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sluggoo. bp gas card login A name that fits your mentality level. You are alsoa LIAR. ” I served for over 20 years as a Combat crew pilot”….Bullshit! I’ve known MANY pilots, and not one of them would have ever been guilty of thinking, let alone WRITTING, even under a bogus name, such stupid, shit. I understand what Kaepernick was protesting, It is an issue that affects everyone, every genuine liberty loving American needs to be protesting it in one way or the other, and I defend his right to protes it in the manner that he sees fit. I have a clue about how great the America the founders intended could BE, and in fact, was once much closer to being, I also realize that people like YOU have no business trying to reduce this country to a caricature of Nazi Germany, You have no conept of what the founders envisoned, (and in fact they would be imprisoned for growing some of the crops they grew, the writtings they wrote and the stands they took on tyranny, of any sort) and you are nutless as a steer, because if you weren’t you would immigrate to a country more in line with your beliefs, say like, North Korea. Why Not? You’d have all the police protection you could POSSIBLY want, no blacks, and everybody loves their totalitarian leader, unlike in America.At least thats what their l;eader and media claims, so it MUST be right! Right? And finally, I just have to ask because, like the parties themselves, I can’t tell a lot of difference in their followers after the election. But, are you a Repugnentcan or a Demonrat? I’m a lot more caustic than most of my brethren but I’m a Libertarian. I realize that is something completely beyond your grasp because for some weird reason or other, you think your hatred racism, and longing for a totalitarian, (look it up) government, makes YOU think that woud make America great. The only reason you deny it is because you and the rest of these cretins in this forum are incapable of seeing youself for what you REALLY ARE, You don’t have a clue of the tolerance, nor the right to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness, for EVERYBODY, that one needs to embrace, (and fight for if need be) to make America be the place the founders intended. Hey, you wouldn’t lt at ALL if it was such a place.

I’m glad you “like” my screen name…I chose it to draw out the lying, liberal democrat vermin, like you, that pretend to “love America”…then support every single invading mongrel “dog” that sneaks in here under false pretenses and does everything they can to hurt America, like the murdering illegal mexican aliens, or obama’s brothers, the beheading jihadist muslims.

You’re as dumb as the lowlife Kaepernick, who has had a free ride all his life simply because he can play football, and now chooses to criticize the very country that gave him his chance to be a millionaire, and side with all those that refuse to work, steal money from the government, create untold numbers of future street thugs and murderers because they are too busy smoking crack, getting their three inch nails done, or bleaching the shite out of their skin to look like Michael Jackson…and eventually filling our prisons at taxpayer expense.

I assure you, I am a retired Air Force pilot. But, I realize that all you lying-liberal-democrats lie so much…and you all KNOW that you ALL lie so much, that you can never accept the fact that others…the conservative, WE THE PEOPLE Americans, like President Thomas Jefferson…don’t lie, that we feel a duty to uphold our word when we give it, and feel that it is very important that others KNOW that fact that know us, or at least know OF us.

Oh, and by the way, if you’re going to make a false charge in a written statement, and then so lose control of your wits that you feel the need to emphasize it, as expressed in all capitals, then you should at least SPELL YOUR FALSE CHARGE CORRECTLY!…the word is “writing”..not “WRITTING”…moron…or as Bugs Bunny used to say “maroon”…either is accceptable in this situation.

You’re all ass-holes, whine about everything, blame others for your disappointments and laziness, and won’t face up to taking responsibility for your own lives and the mistakes that YOU have made that has made it what it is…can you say “more welfare, food stamps, aid to dependent children, drug rehab, rent subsidy, gas, water, electricity subsidies, free internet, cell phones, school lunches, free college, free, free, free, free, free…and, of course, AMNESTY for every murdering criminal illegal mexican alien and their illegal spawn, please!”…I’m sure you can…you people “demand” it constantly.

Then, of course, all you pathetic, lying-liberal-democrat losers immediately bring up the “race card”, and the “Nazi card”, the “sexist card” or the “queer card”, etc, etc, etc….makes you feel “superior” doesn’t it? I understand, you HAVE to do that, simply because you people have absolutely NOTHING ELSE to point to as being a reason anyone would hold to your totally dishonest policies.

Of course, there’s not one iota of evidence to support ANY of those charges…there never is…and, in fact, when the facts are checked, it’s the lying-liberal-democrats that are found to be the worst racists, sexists, and “Nazi-like” with their failure to allow ANY conservative speakers on “their” lying-liberal-democrat run colleges, such as the fascist cesspool known as Berkeley.

Colin Kaepernick is a racist ass…and so are you, only you are even worse, after all, he IS a mongrel…like obama…who chooses to “forget” that it was his “dark half” that left him, so that…in his own delusional mind… gives him even more reason to hate white people, America, our history, Christian culture, economic system, schools, and. anything else he can think of on any given day.

The Founding Fathers…yeah, you know, all those “old WHITE European males”…that all you racist, sexist, America-hating-homos criticize and try to defame on a daily basis, simply wanted a country, and government, free from the control of kings, (which the Kenyan born obama thought he was), bureaucrats, and highly placed, nepotism selected officials ruling the free people of America.

