Politicians conjure power with vulture eggs to win votes; egg costs n1m – n2m – politics – nigeria electricity 3 phase vs single phase

UYO — BIRD scientists have sounded the alarm that the vulture, a scavenging bird of prey, is going out of extinction in Nigeria because of the epic hunt for its eggs by fetish politicians, who allegedly use them to acquire mystical power making charms to win elections.

One of them, an Associate Professor, Department of Forestry and Natural Environmental Management, University of Uyo, UNIUYO, Uyo, Akwa Ibom state, Dr. Edem Eniang, told NDV that vultures were now endangered because some Nigerian politicians use the eggs highly demanded by native doctors for supernatural power and preparation of voodoo to win elections.

“The vulture is a very special bird created by God to serve as a natural vacuum cleaner, they clean-up all available rubbish, but the politicians and favour seekers hunt and pick the eggs of these special creatures for their fetish needs, diminishing their population and not allowing the eggs to be incubated and hatched,” he lamented.

Eniang asserted: “As it is, the existence of the vulture is greatly threatened, as Nigerian politicians hunt desperately for its eggs. The bird is so important that the United Nations set aside the first Saturday of September, every year, as World Vulture Day.”

The environmentalist bewailed, “Today, vultures are disappearing; most people do not even realize the importance of the existence of the vultures. They help us to clean our environment by feeding on death decaying materials and save us from diseases that would have spread around from the decaying materials.”

Explaining the vultures role in the natural cycle, he said:, “Mad persons, who die in our cities or along the highways are allowed to rot away on the surface of the earth, spreading diseases, but God created vultures to protect the environment. God in his wisdom created all things for the purpose of partaking in the ecosystem so that the balance of life will continue.”

According to Eniang: “They sometimes engage community youth to climb very high trees to get the eggs for them. These youth climb Iroko trees in the midnight to pick vulture eggs. They climb at darkest night knowing that the vulture does not see in the night to steal their eggs.

He further said, “Nigerian politicians are too desperate to get power. You do not need juju animism to win an election. Your antecedent and pedigree should pave the way for you, not the eggs of the vulture. Do not depend on the mystical potency of the vulture’s egg”.

Inquiries by NDV showed politicians spend as much as N1.2 million to buy a vulture egg untouched by human hands for spiritual power allegedly embedded in the egg, while the one touched by the human hand costs only N20, 000 in the local market.

It could take a month and more for a hunter to locate the nest of a vulture in the forest and make sure that the vulture had laid eggs before engaging people to climb the tree at night, knowing that vulture does not see in the night to harvest the eggs.

He said the constitution of Nigeria does not restrict any citizen from practicing any specific religion, saying, “We have Christianity, Islam and African Traditional Religion. You can belong to any of the group, you will not have a problem with the constitution.

“Those politicians who go to shrines have their rights. Even in Latin America, they practice Voodooism. Some Nigerian politicians are in Ogboni and other fraternities. Some go as far as to India to import Hinduism. I know they do some funny things like hypnotism to influence any person or group of persons they want to influence,” he said.