Politics and its discontents a fascinating rorschach test a level physics electricity questions and answers


Reading the newspaper this morning, it occurred to me that the reactions to Jody Wilson Raybould’s testimony before the Commons Justice Committee constitute a kind of political Rorschach Test, one that helps reveal people’s values, psychology and moral sensibilities. As one would expect, it demonstrates that the Canadian psyche is a multi-faceted one gas prices under a dollar, one that prompts reactions ranging from outright condemnation of the government as if it were the devil incarnate to a reflexive defence of the Liberals. While some of these public reactions constitute nothing more than political theatre, they are worthy of deeper examination.

But extreme partisanship that abandons critical thinking is hardly limited to the right. A popular theme in so-called progressive circles found online and in Facebook political groups is that it is incumbent upon all to rally to the Liberal Party. The argument, simplistic in the extreme, is that to join in the criticism of Trudeau’s tactics is to empower the Conservatives and risk handing over the next federal election to them.

This depiction of the political landscape through a Manichean filter benefits no one. Like the Conservative hysteria, it demands a surrender of critical thinking and morality in service of what is depicted as a far natural gas jokes lesser evil than the party of Scheer. As well, there is a distressing tactic, taken right out of the reactionary’s page, of shooting the messenger. The CBC, CTV, major newspapers, etc. are condemned as tools of the right for reporting on this scandal and keeping it alive. I choose to provide no links to demonstrate any of this, as I do not want to give them further exposure, but they are quite easy to find if you look.

The idea of voting for the lesser of evils no longer holds any appeal for me. Perhaps that sensibility is a function of my age as well as extensive reading and electricity experiments my ongoing efforts to be a critical thinker. The fact is that the Liberals and the Conservatives are not the only choice in the next election, and perhaps it is time for people to start taking their vote with greater seriousness and reflection. For a perspective on this, I highly recommend a post by The Mound that he wrote last month. As well, a post he wrote yesterday makes for worthwhile reading.

Finally, there is the reaction based, neither on pragmatics nor partisanship, but on morality and integrity. As I wrote yesterday, what I took away from Wilson-Raybould’s testimony was a woman who fought hard to maintain her principles and gas and electric phone number integrity in the face of incredible pressure from both the Prime Minister and his operatives. It is a theme upon which Tanya Talaga writes:

Across Indigenous social media, this one quote of Wilson-Raybould’s was shared over and over again, “I was taught to always hold true to your core values, principles and to act with integrity. I come from a long line of matriarchs and I am a truth-teller in accordance with the gasco abu dhabi salary laws and traditions of our Big House. This is who I am and who I always will be.”An indigenous upbringing helped inform those principles:

“The history of Crown-Indigenous relations in this country, includes a history of the rule of law not being respected. Indeed, one of the main reasons for mp electricity bill payment jabalpur the urgent need for justice and reconciliation today is that in the history of our country we have not always upheld foundational values such as the rule of law in our relations with Indigenous peoples. And I have seen the negative impacts for freedom, equality and a just society this can have firsthand.”

.. you may have noted a salamander horde tweet this ayem, Lorne. An analogy that may seem useful. The analogy suggests envisioning a children’s playground.. swing sets.. and especially teeter totters. one of those revolving rides one can push to spin faster try to hang on as one get dizzier and dizzier. The entire play area is sand or nice clean wood chips. There are odd climbing apparatus and twisting slides.

Now who do you imagine the children are in that playground ? Well of course ! Every kid with ‘skin in the special game’ (such a crude term) regarding l’affaire Lavalin. As you’d expect the teeter totters are busy, yes there gas in babies how to get rid of it are bullies and shrinking violets, a whole lot of shouting, screaming, pecking order.. even some pushing and crowding at the foot of the ladder to the slide. Yes, there is Trudeau, Ms Wilson-Reybould, mr Wernick, Ms Roussel, Gerald Butts, ms Telford, Mr Chin and a host of other kids with varying manners or behaviour.

All have been told there electricity off peak hours is a special prize.. an astonishing reward for the kid or kids who play the best, or the hardest. The spectators are loud and choosy who they shout for and are egging those kids on. It gets edgy as some spectators are actually starting to meddle or think they get to referee somewhat. It gets rough, very rough, disturbance in the stands, rude shouts, some kids cry, some push the smaller ones.. kicking of sand

Nobody understands the main problem, Lorne.. the ‘game’ is not really winnable at all. The vagaries of scoring or ‘rules’ or indeed cheating electricity and magnetism lecture notes, makes it so. If one bunch of the kids ‘lose’ – all the playground stuff gets taken away. If the other bunch loses, they aren’t allowed to play there anymore. In this odd game, bullies will always ‘win’ and the kids who are civil or fair may lose. So one side or the other.. ? Or neither ?

And did the shouters and snouters in the stands help at all ? Haha.. sure you jest if you think so. They became part of tue problem, throwing v gashi 2013 sand, even punches.. as did partisan wanks and cranks. The conundrum required a ‘solution’ designed well in advance.. that did not happen, so deduct points to Team Trudeau. The Ministry of Justice needed to recognize the eventual arrival of the conundrum as well.. subtract points there..

Now its all a vast raging clusterfluck, the playground over run with what are supposed to be mere spectators.. but they jumped over the fence.. and are urging, indeed putting extreme pressure on the ‘kids’ – its ludicrous, poisonous, destructive where this has gone, insults, slander, childish partisanship, toxic media, crude behaviour.. no attempt at solution.. oh no.. this is such fun for lazy or sold out media.. and for political losers like Scheer who sees it ‘as a win’ for he and his party’s delusionary aspirations. The big losers are Canada and Canadians and its the Indy Blogs that are pointing this out.. as Main Media political parties posture and preen for the cameras and via op eds electricity outage sacramento.. Reply Delete