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Catalytic converter does gas city indiana weather not handle burn of fuel and it does not directly cause or stop excess fuel to burn.. It can only change the exhaust flow pattern and pressures and then the engine control computer would adjust for the exhaust changes and that computer could adjust to cause more fuel to burn… Also the O2 sensor and airflow sensor does the same.. (Its not in the grammar, its in the details of the message in the story)… Catalytic converter does not stop burn of fuel or cause fuel to burn more. Tampered exhaust flow is what gas x strips ingredients causes the cars engine management computer to sense the new exhaust flow pattern and the computer increases the fuel burn from the engine.

You can reprogramme or replace the engine management module and solve the problem without gas finder near me a catalytic converter… Many car hobbyist here remove their catalytic converters to open the exhaust for better flow and power, and they also install new and programmable engine management modules to manage the engine according to their own specifications..

Another possibility is the factory exhaust configuration with CC, captures enough gas for the O2 sensor or mass airflow sensor to sense.. When that is changed electricity and magnetism study guide 8th grade and flowing too freely, the O2 sensor or mass airflow sensor can read low readings and then send compensation messages to the car computer to send more air and fuel.. That will cause excess fuel burn.. Again, its not the catalytic converter , it is the computer reacting..Yes it can be solved by replacing the CC or it can be solved by replacing the computer or reprogramming it where the source of the real issue is..

Sorry 4 the long break @ 19naia.Thanks 4 all ur inputs. Now My Benz, (description above ) it’s been difficult for mechanics to really determine if the gas mask bong nfl car has ONLY ONE O2 CENSOR Benz or TWO. But Only ONE 02 CENSOR can be seen upstream i.e @ engine manifold. Can’t see d plug for downstream underbody. And can I really do without the CC if I have the O2 CENSOR(S) fixed? Thanks.

If you have been driving your car without the CC already for some time, then just expect the same driving to continue without the CC. O2 sensor is important for engine performance control. The CC being removed can affect exhaust flow and cause the various mass air flow sensors to send altered signals to the cars engine management computer. That can affect performance, but if you z gas ensenada have been driving before like that, then continue if you like. You may never notice the altered performance electricity generation by country of the vehicle anyway if you never tried comparing it with the CC installed. Maybe the computer adjusts and settles the altered reading matter automatically, or maybe not.

If it drives well enough for you with a good O2 sensor and does not seem like it is struggling, then continue. If your car is 4 cylinder, that may be the reason you see only one. All the multiple sensor cars i see, they gas vs electric stove safety have 6 cylinders or more. More air mass requires more sensors, but also sometimes cyclinders may malfunction on one side and that will alter the exhaust flow for one manifold side only..Another reason they put one sensor on each side.

I isolated the battery for test and the battery was good. Finally i started inspecting, touching and shaking various o gastro wires to see which would prove to be loose or cause the car to start normally. We found one at the fuse box and diagnostic plug terminal. The terminal is loose and shaking and when it is shaken, it causes the car to give dead starts or live starts depending on the pull and twist we do to it. Now we know where the problem is and how to shake the wire terminal to get the car to respond. The professinal mechanic was not able to discover that.

Just follow trial and elimination until you eventually discover. You will only result with better knowledge of your machine and detailed inspection of your car’s various systems electricity and magnetism worksheets middle school for confidence in their good working order. Do your O2 sensor first and try it. If not satisfied, try and get a computer diagnostic reading before deciding to redo the CC.

Thanks so much. Though i had done an initial diagnostic scan on d car with loads of report and all sorts, coolant gas laws worksheet chapter 5 answers temp censor, o2 censor, mass air flow too large, trotle position censor etc. I think initial buyer must have left all dis faults unattended to causing The car to burn fuel much with eratic idling and bit shaking engine d cypha electricity. Just wanted to know what am up against as regards the o2 censor and the CC before I initiate repairs. You’ve been of much assistance. I’ll keep u posted as it goes.

Ah yes, you have problems with the car. The fuel is burning much to compensate for air and throttle bad data. The mass air flow can be affected by the lack of CC, but the coolant temperature sensor should be changed, and the throttle sensor should be changed as well to see if that restores the Idling. The shaking may be related to the throttle sensor, but if you never did a major tune up, do that electricity physics test along with replacing the sensors. I would make CC the last item (and single most expensive) on the list if all else fails..

I myself just bought an old toyota sienna ,drives good but needs a lot of work. So i redid all the brakes and front rotors, serviced all fluids and oils, got the code reading to find check engine light issue. It is the O2 sensor temperature monitor. So the sensor works but the temperature momitor on it is failing.. It drives ok like that but i will just keep an eye on it for g gas lol the next round of spending i do for the vehicle..