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Chennai is witnessing protests over the central governments delay over the appointment of a Cauvery water management board in line with the Supreme Court order from February. The protesters demanded that all IPL matches of the Chennai Super Kings be moved out of Tamilnadu. The protests turned violent outside the Chidambaram Stadium forcing the BCCI to shift all CSK matches to Pune. There’s cricket, there’s Kaveri, there’s politicians and there are snakes. You don’t want to miss a story of the day, the IPL shift of venues from Chennai to Pune.

The 11 th edition of the IPL is now underway. And the cricket is already exciting. Close finishes and lots of big chases in the last overs. You have to hand it to T20 cricket – it makes procrastination look very exciting. 170 runs in 20 overs? No problem. The batsmen score around 100 in 14 overs. Then lose two or three wickets while looking lost. And finally, score 60 runs in 4 overs. 75, if you’re facing Vinay Kumar. 90, if you’re a Chennai batsman facing Vinay Kumar.

Which is pretty much what happened in the last match. But what really made the news were the protests outside the Chidambaram stadium inn Chennai. Wait, what? P Chidambaram named a cricket stadium after himself? That’s pretty brazen, innit? Well, no. The MA Chidambaram stadium is named after the former head of the BCCI M.A. Chidambaram. He was Chidu’s uncle.

Anyway, the situation on the ground…hehe, I love my puns. Honest. The situation on the ground is that Chennai is in the grip of a large, growing protest to force the union government to form a Kaveri Water Management Board. Back in February, the Supreme Court had directed the central government to form a body that will implement equitable water-sharing between Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Puducherry and Kerala by March 29 according to a formula it suggested. Yep, Kerala gets water from the Kaveri too. Bet you didn’t see that coming. Kerala has 3 tributaries that merge into the Kaveri – Pampaar, Bhavani and Kabani. Kerala is entitled to 30 tmcft or thousand million cubic feet of water from the Kaveri.

Anyway, the Supreme Court’s instructions include the setting up of a Kaveri Management Board and a monitoring authority for ensuring timely release of water to the three states. No movement was seen on the management of Kaveri water by the centre. As the deadline of 30 th March went by, the centre filed an appeal in the Supreme Court asking for clarifications on the structure of the body. It cited the elections in Karnataka and sought time beyond 12 May for implementing the scheme.

In Tamil Nadu, political talk of Dravidian unity gave way to a protest over the delay in the instituting of a water management board. Opposition parties in TN led by the DMK began a “Cauvery Rights Retrieval March” near Trichy on 7 th April which will culminate with a public meeting in Cuddalore on 12 th April. Political parties, farmers’ associations, students’ organizations, lawyers, individuals and various other outfits across Tamil Nadu and Puducherry have been protesting over the past week, with road and rail blockades and attempts to lay siege to central government buildings.

The protest gained momentum and soon, politicians and movie stars voiced their support of the protests. There were slogans from some quarters to shift the IPL matches of CSK out of Chennai because, well, a cricket carnival would not gel well with the atmosphere of protests. But, as protesters gathered outside the cricket stadium on the day of the first IPL of the Chennai team against Kolkata, things got out of hand.

The government assembled a security team of 4000 policemen but that didn’t help too much as violence took centre stage. 21 activist of a pro-Tamil political outfit Naam Tamilar Katchi were sent to jail for assaulting policemen. Another political outfit, Tamizhaga Vazhvurimai Katchi or TVK, threatened to let loose snakes in the cricket stadium if IPL matches weren’t shifted put of Chennai. Mercifully, the leader of TVK, Velmurugan, said the snakes will not be poisonous as the intention is not to harm anybody, but to only express angst over the delay in formation of the Cauvery Management Board. Is it just me or does anyone else feel letting loose a bunch of slithering reptiles around a cricket stadium that has even children isn’t a convincing form of protest? More disturbingly, the protesters also assaulted fans of the Chennai team who were wearing the team’s jerseys.

Some protestors even made a few fans take off the team’s trademark yellow t-shirts and burnt them. The t-shirts, I mean, not the fans. Matters came to a head when some members of the audience threw shoes at Chennai player Ravindra Jadeja who was fielding near the boundary. Come on guys, it’s just not cricket. Remember when the Chennai audience earned itself a reputation in that Pakistan series in 1999? 20 years on, that reputation is well and truly buried.

The violence at the protests now seems to have become counterproductive. Rajanikanth – yeah, the man who has Chuck Norris jokes copied and made viral in his name – shared a video clip of the violence and tweeted, “The worst form of violence is the assault on uniformed personnel." This is significant given Rajanikanth’s open support for Tamil Nadu’s stance on the Kaveri water issue.

Anyway, the threats and violence had their desired effect. The BCCI decided to shift all CSK matches out of Chennai. According to various sources, Visakhapatnam was the front-runner among four cities, the other three being Trivandrum, Pune and Rajkot. The BCCI selected Pune as the Chennai team’s home base. The word going around is that Chennai captain MS Dhoni prefers Pune because he knows the ground well. His Pune team did get walloped a fair bit in the last two IPLs. So, he’s back with CSK, the most popular IPL team, to conquer the venue. No, Mumbai Indians fans, your team is not popular outside Mumbai.

I bet fans of Chennai’s arch-rivals, and perpetual bottom-feeders, Bangalore are secretly amused at this. Upper riparian states are such smug snobs. But hey, in all the rancour, let’s take a moment to recognise the man who has tied to heal old wounds. Karnataka’s gift to the Chennai team – the bowler named Vinay Kumar, the gift that keeps giving.The Supreme Court has now given the centre time until May 3 to draft a Cauvery Management Board plan.