Politicians talk issues at annual chamber of commerce breakfast – indiana, pa – august 13, 2016

Sen. K electric bill statement Don White and Rep. Electricity laws in pakistan Jeff Pyle said the dual tax-shifting proposals, House Bill 76 and Senate Bill 76, remain the best hopes for erasing school property taxes in Pennsylvania.

Along with U.S. Gas in back and chest Rep. Gas stoichiometry worksheet Bill Shuster, the lawmakers gave updates at the annual “Eggs and Issues” program at Indiana Country Club sponsored by the Indiana County Chamber of Commerce.

All Republicans and all running for re-election in their own right this year, White, Pyle and Shuster offered reasons why their party’s abrasive standard-bearer should be elected this fall.

“I don’t like Trump. N gas price He’s not my cup of tea,” and his candidacy “cheapens the process,” Pyle acknowledged. Gas explosion in texas “This is not how you get things done.

“And I think the possibility of Hillary Clinton appointing four justices to the U.S. Gas vs electric oven for baking cakes Supreme Court will have an irreversible effect on the nation for my lifetime.”

Clinton, the Democratic candidate, wouldn’t be a good president for the 41st Senate District, an area White called the energy capital of Pennsylvania, because she has campaigned for putting coal miners and mining companies “out of business,” he said.

“I have power plants, I have miners and I have Marcellus shale. Gas station near me open The Democratic Party is against all this, and any kind of expansion of it,” said White.

“We know where the capital of ISIS is, in Syria. Electricity youtube billy elliot And to go to war against barbaric people, you have to be tough,” Shuster said. Gas house edwards “We have to be on our toes.”

The chamber’s Eggs and Issues takes the form of a question-and-answer session but Friday’s program lent itself to allowing the politicians make position statements. 7 gas laws Chamber members submitted their questions in advance, and the topics were all printed out on the program agenda. Electricity jokes Chamber President Jim Struzzi moderated the two-part program, first having White and Pyle talk about state issues before giving Shuster the podium for federal matters.

White, of Indiana, and Pyle, of Ford City, said the state budget was settled far faster this year than in 2015 because Gov. Gas dryer vs electric dryer safety Tom Wolf relented on his demand to increase a variety of taxes to close a budget surplus.

They acknowledged the expansion of the state sales tax for products and services such as downloaded entertainment in the new budget year, but White said the state remains on track for a deficit of $2 billion to $3 billion by July 2017.

White said the state’s pension program remains $46 billion behind, and that its deficit increases each year by a greater amount that the entire Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education budget.

A solution, he said, would be Senate Bill 401, which would convert legislators’ pension plans to a 401(k) or similar retirement program. Gas bubble in eye The bill, sponsored by White, has been in the Senate Appropriations Committee almost 16 months.

“Just to put a dent in that $46 billion, we have to convert everyone,” White said. Wholesale electricity prices by state “The problem is the unions and their ability to withhold support from legislators who won’t follow their wishes … including the PSEA.”

But SB 401 and most other ideas to convert Pennsylvania’s public employee retirement programs from defined benefit to defined contribution are stymied by court rulings that prohibit any changes to current retirees’ benefits, Pyle said.

Equally uncertain to lawmakers is the call to erase the most hated of all taxes, the real estate tax that’s levied by schools, boroughs, townships and counties.

Similar in principal, Senate Bill 76 and House Bill 76 call for raising the personal income and sales taxes to make up for elimination of real estate taxes.

White shepherded SB 76 to a vote last fall, but the measure failed on a 24-24 floor vote with Lt. Electricity bill average Gov. Gas x extra strength vs ultra strength Mike Stock voting nay to break the tie.

White and Pyle said legislators in other areas of the state, where taxing bodies rely less on the property levy, are coming to realize that their sales and income taxes would go to subsidize schools in poor, rural areas.

Other area lawmakers, Rep. Electricity transmission and distribution costs Dave Reed, the House Majority Leader, from Indiana, and Rep. Electricity in the body causes Cris Dush, of Brookville, were invited but unable to attend Eggs and Issues on Friday.

“I think the days of the state liquor system are numbered,” White said. U gas station near me Recent loosening of liquor laws, allowing the sale of wine in six-pack shops, marked “the first salvo.”

Pyle said changes would come despite protests by the union that represents state liquor store workers, and predicted prices would fall as beer and wine become more widely available.

His first call for caution came on an Obama administration change in the navigable waterways policy. Gas in oil pan The changes, Shuster said, would give Washington more control over bodies of water as small as backyard swimming pools.

Shuster said lawmakers need to quickly reauthorize the Federal Aviation Administration and address the “antiquated computer systems” serving air travel from airline scheduling to aircraft navigation.

“And we need a space age GPS that sees the entire world,” Shuster said. Electricity meaning The world leaders in efforts to create such a system are the Canadians, he said.

Shuster took a handful of questions from guests, and talked about the need to develop facilities to export natural gas from the region’s Marcellus shale wells, he said. Gas company A question about America’s strategy on terrorism led to Shuster’s analysis of the presidential race.

“This does not help in the long run,” Shuster said. Electricity a level physics “It depresses the ability of companies to hire young workers for summer jobs, and it hurts the ability to compete.”

A student worker told Shuster he decided to take a job at a Sheetz convenience store, where he was offered 50 cents an hour more than the car dealer would have paid him.