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Polyhouse farming is a widely recognized method of crops production under complete control environment condition.In polyhouse temperature,humidity,fertilizer,carbon die-oxide level,light etc are controlled with the automated system.In polyhouse a farmer could grow any vegetables and other crops in almost any given season in the year to control the environmental conditions.The polyhouse are provided more stable and suitable environment for the crops. This reasons the production of polyhouse is high compared to the production which are grown in open field areas. The polyhouse conserve the thermal radiation and also provides enough energy to help in photosynthesis. The History of Polyhouse Farming

The idea of growing plants existed in environmentally controlled was since roman times.The roman king Tiberius caesar was advice to eat one cucumber daily.So a arrangements were made to grow cucumber during off season in movable beds using transparent stone.His country mens are then plan to have a confined structure where they can grow cucumber.The idea of closed glass house was one of the choices which worked well.During (16th and 17th) century glasshouses were constructed using glass lanterns,old panes in wooden frame etc.However the polyhouse farming technology fully established with the introduction of polythene after world war II.These structure use of polythene were know as polyhouse.first polythene use as polyhouse covered was made in 1948 at university of kentucky Advantage of polyhouse Farming

The low tech polyhouse structure which is constructed using locally available materials.Bamboo,Timber,polythene sheets etc.this materials are uses to make low cost polyhouse.the protective ultra violet (u.v) films used as a cladding material.No specific control device are provided for temperature controlling or regulating environment parameters as in case of high tech polyhouse. electricity generation by source by state But simple technique like increasing or decreasing humidity,temperature are adopted.Also light intensity can be reduced by putting nets or covering the sheets with jute fabric.

Greenhouse users prefers to have manually or semiautomatic control arrangement owing to minimum investment. This type of greenhouse is constructed using galvanized iron (G.I) pipes. electricity quiz and answers The canopy cover is attached with structure with the help of screws. Whole structure is firmly fixed with the ground to withstand the disturbance against wind. Exhaust fans with thermostat are provided to control the temperature. Evaporate cooling pads and misting arrangements are also made to maintain a favorable humidity inside the greenhouse. As these system are semi-automatic, hence, require a lot of attention and care, and it is very difficult and cumbersome to maintain uniform environment throughout the cropping period. gas stations in texas These greenhouses are suitable for dry and composite climatic zones.

Polyhouse or green house are constructed helps of ultra violet plastic sheet.Sheets are usually of 1501-micron thick plastic sheet.For this polythene sheet the temperature and humidity can easily be controlled in polyhouse as they prevent the thermal radiation from escaping which increase the temperature and energy .The temperature and energy help in the process of photosynthesis .After The polyhouse sheet need to be changed after around every 5 years.

Heating is usually required in winter season. Generally the solar energy is sufficient to maintain inner temperature of polyhouse but when this is insufficient, via media like construction of a tunnel below the earth of polyhouse, covering the northern wall of the house by jute clothing, covering whole of the polyhouse with jute cloth during night and installing solar heating systems can be considered.

Poly House is the process of growing Crops in controlled condition. Nowadays Poly House is having a huge demand. Most of the Farmers choose Poly House to grow crops. gas bubbles in colon So, they gain more Income In Poly House Farming. Green House is another name of Poly House. Furthermore, if you want to gain more profits by growing plants it is better to Start Poly House Farming. Now we are going to give information on Loans and Subsidies In Poly House. grade 6 electricity unit plan Still, if you are having any doubts about Loans and Subsidies In Poly House. you can comment on the comment box. Government Subsidies In Polyhouse /Greenhouse:

Indian economy is base on agriculture sector.More than 58% people of our country directly or indirectly depends on agriculture sector.Its provides required goods for non agriculture sector and raw material for industries sector.For its value of Indian economy Govt of India set up various agencies and implement Schemes to improvement agriculture sector.Some of which are NHM, NCPAH, NHB,HMEH,RKVY etc.

Mission for integrated development of Horticulture (MIDH) is a central govt Sponsored Scheme for the holistic growth of the horticulture sector.This scheme help to increase the production of bamboo,coconut,cashew,aromatic plants,cocoa,mushroom,flowers.85% of total cost contribute by Govt of India (GOI) and 15% share is contributed by state govt.In the case of North Eastern and Himalayan state GOI contributes 100% on Mission for integrated development of Horticulture (MIDH).They have many sub scheme which works under Mission for integrated development of Horticulture (MIDH). Polyhouse subsidy by govt How to Apply for Polyhouse Subsidy