Every lying-liberal-democrat alive today…and the phony “libertarians” like you, who are simply liberal democrats but are ashamed to openly admit it because the Kenyan born, racist, America hating, lying-liberal-democrat obama has shown the world and WE THE PEOPLE of America that the dishonest, socialist, big government policies of the liberal democrats…despite the overwhelmingly helpful “news” coverage in support of the America hating, leftist politicians of the DNC…will surely destroy everything that makes up the culture that makes America, America.

Hey Joe, typical of most low information simple minded, led by the ring in your nose boot ;licker oxygen consumer that happened to have the good fortune to sprout on the North American continent…. you’ll notice I didn’t refer to you as an AMERICAN, because when compared to a REAL American,, (such as those in the Continental army) you wouldn’t make a pimple on a REAL Americans ASS. Do you even know what the term Liberal means? What about Socialist, do U have a clue what a socialist even IS? I seriously doubt it. You and millios of others THINK you are a great patriot because you worship a piece of cloth, motuh the words of the pledge, and believe all the old BS that the traitor that run this country today tell you to believe If you are a Patriot.. la gasolina in english Here’s a news flash for you Joe.. Get someone that has been trained to explain complex concepts to children, and get them to explain the ideas of people like Thomas Jefferson, and others of the founding fathers to you. The fact of the matter is Joe, TJ, George W. Ben Franklin, etc. etc. would hang D. v lab electricity Dump for treason, just as quick (if not quicker) as they would Obama. The ONY political party they would recognize as being TRULLY AMERICAN, would be the Libertarian party. From THEIR perspctive, Republicans are just as much socialist, and destroyers of the Bill of Rights, and the precepts of the Declaration of Indepndence as are the Demonrats. Believe me I give not a fig for what simple minded little sheeple such as yourself regurgitate because you are incapable of thinking for yourself, You merely repeat the drivel your rulers indoctrinate you with via the government controlled MSM.Oh, and that includes FAUX NEWS,despite their ASSertion to the contrary..In other words, most Americans are merely puppets, with yor rulers hand up your ass, moving your mouth to repeat their lies and your body to do their bidding. In closing, the only ones taking America down are those who among countless other unpatriotic acts, (believe me, sitting during the Natioinal Anthem would have been considered trivial in the extreme to Thomas Jefferson) are those millions such as yourself, willing to deprive those of us that Love Liberty, in the pursuit of your safety. In the end, NO ONE, especially the bootlickers, will have LIBERTY nor SAFETY.

You would do well to read some of the founders own words and, quit getting your so called information from meme’s and websites hosted by Trumpeteers. Most of them, like the pos currently residing in the oval orfice, knowledge of the original Bill of Rights, as well as those that wrote it, have been del;uded by revisionist history, and revisionist historians, Redneck, statist liberty hating people such as yourself, would consider many of their writtings liberal until you realized who said it and why. I could write a whole page of quotes by my personal favorite, Thomas Jefferson, that your response to, (without knowing the source of) would bring out just how Nationalist Socialist leaning you are, The tragedy is, unless you happen to Google it, neither you, nor 3/4 of the idiots commenting in this thread know what nor who the Nationalist Socialist party was nor the prominent members thereof. electricity 2pm mp3 The men that banded together to revolt against the government of the time,( The Amereican Revolution) would have hung most of you keyboard warriors, along with the bulk of your hero’s in Blue, and ALL of those that pretend to represent, We, the People. The only difference, that most of you pansies fail to realize, in the people, they went to war with, those that enforced the edits of those crooked, self serving politicians of yesterday,, and those of today, is the color of the uniforms. Unfortunately, the majority of Americans today haven’t got brains enough to know where their problems REALLY stem from. Instead they have been brainwashed by their rulers to blame everybody, but those who REALLY are to blame!

Sluggo : You are absolutely correct except for one thing , I said I was registered Democrat. I have an alliterative motive for this. I can vote in the party primary an vote against the party favorite and maybe sway the outcome in a way . sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. and by the way , My vote counted in one of the last three presidential elections. So there you have it I am a DEPLORABLE REDNECK and proud of it. So please don’t pre judge me, because I stand for everything you stand for, I just go about it in a different way.

Is this country great or what. Just to have the right to vote , we had some pretty smart Forefathers to think ahead of what could go wrong and wrote it down on a piece of paper called the Constitution of the United States of America. Now we have some college Girls and Boy’s who think they can do a better job and try to rewrite it. gas weed We have some people who think they deserve to be paid reparations because their great, great, great grand parents were brought here as slaves and were used to help build this great country and they want us to pay for this. these are the same people that set around in their habitat for humanity homes getting knocked up by a different baby daddy every year because the one before is in prison for one reason or another . these people get a check $1280 a month for each child and $3000 a month if they can prove a disability. excuse me for getting off topic here but i’m a redneck Trumpite and I reserve the.right to do so. forgive me for being a democrat but I voted for Mr Trump who I believe could be a great President and make America great again given half the chance. Main stream Media SHAME ON YOU !!!