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MoviPrep (polyethylene glycol 3350 with electrolytes): "Did the 2 stage MoviPrep for the first time and it was the easiest and best prep I have done and I’ve done four. I have had poor preps in the past so I decided to reduce fiber intake the week before which also helped. I chilled the first 32 ounces and started at 1 PM and drank 8 ozs about every 20 minutes. The taste was not that bad and I chased each dose with an ice popsicle and some water. It was not nearly as bad for me as MiraLax or Go Lightly which I could not tolerate. No nausea, no cramping, just some gurgling as the stuff took effect. After the first dose I was not completely clear but the second dose (6 PM) did the trick. Colonoscopy itself was a breeze (propofol is your friend, do not settle for IV demerol), always enjoy the initial feeling of falling off, did not remember a thing and woke up a little groggy but fine. Doc said the prep was excellent and no polyps or abnormalities. Overall, the best experience for me in now 5 tries. Hope this reassures and helps someone else."

GaviLyte-G (polyethylene glycol 3350 with electrolytes): "I was prescribed gavilyte-g with electrolytes for bowel prep before a colonoscopy. While it seems like it would be hard to chug down a gallon of laxative, it wasn’t that bad. I mixed it up with the lemon flavor packet and put it in the fridge the morning before I was going to use it. That evening I started drinking it. I simply poured 8 ounces in a cup and drank it every 15 minutes. The taste was not bad at all. It wasn’t thick or gritty like some people have described. I had no nausea or cramps at all what so ever. I just simply had diarrhea for most of the night. Side note: The colonoscopy procedure was a breeze as well. The only complication I may of had due to the prep was a very high blood pressure at the time of the procedure which I had to recieve beta blockers in my IV for. My blood pressure was the highest I’ve ever seen it. (I also have hypertension and take 2 blood pressure medications. Maybe they weren’t absorbed due to the prep.)"

MoviPrep (polyethylene glycol 3350 with electrolytes): "Wow, all that worrying for nothing. The whole process was a piece of cake. I mean seriously, it was such a breeze. Like some have said the hardest part is being so hungry. Sure, MoviPrep doesn’t taste good, but it’s not that bad either. It’s just very salty and lemony. Does that sound so scary? It’s just 4 – 8 oz. cups per dose… Easy. Just suck on a hard candy right after and the aftertaste is gone. Really, nothing to it. I was finished drinking in 45 minutes and in the bathroom 15 minutes later. Just hung out for a half an hour or so with my tablet and that was mostly it. Maybe 2 or 3 more visits before I went to bed and I slept great! Didn’t like getting up at 4 AM, but no big deal. 2 hours after starting the process I was back to my normal duties around the house… If my family didn’t see me drinking the stuff they wouldn’t have even known. The hospital visit was even easier and right after I left I directly out to eat and had a big steak and baked potato… and it was soooo good!"