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This is great journalism. Selling Brillo pads and crack pipes has been going on for years in small town places like Wisconsin Rapids and Wausau, and Green Bay, yet the conservative leadership there doesn’t care because it fuels the "system", the status quo. They want to ‘bring down the hammer’ on ‘bad guys’ in those places, and it has failed every time and created generational crackhead-rednecked poverty. Go to Rapids or Wausau or Green Bay if you want to see the beast. Milwaukee/Waukesha is a whole other monster failure to talk about; but the ‘conservative small town approach’ has failed, and will continue to fail in ‘Sconnie. It’s good to see La Crosse’s paper and law enforcement come up with creative ways to discourage this stuff, like exposing it in the newspaper and providing an opportunity for a community discussion. Right now, the moral line is blurred because of the backwards lawmakers in Madison, and the profiteers in the criminal justice system/hospital/insurance industries. The billboards in La Crosse from the most profitable hospital systems in the world (Gundersen, Mayo) promoting high-cost recovery services are sad, not because the services are bad, but because it basically says "things are OK here how they are, we want your money when you’ve reached the point of no return." Legalize weed, create good paying jobs for the low-class (stop being cheap local conservatives, there’s not a huge difference between 5 million in the bank, and 50) buckle down on binge drinking (a bigger epidemic than anything else), provide aggressive assistance to poor single-parent families and first-time homeowners, hire cops that actually live in the neighborhoods they patrol, and the ‘epidemics’ will be reduced to manageable ‘problems’ in a few months. La Crosse doesn’t need to follow in the footsteps of Wisconsin Rapids, Wausau, and Green Bay, it’s time for new solutions. This remedy could literally happen in a few months, and it sounds like good people are already working on it. Take away the excuses for people to use meth/crack/heroin, basically, don’t depend on ‘the hammer’ of conservative enforcement- that’s already failed in similar regions of the state. It’s good to see the newspaper call out an unethical business selling crack pipes, and its very possible to cut the demand for crackpipes down to functional zero with a few changes to our community’s social policies. La Crosse has the unique ability to RENEW itself even more, because people are sick of the insane commutes to bland suburbs like Holmen and West Salem and La Crescent. Good people with money in Minneapolis/Madison/Chicago see living in La Crosse proper as an opportunity, and would never consider living in it’s lame suburbs. New solutions=new La Crosse=booming city tax revenue. Great article, too bad someone in Green Bay/Wausau/Rapids didn’t take the initiative to do investigative journalism like this.

One can question their motives and morality for knowingly making it easier for people gripped by some of the most awful, soul & body destroying and debilitating addictions known to man to get their fix, but they aren’t doing anything illegal.

Anne Jungen: Up until this story, how many times have you sat in a room with a group of local addicts listening to their painful stories? How many local parents and other family members have you reached out to after the Tribune ran obituaries of their children, moms and dads, brothers and sisters, who’ve succumbed to their addictions? Your pattern of throwing out alarmist headlines to grab eyeballs while presenting stories with a personal bias, little research or facts, no depth or breadth let alone takeaways for readers to mull on and spur further conversation, is exactly why the term "fake news" was coined.

There is an opportunity for the Tribune to present a much wider, in-depth, discussion as to why a local store would be (apparently) successful in packaging a DIY drug kit used to facilitate a person getting plowed (or whatever the correct slang term would be) on some of the most addictive substances known to man. Enough with these "Hello Giggles" equivalent pieces.

This is Chip DeNure aka Buggs Raplin. The ‘war on drugs’ has been an absolute failure from its beginnings in the Nixon administration to the present day. You cannot legislate the public’s need to alter their conscious state without making criminals out of them. We tried this with Prohibition of Alcohol, and that was such a failure, that we soon got rid of it. We now celebrate it at Oktoberfest every year, and, of course, this alcoholic drug advertises extensively during sports events. However, these days other drugs are in the spotlight-coke, meth, heroin, and government is trying to stop their use at the expense of millions of tax dollars that are a total waste-as long as there is money to made, you’ll have drug dealers in your neighborhoods, many with illegal firearms, plying their trade. Arrest them, send them to prison, and others will take their place. It’s the essence of capitalism. These drug dealers are just supplying a product desired by their customers, many of whom are fine upstanding citizens in the community. We’ve entered into a zone of absurdity, but one that is not recognized by law enforcement, whose jobs depend on that absurdity. Legalize all drugs. Do it now. Save billions in taxes for the failed drug war. Take drug dealers and their weapons out of our neighborhoods. Save tremendously on prison costs. You’ll need less probation agents and police officers. It’s not a perfect solution, but we live in an imperfect world. For chrissakes,think of the federal and state, and local dollars that could be put to better use than are being spent in this losing battle. And that is the bottom line, folks -IT’S A LOSING BATTLE-YOU CAN’T WIN IT. IT’S A LOSING BATTLE-Chip DeNure