Pokemon go is sending players to people’s houses, graveyards and police stations

As Pokemon Go continues to enthrall legions of the franchise’s fans around the world, the popular game is also sending sending players to places they probably would have never set foot in.

Players taking the game’s “gotta catch ’em all” mantra with utmost zealotry are finding themselves at graveyards, police stations and even large bodies of water marked as targets to either catch or fight Pokemon.

“Playing the game is not appropriate in the museum, which is a memorial to the victims of Nazism,” the museum’s communications director told the paper. Electricity of the heart “We are trying to find out if we can get the museum excluded from the game.”

Looks like there’s a PokeStop at the strip club by work. Gas zombies Don’t think this stop was meant for all ages… Electricity examples #PokemonGO pic.twitter.com/PDdLh0gKsa

Players went to the Darwin police station in Australia so much that the force posted a message on Facebook saying they don’t actually have to go inside.

“It’s also a good idea to look up, away from your phone and both ways before crossing the street. Electricity experiments That Sandshrew isn’t going anywhere fast. Gas in oil Stay safe and catch ’em all!”

YouTube user Beware The Flood posted a video showing the game directing him to a cemetery, while Twitter users shared screengrabs of memorials labelled as points in the game.

Boon Sheridan, a designer in the U.S. Electricity lessons for 5th grade saw that his house was labelled as a “gym” in the game, a place where a players’ own Pokemon can duke it out with others.

Here’s what we know about Cryogonal: It’s crystallized water, born in the clouds and turns to vapor when it gets warm. Mp electricity bill pay indore You know, sort of like snow. M gastrocnemius It doesn’t evolve, which makes total sense, because what would weaponized snow become? Hail?

Litwick, the deceptively adorable candle thing you see above, is a lot like those terrifying fish that live in the depths of the ocean. Gas block dimple jig You know, like the one that almost killed Marlin and Dory in “Finding Nemo”? That’s basically what Litwick is. Electricity in costa rica Don’t be distracted by it’s cuteness, because this is a monster that lures people into a false sense of security before it literally sucks the life force from them.

Lampent is the equally terrifying evolution of Litwick. Gasco abu dhabi contact Actually, we’re going to go ahead and say it amps up the creepiness factor. Inert gas definition chemistry As its name and image suggest, it’s a lamp. Gas in babies home remedies A lamp fueled by the souls of dead people — which it gets by hanging around hospitals. Electricity magnetism This seems like a designer looked around the room, pick the first object he saw and made it the most horrible thing in the world.

Why is Chandelure creepy? It’s Lampent and Litwick, but bigger and badder, plus it reminds us of creepy old houses (aka ghost hangouts). Gas bijoux discount code As if that wasn’t terrifying enough, it’s got the added element of fire, which it uses to burn up spirits. Electricity production by state From the Pokedex: “The spirits burned up in its ominous flame lose their way and wander this world forever.”

Ok, Pokemon. Electricity distribution companies It’s stuff like Klink that really makes it look like you’re running out of ideas. Gas quality comparison This is a machine. La gasolina lyrics translation No, scratch that. 9gag instagram videos This is a piece of a machine. Gastric sleeve scars What do you expect us to do with this? Misty’s comin’ at us with a lizard that breathes fire, and you’re like, “Here, throw this gear at it.”

Notice how Klink’s facial expression (expressions?) suggests it’s surprised that it’s expected to fight. Electricity research centre We feel you there, buddy. Gas oil ratio formula We’re having a little trouble wrapping our heads around it, too.

Klingklang would be pretty impressive (proof that spikes make anything more fearsome), if it weren’t for that one dopey face left from it’s original evolution. Gas station car wash Is there any way we can get it to stop looking so surprised?

This … is an ice cream cone. Basic electricity quizlet Has anyone at Nintendo (or Game Freak, the company that creates Pokemon for Nintendo) ever had an ice cream cone before? Do they know how fragile ice cream cones are? How easily they melt? How do they expect this frozen treat to stand up against anything?

Up next in inanimate objects that come to life when given the souls of the innocent: Honedge. Arkansas gas association This bundle of joy is a sentient sword that — you guessed it — is filled with souls. Electricity notes for class 10 See that blue cloth? That sucker wraps around the arm of anyone stupid enough to grab the hilt, and away their life force goes.

As per usual Pokemon logic: What does the one-bladed Honedge evolve into? Two-bladed Doublade. Gas x side effects Double the damage, double the emotional scarring that comes from being terrified by random inanimate objects that will kill you.

As an evolutionary measure (never mind the fact that inanimate objects are evolving), Aegislash has ditched the second sword and opted instead for a shield. Electricity out in one room It’s a sword; its whole purpose is to hit objects like other swords. Electricity word search answer key What does it need a shield for?

We’re pretty sure Luvdisc is supposed to be some sort of fish. M power electricity We’re not scientists, but how does it swim with no fin-like apparatus or tail? And why is it spying on couples enjoying themselves in the ocean? Creepy. Electricity formulas physics Let’s call this what it is and say Pokemon’s designers ran out of fish ideas, so someone just drew a heart.

The Pokedex says these bad boys were found in ancient tombs and are covered in strange markings. Electricity experiments elementary school So, we’re to believe that we should entrust these priceless artifacts of unknown origins to kids? Was all of Indiana Jones’ hard work for nothing?

First things first: If this is the evolution of Bronzor, doesn’t it seem like it skipped a few evolutionary steps? I mean, we went from a disk to a bell with arm-like appendages. Electricity journal It can open portals to other worlds? Seems like a jump.

Now, about the portals. Gas symptoms Again, we’re giving this extraordinary power to children for what can be described only as exotic cockfighting. Gas news of manipur Think about it.

Another powerful Pokemon, Magnemite looks like a random assortment of junk that’s been drawn together by magnetic force. Gas upper back pain It’s almost like the Pokemon designers opened their junk drawers and thought, “Yeah, ok. Gas chamber jokes This works.”

Skill: Dries up moisture in the vicinity, disrupts radio waves, disrupts electricity, can set off a magnetic storm, stops TV sets from displaying properly.

How is this an evolution? This is just three small Pokemon hanging out next to each other. Gas oil ratio calculator This is something that shouldn’t be allowed to happen. Gas near me cheap Look at all the horrible things it causes! No TV? What sort of sick, alternate universe is this?

Aside from a lackluster number of skills, Magnezone’s description in the Pokedex says that it evolved because of exposure from a magnetic field, which altered its molecular composition, changing it from its prior molecule-like shape as Magneton to its more Jetson-esque spaceship shape.

Of all the weird Pokemon on this list, Klefki really takes the cake. Gas x while pregnant It’s a set of keys that hides from you. 5 gas laws It takes ordinary people’s daily struggles and turns them into a Pokemon. Electricity 101 youtube You’ve really outdone yourselves this time, guys.