo analog outs for a comparison.

My understanding is the MRX 520 uses the 4458VN DAC as well. I’ve never hooked the Oppo up to the Anthem via analog, just hdmi so I can electricity and circuits’t really compare. The dAC is the 203 sounds very good via the analog to my headphone rig and the combination of the 203 to 520 via hdmi is also very good. Audioholics found the 203 to sound almost as good as the 205 via analog, which is a plus given the 205 has the ESS 9038 PRO dac. The Burson Im using doesn’t have a DAC its just a pure class A headphone amp. It’s the Soloist MKII. So when listening to headphones I’m using the Oppo AKM 4458VN DAC. My Oppo mp electricity bill payment online indore 95 has a ESS 9018 and it’s hard to tell a difference with the AKM 4458VN in my 203 via headphones. It might be a tad smoother, but that is not a blind test. Suffice it to say the analog implementation in the Oppo 203 is quite good.

It’s not even slightly better. But what is better is the experience of just putting a disc in the player, pressing play, and relaxing – and not being tempted to keep changing the song. A better listening experience can make things sound better to you. That subjective experience affects how we humans perceive the audio even though scientific tests would show FLAC to be exactly the same quality. (And any modern DAC is fine.)

Exactly, DonoMan. The usb with all the cd’s going through the Denon is great, don’t get me wrong. Like I said , had been years since I went through the process with a cd. Put in 5, hit random, go about your life around the electricity and magnetism ppt house. What also makes it sound better, I believe, is that you think you got a good deal on the piece. Part of the fun is getting people to pick out a few cd’s to play. They look through the collection, tell stories about certain discs and wow you got that, if they are actually looking at something. Way better than just streaming, or me hitting enter for a track or disc on usb.

For some reason I thought this thread would be about switching from records to cd’s. Interesting though. I have a large collection of cd’s and records too. If anything ever happened to them I would be lost b games unblocked. I have ripped all the cd’s to lossless flac and am in the process of uploading all my music to the cloud. At least I will have that if anything bad happened to my collection, such as a catastrophic fire or something. Anyways I listen to mostly cds these days (I am 48) although I dabbled in records for a while (too much work keeping them clean). I grew up spinning records and never remember having to clean them like I do now-a-days.

I listen to my digital collection on a NUC PC and a Yggydrasil dac to my amp and speakers. Sounds great to me. I rip all my cds with eac to flac and I doubt there is a sound quality difference between that and playing them back from a spinning disc, all things being equal like the dac, etc. I find the convenience of being able to access my library from my couch electricity water analogy without changing discs to be worth the effort to rip them. So that’s my two cents.