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Anyway. Another chastising experience yesterday. I wondered when we took the lead if we were getting the flying out the blocks, big response, that was needed after last week. la gas Obviously not. All three of Burton’s goals were free headers from set pieces; that’s pathetic and unforgivable. I have no idea how much preparation for the match was part of the problem but do these players not have any personal or professional pride? Do they not realise how embarrassing it is for them as professional footballers to not be able to deliver the bare minimum on the pitch? It should only take one of the defenders to take responsibility and make sure everybody has a man and sticks to that man, or even the goalkeeper. To let it happen three times (actually it was more than that but they scored from it three times…) is embarrassing.

Maybe we missed Yann Songo’o and that was his job? I tell you two players who wouldn’t have accepted what happened yesterday once nevermind three times; Sonny Bradley and Luke McCormick. What an awful decision not to give Sonny Bradley the wages he wanted. I also wonder the merits of keeping Letheren as back-up goalkeeper over McCormick. gasbuddy nj I can only assume Luke was a leader in the dressing-room; and even though I like Macey, he’s a good keeper who will get better with experience… his command of his area is poor. He isn’t a talker, not yet. We could probably do with a McCormick – a leader, a talker – between the sticks, not only to organise the defence a bit but calm them down when we’re on the ropes.

We need to win on Tuesday night at home to Gillingham, if not Home Park will not be a particularly nice place to be. The players are certainly on the verge of losing the fans for good. I think it’s now likely we’ll be relegated, unless we invest well in January… which isn’t going to happen. If Adams keeps this team up it will be his most impressive achievement at the club. The thing that most worries is the lack of improvement from the opening weeks of the season; it was my hope with games under their belt, a more settled side, we’d start to see ‘the very best’ of some of these players like we’ve seen with many average players in the Adams era. Maybe average is just far too kind a description for a lot of this squad.

Rarely can a club have been so grateful to acquire a new owner and all the right noises were made at the off. grade 9 electricity I’m sure we remember it all just as well as he does. Openness and transparency. A new type of ownership model. Supporters at the heart of the club and the club at the heart of the community and so on. All good. Who could fail to be impressed?

The Mayflower terrace remains derelict, empty and unused. gas upper back pain Hard to pin this one on Brent because it was that way before he arrived. The Grandstand was evolved from being new and free to being smaller and costing the club £6.5m (and counting) and we’re roughly 6 months in since building could have started and next to nothing has been done. Approaching Home Park these days is like approaching some sort of slum.

And the team… Somehow our experienced and successful manager when given an enhanced budget has managed to create the worst team we have seen since… Well since about when Brent arrived. Carey, the team’s talisman, is bereft of confidence, we have a bright prospect in goal and his confidence is being ground down week by week and we quite simply cannot even begin to defend properly.

I felt sorry for the circumstances Sheridan had to operate under. and it’s all relative of course, but he was very unfairly hounded by a fair proportion of the fan-base even though he was probably outperforming the budget (and factor in other circumstances off the pitch) given to him. I fear too many fans are hounding Adams in a similar way; it is of course completely fair to want a change of manager, but how many fans have considered the off-the-pitch and structural circumstances that Adams is probably constrained by? Changing a manager won’t change those circumstances so the likelihood is, unless Hallett changes course from the last seven years, eventually the same fans will end up equally as disappointed with whoever the new guy would be.

Whilst there is no vacancy – and I hope it remains that way – the question of ‘who would be the new guy?’ is as interesting as it is daunting. There really isn’t a realistic out-of-work manager who fits the bill of what is required. Certainly nobody who would be an improvement, especially in the long-term, on Adams. There definitely isn’t a ‘unity candidate’ or an obvious ‘go to guy’. electricity voltage in paris Hopefully it’s not a question that becomes something to worry about in reality, but I imagine tomorrow night could go a long way to deciding that.